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Money Heist Season 1 Episode 3 Recap


Published 1 year ago

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

[00:00:10] We’re back in the café, the moment Raquel entered. She orders her decaf and tries to call home to tell her mother that she’ll be there in a few minutes, but her phone dies. She asks the bartender if he has a charger that she could use, but he doesn’t have any. The Professor is sitting at the end of the bar, and he offers his phone so that Raquel can complete her call. She accepts his offer and calls home to inform her mother that she’s on her way; she also calls Commissioner Sanchez to inform him that she’s stepping down as the negotiator for the hostage crisis at the Royal Mint of Spain. Raquel feels that they left her out of all the details of the operation and that she doesn’t have control of the situation. Raquel returns The Professor’s phone and focuses on her coffee.

[00:02:00] The Professor called Raquel to get her attention. He wanted to confirm if she’s the one being shown on TV. Raquel looked at the TV and confirmed that it was her. Tokyo continued to narrate the story, and she says that everyone remembers the day the Royal mint was under siege. Downtown Madrid was closed off. The media covered the hostage situation day and night. The police also didn’t know how to handle the situation, which escalated the situation further. Back at the café, The Professor asked Raquel if they would grant the requests of criminals in hostage negotiations or if they just buy time and keep playing games with them. Raquel responded, stating every case is different, but they do their best to buy some time to resolve everything in a peaceful manner. Raquel then leaves the café and heads home.

[00:03:00] Tokyo tells us that the plan was indeed to buy time and keep printing money, but everything changed when morning came. They have been inside the bank for 20 hours and have already printed 52 million euros. Everything was calm and going according to plan, but she tells us that a little love story nearly cost them everything. It’s safe to assume that the love story she’s talking about is between Rio and her.

[00:05:15] Inside the mint, the hostages were sleeping. Berlin approaches Monica and wakes her up. He came to her for a favor. They take her outside to read a statement and speak on behalf of the robbers. Using a megaphone, Monica read the note. She pleads to the police not to shoot them. Monica informs the police that there are 67 hostages. She added that everyone wore the same clothes, so it’s impossible to tell who the real robbers are, and any attempt to raid the mint may result in casualties.

[00:07:00] The sniper radios Angel that the Dali holding the megaphone is giving orders, and they think he’s a robber. He informs Angel that he has a clear shot just as they start to go back in the bank. Angel is hesitant to let him take a shot as they are unsure whether it’s a hostage or a robber. Angel finally decides to just let them return inside the bank; he is unable to risk killing a hostage by accident in front of the media.

[00:08:00] Raquel gets home and finds a sticky note from her mother saying that she let Paula sleep on her bed even though she doesn’t like that. Paula seemed upset, so her grandmother no longer argued when she requested to sleep on her mother’s bed. Raquel enters the room to find Paula asleep. She undresses into something more comfortable and lies down beside Paula.

[00:08:45] Berlin addresses the hostages; he assures them that as long as he’s in charge and they don’t try to trick him or communicate with anyone outside, no harm will come to them. He assigns some hostages with tasks. Berlin chooses Pablo, Arturo, and another person who hasn’t been named. While Berlin was choosing hostages, he spots a lady crying. He offered her a sedative to calm her down, and she agreed. Berlin asks the other hostages if they have any other requests, a few of them ask for medicine, and Alison asks to remove a photo from the internet.

[00:10:50] He wasn’t able to grant Alison’s request. She explained that someone tricked her and took a nude photo of her. She’s worried that everyone outside has already seen the photo, including her friends and family. Berlin tells Alison that they will allow her to record a message and send it outside to assure her family and friends about her current condition. He also tells the other hostages that they too will get to record messages for their loved ones.

[00:11:20] Nairobi instructs the three men to follow her. She hands them over to Moscow, who orders them to dig a specific area within the bank. He tells them that they will take turns in digging until they hit a sewer pipe. He provides Arturo with earmuffs to protect his ears from the noise of the jackhammer. Arturo hesitates, saying he has never used a jackhammer in all his life. Moscow isn’t having it as he replies, “There’s a first time for everything.”

[00:13:00] Alison records a message for her parents saying that she’s doing fine. She tells them that she has received food, clothing and that she has slept on a sleeping bag given by her captors. She tries to explain the photo in the video, but she can’t do it. Rio tries to help her by ensuring her that the photo was just like going topless on a beach and that no one could care less about it. Alison tells him that she isn’t the type of person to go topless on a beach, and the most exciting moment of her year was getting a cast on her arm. She also tells Rio that she doesn’t go around making out with boys inside museum bathrooms. Tokyo is standing by the door where she tells her, “A hostage situation is more exciting.”

[00:14:00] Rio leaves Alison to think about the message for her parents and takes her phone and places it across the room. He heads over to Tokyo to talk to her about what happened the day he almost died. Rio is upset with Tokyo because he thinks that she doesn’t care for him. He thinks that Tokyo only wants to have sex with him even though he loves her. Tokyo explains that she denied their relationship so that Rio didn’t get shot. Rio doesn’t believe her, and their argument continues as Tokyo walks out of the room.

[00:14:30] While they are talking, Alison takes advantage and accesses her phone. The police were able to receive the signal and hack the camera of the phone to get a glimpse of the person holding the phone. Alison only wants to delete her nude photo, but before she is able to do it, Rio spots her and rushes to take her phone. In the process, the police were able to take a photo of Rio’s face.

[00:16:10] Moscow leaves Arturo and Pablo to continue digging. Arturo is convinced that they will all be killed, and the robbers will escape using the tunnel that they’re digging. He convinces Pablo and orders him to go look for weapons. The two of them separate in an attempt to find weapons. Meanwhile, Raquel gets a phone call from the Commissioner. He’s furious that Raquel would step down from the job. He tells her that the job is bigger than she is and that she’s the only one who can resolve the situation peacefully. She acknowledges that she will get on top of things and do her job. He updates her that they already got one of the faces of the robbers.

[00:18:00] Arturo and Pablo find a tarp covering something, and they go to investigate. Pablo opens the tarp and finds a container full of gasoline along with ammunition and plastic explosives. Moscow returns and nearly catches the two men snooping around. He wants to know why they weren’t working. Arturo responds that they were just resting. Moscow tells them to go back to work and leaves.

[00:19:30] Raquel returns to the command center, where the media are waiting for details of the hostage crisis. They try to interview her, but Angel intervenes. As she enters the command center, she speaks with Colonel Prieto and offers to make amends. He accepts, and Raquel proceeds to watch the video of Rio that they managed to record from Alison Parker’s phone earlier. After watching the video, they are able to see the phones on the wall. They are able to confirm that the phones belong to the hostages. Angel tries to convince Raquel to wait for the man’s identity, but she can’t wait for one to two hours. She contacts The Professor.

[00:21:45] The Professor answers the call and asks Raquel if she has ever faked an orgasm. She was surprised and a bit embarrassed. Raquel answers that men are programmed to ejaculate at the shortest time possible while women are programmed to last the longest time possible. The Professor tells Raquel that she is correct and that she is a liar, just like what happened last night during the failed raid attempt of the police. He asks for medicine per the hostages’ request. Raquel, on the other hand, asks for their immediate surrender.

[00:24:30] Raquel tells him that she can reduce his sentence from 16 years to 8 years since there were no casualties. She tells him that she has acquired footage from inside the bank. The Professor thought she was bluffing. Raquel tells him about the phones that were on the wall. Raquel offers him one hour to accept the offer. The Professor was stunned. Before he can respond, Raquel hangs up the phone.

[00:25:30] Arturo is planning to inform the police and guide them through a raid of the bank. He tells Pablo that he has a spare phone in his coat that is hanging inside his office. He wants Pablo to get the phone, but before they can reach an agreement, Moscow returns to their digging spot. Arturo pours water all over his head and shoulders to fake exhaustion. Moscow believes them and escorts Arturo back to the rest of the hostages.

[00:26:00] The Professor calls Berlin to inform him about what Raquel said regarding the hostages’ phones on the wall. He wants to confirm that there are no security cameras inside the bank. Berlin responds and tells him that the only security cameras are the ones they installed. The Professor thinks that it was one of the hostages. He instructs Berlin to locate the hostage as they seem to have missed one phone. Berlin wants to scare the hostages with a punishment. He insists that they need to scare the hostages or they will keep trying to be heroes, but the Professor disagrees.

[00:26:50] Arturo goes back to the hostages and sits beside Monica. He asks her if she would really have an abortion. Arturo apologizes and tells her that he regrets what he said yesterday. He gives her false hope in order to lure her into his plan. Monica falls for his sweet words and tells him that she will try to get the phone in his office. Before they can finish their conversation, Berlin enters the room and addresses the hostages. He asks Helsinki to undress a man and Denver to undress Monica. He tells them that there is a hero in the room and that he/she succeeded in recording a video and sending it to the police. Berlin was furious. He turns his attention to Alison. Before he can do anything, Rio approaches him and tells him that he knows what happened.

[00:31:00] Rio explains what happened to Berlin, starting with his argument with Tokyo and leading to Alison trying to delete her photo from her phone. Berlin leads Rio to the loading bay, all the while lecturing him about love and feelings, but it is a trap. Helsinki and Oslo are waiting for them. He is going to give Rio a lesson.

[00:33:10] Raquel reads a headline to Angel; she tells him that she doesn’t care about the headline, but she thinks the media has too much information on their hands. Raquel tells him that she would just get lunch and be back in 15 minutes. The Professor hears Angel over the radio, asking the police to clear the paparazzi so that Raquel can go outside. He has a plan. Meanwhile, the police are taking rations to the front entrance of the mint. They open the front doors to let the personnel in who carry pizza and supplies. Berlin hands the medication to Denver, and he takes it to Arturo’s office. Monica sits inside the office. She was able to get the phone from Arturo’s coat before Denver arrived. She goes with Denver, and he tells her that getting an abortion isn’t a good idea.

[00:37:00] Raquel orders a sandwich and a glass of juice for lunch. The Professor arrives and tries to start a conversation with Raquel. She recognizes him and immediately asks for her bill to pay for her order. Before she’s able to pay, she receives a call. It was Angel. He told her that they got another bit of information on one of the other robbers from security footage three months before the heist. He sends her the photo, but before we’re able to see it, she attacks The Professor asking for his recorder. Raquel thinks he is a reporter, but he denies the allegations. The store owner tells Raquel that he is a regular customer. Raquel doesn’t know what is happening, and she just leaves.

[00:39:30] Denver is still trying to convince Monica not to proceed with the Abortion. He gives her money and tells her that it would be enough for diapers until the baby goes to college. Denver shares his story with her that his mother tried to abort him. He tells her that it isn’t worth it, that it is better to keep the baby even if the father doesn’t want it. Denver convinces Monica, but Berlin arrives. He is curious why they were talking in secrecy. Before she can leave, Berlin checks her clothes and finds Denver’s money, along with Arturo’s phone. Berlin is disappointed with Denver. He instructs him to kill Monica. Denver carries Monica out of the room, presumably to kill her.

[00:45:00] Tokyo and Nairobi head over to the hostages to distribute food. Tokyo notices Rio wincing in pain; she approaches him and realizes that he was punished. She loses her temper and begins shooting the security cameras. Nairobi is shocked upon hearing the gunshot. She instructs one of the twins to look for Berlin. During all the commotion, Denver takes Monica to one of the bathrooms. Tokyo then proceeds to call The Professor and threatens him that she will kill Helsinki, Berlin, or even him if anyone touches Rio again. Helsinki and Oslo enter the room and begin pointing guns at each other. Berlin also arrives and instructs Helsinki to put his weapon down.

[00:47:40] Rio comes rushing in, hoping to help Tokyo, but he is too weak to even stand up. Tokyo shouts at The Professor through the security camera. She is shocked to hear his response. He tells her that the police already know her real identity along with Rio. Their faces were plastered on every news channel in the country. Tokyo can’t believe what she has heard. Back inside the bathroom, Denver doesn’t know what to do. He tells Monica to get on her knees. As she begs for her life, he fires.

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