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Manifest Season 3 Episode 5 Recap – Water Landing

BY Arabelle

Published 7 months ago

Manifest Season 3 Episode 5 Recap - Water Landing

Flashback to five months ago — Emmett disguised himself as a garbage truck driver. He was disposing of Major Fitz’s body. The duty officer told him he should be out of the residential area by 11:00 p.m. He was reported by some homeowner who is pissed off by his action.

He explained he was late because her wife‘s boss kept her late, and he couldn’t leave his dog alone. The duty officer gets convinced, saying, “Lucky, I‘m a dog lover.”

Present time — Jared investigates the complaint and speaks with the woman who photographed the truck. The complainant tells Jared she complains a lot, so she thinks the complaint is related to the nannies scooping dogs. She says in her every complaint, she takes a photo, so Jared asks for the picture that night.

Meanwhile, Michaela and her colleague use SWAT to apprehend Jace. They raid the RV but find it to be empty. Michaela finds drawings of people; Jace used blood. Drea also sees the knifed eyes of Ben, Michaela, and Cal‘s pictures from a newspaper. 

A shadow figure emerges from the artwork, clutching a knife and lunging for Michaela. She leaves the RV; Drea follows her. Drea asks what is happening to her. She tells Drea it is hard to explain. Drea assures Michaela she will understand.

Michaela explains the calling to Drea and the people experiencing it. Drea realizes all of the anonymous tips are from those callings. Michaela asks for help from Drea to find Jace.

Angelina is in Rikers Island talking to Pete. He is scared of his Death Date the next day. He admits he is concerned the callings are incorrect.

Angelina tells Pete he needs to follow the calling. They are getting the calling for a reason like they were brought together for a reason. It’s God’s plan. Angelina tells him, “All things work together for good.” Pete says he wants to see the sunrise with Angelina when he gets out. Two FBI officers enter. They tell Pete he‘s being moved.

At the Stone residence, Michaela tells Ben she feels Jace is after her. Jace is on a rampage, she believes. It‘s what she saw in the calling.

Olive points out the blood painting from the RV is nearly identical to the Egyptian artwork in the museum.

Ben says the bloody painting is Jace’s calling. “To what? To kill me?” Michaela reacts. Ben realizes that Jace, Korey, and Pete have the same calling.

Olive receives a text from Angelina about Pete being moved to another jail. Michaela and Ben split up. Ben goes to Eureka to check if they have Pete; Michaela will check Kory in the hospital. Ben suggests Olive goes to her Grandpa Steve, but Olive insists on going to the campus to check the symbols. Ben tells her she must be somewhere safe.

At the precinct, Jared informs Sarah about the witness. She speculates her mother may have ended up in the garbage truck to be disposed of. He says he’ll follow up on it.

Michaela and Zeke visit Kory at the hospital to see if he knows where Jace is, but he declines. Zeke senses Kory is scared and knows he‘s dying. Zeke tells Kory what happened to him after surviving drowning in the lake. Michaela asks Kory if Jace is experiencing the same calling as him. Kory explains he saw Jace in the woods with Michaela. Jace will kill her, so she tells Michaela to hide.

Ben goes to Eureka and confirms what he suspected: Vance has Pete hauled; the scientists want to experiment with him. Ben informs Vance and Saanvi of Michaela’s calling. Vance refuses to listen. Ben barges in to speak with Pete, but the Dr. Gupta interrupts him, insisting that the studies and getting Pete to collaborate with them are of the utmost importance.

Ben discusses privately with Vance and Saanvi, questioning whether they are still on the same side. “Yes, of course we are,” Saanvi replies. She hopes their research on Pete will answer their questions concerning the Death Date, probably knowing how to survive it.

Jared goes to the garbage dispatcher to ask what happened that night, who dispatched the truck, and who used it. But he ends up with no lead at all. He thinks it might be the dead-end of the investigation.

Tarik wants to create a restaurant based on the idea of 828 and their father’s dishes in the cabin in the woods. Grace isn’t thrilled with the notion: She’s trying to remain out of everyone’s way.

Back at Eureka, Emmett gives him an update on how persistent and close Jared is in his inquiry into the Major’s disappearance. After Emmett leaves, Saanvi informs Vance she wishes to confess to killing the Major. Vance assures her she has nothing to be concerned about.

Ben approaches Pete and urges him to agree to the tests to assist Michaela. He expresses his gratitude for his assistance in saving Cal months ago. When Ben brings up the calling, Pete confesses he believes the calling wants him and Jace to kill Michaela.

Pete only wants to be with Angelina and wants to live. Ben tells him they can do that if he will help Michaela.

Michaela receives a call from Drea informing her Jace stabbed a lady where Michaela used to live. Jace is seriously hunting for Michaela. Michaela, upset, tells Zeke that Jace will not stop until he kills her. Zeke calms her, telling her it‘s not her fault. But Michaela disagrees because she is Jace‘s target.

Olive enlists the assistance of graduate student Levi to aid her with the Egyptian drawings and the blood drawing on campus. While conducting more research, Levi says the artwork depicts an old myth known as “The Last Trial.” According to the narrative, one prisoner chooses to love, another chooses to repent, but the third chooses revenge, leading to a bloody path. Olive contacts Ben and tells him Jace is being tested to make the right decision.

Ben talks to Saanvi. He notices Saanvi is not in her right mind, thinking other things.

Emmett picks up Jared and drives him away in a black SUV. Saanvi sees them and chases after the truck, but she‘s too late.

Saanvi threatens Vance that if he hurts Jared, she will reveal everything. Vance lets her watch through a one-way mirror as Jared is informed by Powell an enemy agent assassinated the Major, so he must discontinue the inquiry since he lacks the clearance or authorization to pursue it any further.

Ben thanks Pete for his help, saying they cannot find Jace without his help. Pete asks how Olive knows it‘s a test. Ben tells Pete about the Egyptian narrative: “The Last Trial.” Pete believes he could help in stopping Jace. Dr. Gupta and Vance oppose at first, but Ben persuades Vance, telling Ben he can send an agent for Pete to still be in custody.

Jared informs Sarah of her mother’s death at the hands of an enemy agent, telling her that her mother died a hero.

Michaela and Zeke venture into the woods in search of Jace.

Meanwhile, Ben and Pete head to the Stone house to get supplies and run into Angelina. She‘s happy to see Pete. Pete hugs her and tells her he needs to stop Jace.

Grace cradles her baby at the cabin when a journalist captures her picture. He uploads the photo on the internet. They have tracked Ben‘s family.

Back in the woods, Zeke detects the presence of Jace and his rage. They continue to look for Jace. Suddenly, Michaela hears a disturbing sound. She calls on Zeke. Unfortunately, Zeke is knocked out.

Our Thoughts

Manifest Season 3 Episode 5 was as fast-paced as possible. Time is running out for Pete and Kory, who must rely on Jace, an undoubtedly evil person, to do the right thing. Doing good isn’t one of his strong suits. The next episode of Manifest might be their last. For Angelina’s sake, I hope Pete gets another shot. I’m curious what superpower he receives if he survives.

Aside from that, something fantastic is going on with Levi and Olive. It will be fascinating to observe how the two young guys react to each other if TJ returns. TJ will fall out of love faster if she stays away from Olive and spends more time with Levi. Levi is nothing like TJ. As much as I adored TJ last season, Levi is attractive. He may also be able to give some comic relief. Levi has a unique personality that might mesh nicely with the rest of the group.

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