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Million Yen Women Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Exposure

BY Kean

Published 2 months ago

Million Yen Women Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Exposure

Shin is at Minami’s office. While on top of her, Shin asks Minami if she really wants to do it with him. Minami pushes Shin away from her and tells him that women like confident men. 

When they get home, Midori is still awake. She asks if they went out together. Minami says yes and even tells Midori that she and Shin kissed. Midori asks Shin if he is in love with Minami. Shin says he‘s not sure.

On her way out, Shin asks Midori if she wants to kiss him. Midori is surprised and runs out of the room, calling Shin a scumbag.

The next day, Mr. Sakurai invites everyone to come to a party. Nanaka says she doesn’t want to go and would rather stay home with their cat. Minami tells Nanaka it’s not against the house rules to go to a party together. Mr. Sakurai then asks Nanaka for a favor.

The seven of them arrive at the party. As soon as they pick a table, two women approach Nanaka, asking to take a photo with her, but Mr. Sakurai stops them and sends them their way. Shin is confused by the situation, but before he can say anything, his editor tells him it’s time to sell himself and get to know other people. 

No one pays attention to Shin, while the other author Yuzu Hanaki is surrounded by people — very popular. Minami approaches Shin and tells him to sell himself, the same advice his editor gave him. Shin says he doesn’t want to sell himself, he wants to sell his books.

The lights go off, and Mr. Moriguchi appears on the stage to present the award to the winner. Mr. Moriguchi is one of Shin’s critics. He dislikes Shin so much because his style goes against what he thinks is the proper way of writing a novel. 

The winner of the reader’s choice award is Yuzu Hanaki. As Yuzu climbs the stage, Shin imagines himself as the one going there and getting the award. His daydreaming is ruined by the image of a fax machine at the center table, with the message, “You will never be a successful writer!” Shin wakes up and sees Yuzu receive the award.

Midori asks to leave early because she has a test coming up. Minami calls her a bore. Midori fights back, saying she doesn’t want to end up like Minami. Minami just shrugs it off. Shin stops them from fighting. Midori just walks away from the group.

Mr. Moriguchi, the literary critic, notices Shin and approaches their table. He apologizes for not noticing Shin earlier even if he had seen his photo before. He says Shin’s face didn’t leave an impression on him, just like his works. He asks Shin how long he intends to be playing at being a writer because he is disgusted by his works. Shin does not defend himself, but the three women: Minami, Yuki, and Hitomi defend him. Minami gets really angry and walks to Mr. Moriguchi. Shin stops her. Mr. Moriguchi insults the women by saying they are lowlifes. Shin gets upset upon hearing this but does nothing. 

The author, Yuzu, notices Nanaka and asks to take a photo with her. Mr. Sakurai takes the chance and asks Nanaka to take a photo with the two authors. When Nanaka removes her sunglasses, everyone in the room recognizes her as Nanaka Hiraki, a famous actress.

Shin is surprised to find out that Nanaka is a world-famous actress. Even his editor, Mr. Sakurai, is surprised that Nanaka is staying over at Shin’s house. On their way out, Minami kicks Shin for not defending himself. Hitomi also scolds him.

Midori is revisited by the young man who keeps asking her for money — at Shin’s home. He tells her that he will never ask for money again if she gives him a million yen. Midori enters her room, takes some money, and gives him a million yen.

Later that night, when everyone else is asleep, Midori calls Shin and asks him to go into her room. When Shin enters the room, he sees 17-year-old Midori sitting on the bed, wearing only her underwear.

Our Thoughts

Mr. Sakurai, Shin’s editor, seems to believe in Shin’s talent more than Shin does. The party was just proof that no one paid attention to Shin’s work. It must be so embarrassing for him to be there and watch the author he hates, Yuzu Hanaki, get all the attention he wants for himself.

It’s also weird why a world-class actress like Nanaka stays over at Shin’s house. You also see how clueless Shin is. Everybody knows who Nanaka is except for him. It also seems like it will be a repetitive problem for Midori to always give money to the young man who keeps visiting her. Until now, we don’t know who that man is. I also want to see Shin defend himself someday because he just keeps on relying on the women to defend him.

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