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Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 Recap – Graveyard Spiral

BY Arabelle

Published 2 years ago

Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 Recap - Graveyard Spiral

Michaela is finding Zeke. Jace suddenly kicks her and points her a gun, ready to shoot her. But he suddenly hears a ringing sound and a bouncing ball — it‘s Cal‘s voice playing ball. “Last Chance” says Cal. Jace pushes Michaela to the cliff.

Cal notices one of their car tires is flat. He sees a garage door with a vandal: Et Go Home.

Ben gets worried about Michaela. He says they should get moving. Angelina comes in and says Pete has a calling. Pete explains he heard Cal’s voice saying “Last Chance.” Pete thinks it is the last chance for his brother.

Olive interrupts them saying the last chance must be the chance to save their soul. It‘s connected to the papyrus they are restoring. But Pete just had the calling, so she thinks they must have missed something. Ben suggests they go to campus. Angelina insists she can’t leave Pete.

Zeke wakes up after being knocked. The sun begins to rise. He starts to find Michaela and finds himself on the road. He sees an upcoming car. He thinks it is Michaela, but it turns out it is Jace.

Ben and Angelina are in the car talking about Pete. Ben assures Angelina that Pete will survive. Ben calls Jared to ask if Kory is still in the hospital. He asks Jared to ask Kory a few questions.

Grace and Tarik receive a report from the duty officer. She wonders why people know they are staying in the cabin. Before the duty officer leaves, she says there are better ways to advertise the restaurant.

Grace gets shocked at what Tarik did. Grace decides to leave, but the car’s tire is flat. It will take three hours to fix. Grace chooses to book a cab, but Tarik tells her Cal may be recognized by other people. He suggests going to the safest place no one will find: the “Headquarters,” Grace says.

Michaela awakens, injured and knocked out on a ledge below the cliff. She shouts out to Zeke, who finds her. He comes down to assist her in climbing up. He also helps in repositioning her shoulder.

When Jared goes back to the hospital, he discovers Kory has escaped. He immediately calls Ben. Ben thinks Kory had a calling so he fled. They believe Jace and Kory are heading to the lake. He then mentions Michaela and Zeke are also there. Jared says he‘s on his way.

Jace receives the news of the 828 graffiti on the police scanner while driving Michaela’s car. He phones in disguised as a cop and gets the address. He goes to the address without giving his identity to the radio.

When Zeke and Michaela reach the cliff’s edge, they are hit by a massive wave of calling. Ben and Angelina sense the call; they notice a Cal‘s ball bouncing across the road. Ben and Angelina stop to see the ball, but they can‘t find it. Ben believes it‘s a calling, telling them to go after Cal. They change plans. They hurriedly go to where Cal is.

Grace, Cal, Tarik, and Eden take refuge in a root cellar where Grace and Tarik used to play as children. The place stinks. Grace notices a snow globe. She calls on Tarik, and Tarik says, “Operation Go to Hawaii.” They briefly recall the other operations that were not successful. Grace notices that Cal is unhappy, so he assures her everything will be fine. “We‘re just having a picnic lunch,” Grace says.

Olive goes back to the campus. She finds that the artwork at the university museum has been relocated.

Tarik apologizes to Grace about his plans for the restaurant. Grace understands and starts to speak about the callings and how Cal has them. Tarik thinks it’s all fantastic, referring to Cal as a superhero.

Ben, Angelina, Pete, and the agent arrive at the cabin. Ben steps out of the car and calls Grace. She goes out of the cellar to meet him along with Cal, Tarik, and Eden. Ben tells them they must go. But a gunshot rings out just as they leave — the agent is killed. Ben hides behind the car, while Grace, Cal, Tarik, and Eden hide behind another car. Ben throws pebbles to distract the gunman — Jace — allowing Grace, Cal, and Tarik to run into the woods.

Pete, shackled in the agent’s car, shouts at Ben saying, “The roof! The roof! He‘s on the roof!”

Grace wishes she has her Vanguard, her rifle. Tarik remembers his dad‘s rifle. He tells Grace he‘ll go and get it, but Grace thinks it’s too dangerous. He claims he can do it and then flees.

Pete attempts to persuade his brother to stop, but Jace gets off the roof to pursue Cal. Pete chases him down while Ben collects the dead agent’s pistol.

Back on campus, Olive sees the people who took the artwork. He uses his father’s name to bring back the artwork, but the guy says no Professor Stone is on the list.

Olive pretends there are chemicals on the restoration. She warns their windows should be open and rhetorically asks, “You have a fire extinguisher in your truck, right?”

Michaela and Zeke are still in the woods. They try to split up to find a service. Suddenly, Michaela’s phone gets a call from Jared.

Tarik nervously tries to open the old garage door to get the gun when Jace puts a knife on his neck. Pete comes in and persuades his brother to put the knife down. Jace stabs Tarik. Pete apologizes to Tarik and tries to calm Jace down.

The university maintenance gives Olive her dad’s briefcase. As she puts Ben‘s ID inside, she finds the missing piece of the Egyptian artwork. She contacts Michaela, who instructs her to finish the restoration and report back to them whatever she discovers. She might complete the calling.

In the root cellar, Cal tells Grace the calling urges him to tell her to go and everything would be okay. Grace sets out to find Tarik, trusting Cal and his calling. Cal soothes Eden’s cries by reciting a nursery rhyme. Pete and Jace can hear his voice in their heads.

Jace believes if he kills Cal, he will live rather than die. Pete tells him it won’t work and asks him to make the right decision and stop.

Grace finds Tarik lying bleeding. She weeps as he dies in her arms, apologizing and assuring her he loves her.

Ben comes into Grace. She‘s holding the rifle from the shed and cocks it. “Let‘s go get our kids,” she says.

Someone enters the root cellar. Kory shushes Cal, warning him not to repeat the nursery rhyme. They can hear it in their heads.

Angelina searches for Pete, armed with the keys to his handcuffs. She finds him and releases him from his bonds. They confess their love for each other. She begs him to stay with her.

When Ben gets into the cellar, he finds Kory ready to defend Cal.

Jared picks up Michaela and Zeke and leads them to the cabin. They uncover Tarik’s body and resume their hunt for Jace.

Grace clutches the weapon and points it at Jace as he stumbles across the shed. Ben rushes up to her and tells her not to shoot but rather let him die since the calling and the Death Date are upon him. Jace begins spewing up river water when Zeke, Michaela, Jared, Cal, Angelina, Pete, and Kory arrive. Water begins to gush from Jace’s mouth as he loses all of his natural colors and dies.

Pete and Angelina kiss. Pete wonders if he has to return to prison. Michaela answers yes, but she’s confident she can reduce his sentence by a few years with everything he’s done to assist.

Olive is working on the Egyptian artwork at the campus, adding the final component, when a look of surprise crosses her face. She contacts Michaela quickly and informs her they were mistaken. “The Last Trial” implies Jace, Kory, and Pete are all being judged simultaneously.

Cal notices a black shadow figure emerge from Jace’s corpse and recounts what he sees. The black shadow divides into two and grabs Kory and Pete. It sucks the life out of them as well. Angelina screams and collapses on the floor.

“God help us,” Michaela says. “We were wrong. We were so very wrong,” Ben adds.

Our Thoughts

The main show in this episode is the bow placed on the meth heads as they confront their Death Date.

We expected a catch, but not to see the life being drained out of Pete and Kory’s bodies after they successfully used their second opportunity.

Manifest challenges our expectations, but whether this is a good or terrible thing remains to be seen. Only time will tell.

It’s a shame to see Pete and Kory depart because they were finally gaining on me after I had initially been wanted for these three not to return this season at all.

This season, Manifest does an excellent job of resolving questions while also raising new ones; all while solidifying its narrative and mythos. With these three people gone, we’re left with even more uncertainties about the 828ers’ mission and Zeke’s new job as an empath.

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