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Money Heist Season 1 Episode 11 Recap


Published 2 years ago

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

[00:00:10] Angel called Raquel to inform her that someone had gotten to the pharmacy before him. He told her that the pharmacy was robbed, but it was only the important files and documents that were taken. Angel knew that he wasn’t the mole, and the only other person that knew about the pharmacy was Raquel. He began to have his doubts as he headed back to the command center. Raquel was still thinking of another explanation as to how it came to this; she was also having doubts about Angel. Colonel Prieto approached her outside the command center and asked her if she was willing to risk her neck for Angel.

[00:02:00] Angel was drinking while driving; he swerved to the other side of the road as he avoided oncoming traffic. It seemed he was involved in an accident, but we weren’t shown what happened. Inside the bank, Moscow had completed digging through the vault and had hit dirt. He shouted out that he had already hit dirt and sang along to the song that played on the radio. Helsinki and Tokyo arrive to join the festivities as they celebrate their achievement. Nairobi had the presses working at full capacity, and they already had over 400 million euros. Tokyo narrated that they had already wired the explosives to the entrances of the mint, and it felt like they were inside a bunker. Berlin arrived and sang along as he realized what was going on. Denver and Nairobi followed soon after, and they all sang and danced their heart out.

[00:05:30] Oslo arrived at the bathroom with one of the hostages inside the boiler room. Helsinki was inside the bathroom with Arturo. He offered Arturo a comb and jokingly told him that, in his homeland, when two men made love with each other, it was called “comb inside.” Arturo saw Jacinto, the man who had come in with Oslo, and made an excuse to use one of the bathroom stalls. He whispered to Jacinto and initiated a conversation with him; he told him that he would get them tools so that they could escape.

[00:07:30] Jacinto was doubtful that basic tools such as scissors would help them escape against armed men, but Arturo convinced him to risk their lives for the good of the other hostages. Once again, he had someone risking their life to follow his plan. He told Jacinto to come back to the bathroom in two hours to get the tools, and he agreed. Helsinki knocked on the door of Arturo’s stall, and he left with him.

[00:08:30] Suarez explained to Raquel that the photos sent by the robbers were authentic and that the entrances were wired with explosives. He told her that it was already verified by the officers at the crime lab. Raquel asked who verified it from the lab, and they told her that it was Alberto, her ex-husband. She tried to ask them if there was any other officer who could verify it for them, but Suarez told her that the Commissioner ordered them to send it directly to Alberto because he was the best at his job. Raquel no longer pursued her argument.

[00:9:20] Berlin asked Nairobi to bring Alison Parker to him so that he could speak with her. He was thinking about what happened earlier when she tried to hide inside one of the small vaults while they were showing the hostages as proof of life for Raquel. Nairobi left and did as she was told. Inside the command center, the police detected a call being made from inside the bank. Raquel rushed over and ordered them to record it while she listened to the conversation. It was from one of the hostages named Jun Li but the real caller was Rio. Raquel asked him to help them enter the bank to rescue the hostages, Rio told her that all the entrances had been wired with explosives, but she replied that wasn’t a big problem.

[00:10:20] She wanted to have an ally inside who could tell them the whereabouts of the other robbers in real-time; however, the Professor had already explained to the crew regarding this approach. He explained that they would try to convince them with offers that are too good to be true. The Professor assured them that only he could guarantee their freedom. The Professor mentioned how many crimes they were about to commit and the corresponding prison time for each crime. Rio calculated the time and offered a deal with Raquel. He wanted the Prime Minister to pardon any robber who would help the police, and his announcement needed to be televised. Raquel had no choice; she, along with Colonel Prieto, agreed on his terms, but they wanted an exchange for this; they wanted the name of the Professor and how many robbers were inside the bank.

[00:14:30] Rio agreed and asked Raquel to get a pen and paper ready, but as they prepared to receive the information, Rio shouted at them, “My Balls 33,” and ended their conversation. Tokyo, Moscow, and Oslo were outside his bathroom stall when they heard him shouting. They opened the door and asked him what had happened. Moscow told him that he didn’t have the right to change the plan and make a decision. Rio told them that the police weren’t going to call the Prime minister, which was why he ended the conversation.

[00:15:00] Moscow disagreed, but Tokyo defended him. Moscow decided to leave since their conversation was going nowhere. Oslo decided to leave as well. Rio washed his forearm to remove the notes that he made before making the call to the police. Tokyo looked at him in the mirror, and she knew that despite his acting, he wanted to accept the deal and get his life back.

[00:16:00] The two of them sat inside the bathroom, and Tokyo asked him if he wanted to accept the deal. Rio asked her a question instead of answering, “You know this won’t end well, don’t you?” She told Rio that she would receive a life sentence if the police ever captured her. She had killed a police officer previously, and now she broke into the bank and then shot a police officer. No judge would believe that she could reintegrate herself into the community even if she wanted to. She told him that she trusted the Professor and gave him her full support.

[00:17:00] She reiterated her question, and Rio responded. He asked her what would happen if they did get out of the bank, would they be together, or would Tokyo just do her best to return his dog tags. Tokyo asked him if he would betray his friend, but Rio didn’t consider them his friends. Tokyo told him that he should run and hide if he ever accepted their offer as she would shoot him if she ever saw him.

[00:18:00] Arturo spoke to Pablo regarding his plan. He tried to convince Pablo to help him, but he was having second thoughts. Arturo pleaded that the guards were their only hope. Pablo asked Arturo what kind of help they could provide for the men inside the boiler room. He told him that they would get them tools to help them escape. Arturo wanted Pablo to distract Helsinki, but Pablo insisted that they do it the other way around. Just before they could decide on what to do, Helsinki escorted the hostages back to their assigned duties. Arturo told Pablo not to tell anyone regarding their plan.

[00:19:30] Nairobi brought Mercedes to Berlin. Mercedes is the teacher who accompanied the students for their class trip to the mint. Berlin told her that Alison escaped and hid inside a vault. To her disbelief, as well as Nairobi’s, Berlin associated the act with a virgin’s rebelliousness. He asked Mercedes when she lost her virginity and if she had known about the concept of a virgin’s rebelliousness back then. Mercedes answered him that she lost her virginity when she was 24, and that she ran away three times before. Mercedes’ response only confirmed Berlin’s concept.

[00:21:30] He got back to Alison and asked her if she was still a virgin. Alison confirmed that she was still a virgin as she stood up for herself. She told him that she wasn’t afraid, knowing that she was their safeguard. Berlin had other plans in mind; he asked Ariadna to fetch a red folder that contained pictures of Alison’s relatives. Nairobi looked at Ariadna with curiosity. She didn’t understand why Ariadna was following Berlin. Nevertheless, she was enjoying herself. Berlin told her that it was cheap to hire a hitman to assassinate anyone. Nairobi escorted Alison out of the office and advised her that she needed better timing in standing up for herself. Just before she closed the door, she saw Berlin holding Ariadna’s hand as if she was his lover.

[00:23:30] The Professor called Berlin to confirm everything was ok. Berlin confirmed, and the Professor notified him that his next call would be after 6 hours. Inside the command center, Suarez reported that their underground unit found oscillations on the seismograph, which confirmed that the robbers were digging a tunnel out of the bank. Raquel ordered him to find out which part of the bank they’re making the tunnel. She ordered the non-essential personnel to go home and get some rest as well as take a shower. Angel arrived from Toledo, and Raquel immediately rescinded her order. She issued a new order and asked everyone to step out of the command center so that she could confront Angel. She informed him that she needed to remove him from the case as she could no longer trust him.

[00:25:00] Angel blamed Raquel instead, stating that only the two of them knew about their plans. Angel told her that he wasn’t the traitor and, therefore, it was her. Raquel felt insulted. She told him that the robbers knew every move they made, and she suspected it was because of him. Angel told Raquel that he followed Salva around to check him out because he was a suspicious person. He added that she should have done her job and checked Salva out as he too had been inside the command center and that his alibi didn’t check out. Raquel had enough. She’s positive that Angel is the mole. Raquel asked him how much the robbers were paying him. That was the end for Angel; he knew that their conversation was going nowhere, so he cursed at her.

[00:26:50] Raquel called Suarez inside the command center and wanted him to handcuff Angel and escort him out. Suarez informed her that it wasn’t part of their protocol. He offered to call Internal affairs to sort it out. Angel told her that he had been with her for 15 years, but she didn’t see it that way. She called him out, saying he was only with her to see if she would fall for him. He would always say that he would leave his wife for her. Raquel called him a traitor; he traded away their friendship. Angel left without saying anything else.

[00:28:40] Pablo returned to Arturo and showed him what he got. Arturo ordered him to take the tools to the bathroom and stick them under the lid of the toilet inside the second stall. Pablo didn’t want to do it, but he had no other choice. Meanwhile, Raquel called Salva to remind him regarding their dinner date. The Professor mentioned that she was 30 minutes early. Raquel worried that he wouldn’t show up. Salva assured her that he would show up and that he was already on his way.

[00:31:30] Monica thought about what Arturo told her before the heist took place. Arturo didn’t handle the news that she was pregnant as she thought he would. He wasn’t happy and even told her that he was sterile. As she was thinking about her problem, Denver came in and brought her food. Denver showed her what he had brought, and all of a sudden, Monica kissed him. He kissed her back, and they made love.

[00:34:30] Angel called Raquel, but she didn’t answer. He left her a voicemail asking for forgiveness. He told her that he wasn’t the mole. Angel kept thinking that Raquel would ruin his life. Inside the vault, Denver and Monica talked about the morning of the heist. Denver recalled that nothing special happened that morning. He doubted himself as he had nothing to contribute to the team in terms of skills. Moscow needed Denver to be there for him. Monica, on the other hand, told him that she was a coward, but he disagreed. Denver told her that she had a lot of guts to make the decisions that led her to that moment.

[00:38:00] Oslo escorted one of the guards to the bathroom. He entered the stall and lifted the lid to find the tools. He opened the note that accompanied the tools, and it gave them instructions to where they would meet Arturo once they had escaped. The guard took the tools and exited the bathroom.

[00:39:10] The Professor met up with Raquel for their date. They had a couple of drinks inside the café. The Professor asked Raquel when they would stop being formal with each other. She wanted him to look under the table. He hesitated but followed her anyway, thinking that things were getting kinky. The Professor peeked under the table and saw that Raquel was pointing her pistol at him. Raquel told him that she wanted to see his place as he was suspicious of him. She gave him an option to take her there willingly or to wait for a warrant.

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