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Million Yen Women Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Choices

BY Kean

Published 12 months ago

Million Yen Women Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Choices

Young Midori arrived in an orphanage with a man and a woman holding her hands. The orphanage is filled with kids of different ages, some even playing on the playground. The old woman called a little boy named Takeshi and asked him to show Midori around. He seemed older than Midori, so he towered over her. Takeshi introduced himself and shook little Midori’s hand.

At present time, Midori sits on the bed wearing only her underwear. She asks Shin if it turns him on seeing her in lingerie. Shin says yes. Shin asks Midori some questions, but she shuts him up. Midori asks Shin if he would have sex with her once she turns 18. Shin, who always seems so timid, gladly accepts. 

After hearing Shin’s answer, Midori tells Shin she is hungry. Shin leaves the room to cook for her. He gets shocked seeing Hitomi sitting on the stairs. Hitomi has been listening to their conversation, and even if she looks like she isn’t happy with it, she doesn’t say anything to Shin.

The next day, Hitomi acts rudely towards Shin. Shin gives Hitomi medicine for menstrual cramps thinking it’s the reason why Hitomi is grumpy. Hitomi gets angry even more and throws the box at Shin before leaving the room. Another message, “Die now, you murderer!” comes out of the fax machine. 

Shin revisits his father and tells him to stop sending the letters to Mrs. Mizuguchi, but Shin will keep offering incense at Mrs. Miziguchi’s son’s altar. 

At school, Midori receives a letter from Kitano. Later, he asks for her answer but Midori says she likes someone else. Takeshi, the boy who keeps asking Midori for money shows up again, but this time he asks for 100 million yen.

Shin visits Mrs. Mizuguchi and offers incense to the altar once again. Mrs. Mizuguchi asks Shin about his novel and tells him she’s interested to read it once it’s finished. Shin gets a burst of inspiration.

Midori gets home looking sad, and when she sees Yuki, she confides in her. Midori admits that the boy who has been harassing her was from the same orphanage. At a young age, Midori was abandoned by her parents, so she was raised in an orphanage. Midori admits she never liked the rules at the place, so she had been saving money to get out of there. She worked part-time jobs, and one day on her way home, she decided to buy a lottery ticket. She won one billion yen, but she was a minor and needed a guarantor to get the money, so she asked Takeshi for help. In exchange for his silence and the help he gave, Midori gave him 10 million yen.

Yuki tells Midori that Takeshi will never stop asking for money from her, so Yuki suggests they should just get rid of Takeshi, and even volunteers to find a professional to do it. Midori is next seen inside a car with Minami. Minami asks her if she did as she was told. Midori says she asked Takeshi to meet her. 

Takeshi waits for Midori while smoking a cigarette. As the car approaches, Minami asks her driver to run Takeshi over. The driver, Sunako, turns off the headlights and speeds up the car, hitting Takeshi.

Our Thoughts

A lot of things happened in this episode. We now know that the young man who had been asking for money from Midori was someone she grew up with. And we are also surprised that Midori, who seems so innocent, would ask Shin to come to her room. Yuki’s actions were also a surprise. In the previous episodes, it was easy to assume that Yuki was kind and calm, but hearing her suggest they should just get rid of Takeshi shows a different side of her. 

Three of the five women are now confirmed to be rich people. Nanaka, a world-class actress; Minami, a businesswoman; and Midori, a billion yen winner. We also think that maybe Hitomi has feelings for Shin, judging by how she acted when she overheard the conversation between Shin and Midori.

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