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Million Yen Women Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Absolute

BY Kean

Published 2 months ago

Million Yen Women Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Absolute

Yuki delivers breakfast to an old man she calls sir. The man stands up, approaches Yuki, holds her hand, and asks her to marry him.

At present time, Sunako, Minami’s driver, runs Takeshi over. Minami sees Takeshi is still moving, so she asks Sunako to run him over one more time. Midori looks terrified, and before Sunako hits Takeshi again, Midori asks him to stop. 

Minami gets out of the car and approaches Takeshi who is barely moving.  Sunako drags Takeshi away from the place under Minami’s instructions. Midori asks Minami what she will do with the Takeshi, so Minami says he will be considered one of the 100,000 people who go missing every year in Japan. 

Midori begs Minami to help Takeshi instead, so Minami tells Sunako to do as Midori asks.

During dinner, Shin holds a magazine with Ayane on the cover. He flips the pages and reads the interview article between the famous author, Yuzu Hanaki, and the idol, Ayane. 

Mr. Sakurai asks Shin if he doesn’t feel jealous that a famous idol interviewed Yuzu. Minami then asks if Shin likes the little girl type. Shin says he doesn’t, so Minami asks who he likes the most among the five of them. Shin refuses to answer, so Minami asks him to choose based on his preferred character. The five women wait for his answer. Shin looks at Yuki, smiles, and chooses her. Everyone is surprised. Shin says he picks Yuki because she seems kind.

Yuki apologizes and says she is married. Everyone is surprised to learn that Yuki is no longer single. Hitomi points out that Yuki is not wearing a ring. Yuki says she doesn’t like them because it gets in the way. Yuki says her husband runs a real estate company.

Minami teases Shin and says his romance is over. Everyone laughs at Shin. Shin says he is not in love with Yuki. He was just forced to pick someone because they asked him to. Midori says she is done eating and leaves the room. Hitomi says she is also done eating. Shin tries to stop them, but they still leave.

Mr. Sakurai volunteers to clean the table and tells Shin to go back to writing. He asks Shin to write as if he will die the next day. Minami asks Mr. Sakurai why he puts his hopes on a lousy novelist like Shin. She asks Mr. Sakurai what he will do if Shin puts all his effort into the work, but it still turns out boring. Shin hears it, stands up, and says he will just clean the bathroom.

Mr. Sakurai tries to stop Shin, but he keeps walking out of the room. Nanaka is worried if Shin will be alright. Mr. Sakurai says he thinks Shin’s work is amazing. Hitomi agrees with him. Mr. Sakurai declares he will make Shin a big seller. Then he asks for Nanaka and Hitomi’s cooperation. He walks toward Nanaka and asks her another favor.

During breakfast, Nanaka says she has a celeb-on-celeb interview with the author, Yuzu Hanaki. She then asks Shin why he is a novelist even if he is not as popular. Shin says that if his works can make someone like novels, that will make him very happy. Nanaka asks Midori and Yuki if they have read any of Shin’s novels. Midori says she has read one, while Yuki hasn’t read any of Shin’s novels. Nanaka says whoever sent them the invitation might be strange because he sent them to live with a dull writer.

Nanaka admits that she and Yuki rarely talk to each other. Yuki agrees and says she doesn’t talk to Nanaka because she doesn’t like talking to stupid people. Everyone gets surprised to hear such — the room is quiet for a moment. But even when Nanaka is obviously hurt, she just laughs afterward.

Yuki revisits the hospital. A doctor says he can’t tell if his patient will regain consciousness, but it‘s possible he can hear people talk to him, so he encourages Yuki to keep talking.

The man lying on the hospital bed is Yuki’s husband, Keisuke. Yuki holds his hand and tells him about her life in Shin’s house since she moved six months ago. 

Keisuke asked Yuki to marry him when she was just 21 years old. Yuki agreed to marry him and asked him why he would want to marry a maid like her. Keisuke says that there are things that couldn’t be explained logically. 

Nanaka attends the interview with the author Yuzu Hanaki, The literary critic, Ryuichi Moriguchi, sees Yuki reading a book in the park and talks to her. Moriguchi declares Shin’s novel will never sell and asks Yuki why she keeps spending time with someone like Shin. Yuki says she can’t stand people who force their values on others as Moriguchi does.

During the interview, Nanaka asks Yuzu if he will continue to be the people‘s voice. Yuzu says he wants to write a novel that nobody has written before and create a new kind of emotion.

In Shin’s house, Minami, Hitomi, and Midori quietly observe as Shin finally finishes writing his novel.

Nanaka arrives home and asks Shin if she can join him while taking a bath. Shin stops Nanaka, but she just laughs at him before joining him in the tub.

Inside the car, Yuzu admits he likes Nanaka a lot. He tells Ms. Miuri, a representative of the publishing company he works with, that he will stop writing for their company. Ms. Miuri asks if she did something wrong. Yuzu says she didn’t. Yuzu asks Ms. Miuri to schedule a private meeting with Nanaka. If she does it, then Yuzu will continue to publish with them. 

In the tub, Nanaka leans on Shin and says she knows who sent them the invitation. Shin is surprised to hear it. Nanaka then says that, for an amateur, the person who sent the invitation is doing a good job but still isn’t able to fool her. Nakaka tells Shin he should be good at telling lies because the one who is best at telling lies will be the last to survive. 

Shin asks Nanaka who sent the invitation. Nanaka says it’s someone he knows.

Our Thoughts

We can see in this episode that Yuki isn’t really as nice as everyone thinks. She calls Nanaka stupid and is rude towards the others as well. It is also shocking to find out she is already married. Out of all the episodes that had been released, this would be the first time when someone actually said they knew who sent the invitations. Now we are really looking forward to knowing the women more and whether the person who sent the invitation is one of them or any of the other characters in the show.

Another woman is also confirmed to be rich because she is married to a rich man: Yuki.

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