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Million Yen Women Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Appeal

BY Kean

Published 2 months ago

Million Yen Women Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Appeal

Young Hitomi entered a room where her father was writing a novel. She walked towards a bookshelf and tried to reach for the books but was too small to do so. Her father carried her so that she could get the books. Hitomi smiled and watched her father as he continued to work on his novel.

Present time — Shin presents his novel to his editor and the five women he lives with. Hitomi holds the novel and exclaims Shin is finally done. Shin says he hopes it will sell. Mr. Sakurai says Shin’s novels are compelling, and his new novel, Drifting Emotions, is a masterpiece that will leave its mark on history.

Mr. Sakurai gives each woman a copy of Shin’s new novel. Minami thinks Hitomi is strange for liking Shin’s work. Yuki then asks why Shin’s works don’t sell if they are really interesting. Mr. Sakurai says it’s his fault because he is incompetent. Shin disagrees. Mr. Sakurai says it will be different that time.

Mr. Sakurai drinks with Shin and congratulates him for finishing his work. Shin thanks Mr. Sakurai for putting up with him even when he couldn’t write. Mr. Sakurai says it’s simply because he is Shin’s fan. He assures Shin that what his father did has nothing to do with Shin — he is his own person. 

Hitomi is sitting on the couch, reading Shin’s book, when Yuki enters the room. Hitomi says she is confused why something as interesting as Shin’s novel doesn’t sell many copies. Yuki says maybe things will change if it gets a lucky break or if it gets the attention of a significant person or wins an award. 

The next day, Shin goes to the bookstore and sees Yuzu Hanaki’s work on the shelves. He desperately searches for his novel and finds one copy. Two young women arrive and compliment Yuzu’s work. Shin eavesdrops on their conversation. Once the women leave, he looks around and places his own novel beside Yuzu’s books where buyers can easily see it.

Inside a room, a nomination is being held. They have decided the year’s winner should be Yuzu Hanaki since he is currently the biggest seller in the literary world. The chairman, Mr. Chiba, proposes something. He says he would like to add someone to the selection committee. Hitomi enters the room and introduces herself.  

Mr. Chiba introduces Hitomi as the only daughter of the writer, Hibiki Ogie, who died 11 years ago. Everyone is surprised because they thought he was single. Mr. Chiba says Hibiki Ogie is a novelist who has influenced and shaped all writers. Another author adds that even after his death, his works still sell better than other writers, including them.

One man asks why Hitomi should be a part of the committee. Before Mr. Chiba could say anything, Hitomi says the works of recent winners were boring. The committee members say they all have to write, so they don’t have time to read books. Hitomi stands up, takes a copy of Shin’s novel, and shows it to everybody, asking if they know who the author is. She then takes more copies and distributes them to the rest of the committee. The committee remarks that Shin is an unknown author. Hitomi agrees but says no committee member could write a novel like Shin’s Drifting Emotions.

After the encouragement of Mr. Chiba, everyone agrees to read the book, but they remind Hitomi that even if it is a kind of novel they can’t write, if it is not interesting, then it won’t win.

Mr. Moriguchi drinks with Yuzu Hanaki and congratulates him on being the youngest author to receive the Japan Outstanding Literature Prize. Yuzu says it hasn’t even been decided yet. Moriguchi says he read the other candidates’ work, and they’re far from Yuzu’s work in terms of content or sales.

Mr. Sakurai begs a publisher to print another set of books of Shin’s novel, but the publisher says he can’t do another print run if the first printing hadn’t sold out. Mr. Sakurai doesn’t stop and begs the publisher to print more. The publisher says no, so Mr. Sakurai tells him he will regret it because someday the world will know Shin’s name.

During dinner, Minami asks Shin if his new book is selling. Midori says it was sold out when she visited the bookstore. Minami doubts it. Hitomi volunteers to check online. She finds the sales rank of Shin’s work — 984th place.

Later that night, while Shin sleeps, Hitomi tells him his work is fascinating and kisses him on the lips.

Mr. Chiba announces the winner of the 50th Japan Outstanding Literature Prize — Drifting Emotions by Shin Michima. Shin receives the award. Mr. Sakurai proudly claps and looks at him. Mr. Chiba says that though until the book‘s last page, they never learned the name of the characters, there‘s still a certain emotion that stays with them — a new feeling that they can‘t explain. “Congratulations,” he tells Shin.

Shin attends a press conference afterward while the five women stay at home and watch him on a laptop before they go ahead and prepare for a party.

Yuzu watches the award ceremony at his house. He says the committee members should be changed because they are old and don’t understand anything about modern novels. He gets angry when he hears Mr. Chiba says Shin’s work created a new emotion. Yuzu asks Ms. Miura for a copy of Shin’s novel so he can give it a proper judgment himself.

During the press conference, one of the reporters asks Shin if he is related to Tatsuyuki Michima, a condemned criminal. Shin admits Tasuyuki Michima is his father.

While the ladies prepare for the party, the fax machine beeps again, and a message that says, “Sins never disappear! It’s what you deserve!” comes out.

Our Thoughts

We wonder if Shin’s novel is fascinating enough to actually win the award or if it only won because it got some help from Hitomi. Hitomi doesn’t look as rich as Minami, but she’s rich enough not to have to work. She said she only spends her days reading books, but the committee members who decide who will win the award at the ceremony said they don’t have time to read books because they also have to write. At first, we thought Hitomi wouldn’t fit as a new committee member, but finding out that she reads more books than the rest seems like somehow she can be a new member.

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