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Money Heist Season 2 Episode 3 Recap


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:01:00] A police officer read the penal code to Sergio as the sentence for assaulting a police officer is one to four years in prison. He requested to speak with his lawyer, and they pointed him to the nearest telephone. He also requested his phone so that he could look up the number and make the call. The officer told Sergio to sit down while she fetched his phone. A man inside the station felt sorry for Tokyo and the rest of the team. He sided with the bank robbers as they had managed to keep the police at bay for a few days now. Sergio told the man to wait for the outcome of the heist, but he already knew how everything would end. The man told Sergio that the heist would end with the death of the whole team.

[00:02:40] After their class, Rio accompanied Sergio to the hangar to help him set up before their heist. Rio jokingly asked if he brought women to the place even though it was a complete mess. Sergio guided Rio to his desk, and he saw the mess of cables that awaited him. Rio asked who did it, and Sergio told him that some company had arranged the setup for him, but Rio didn’t believe him. Sergio admitted that he had set it up himself using tutorials from the internet. The two of them completed the setup, and Rio guided Sergio on how to use the equipment.

[00:04:50] Sergio wanted to try out the voice alteration system that Rio had installed. Rio thought it would be funny to use a female voice, but Sergio wasn’t thrilled. He requested a male voice, and Rio complied. Satisfied with the setup, Sergio asked Rio to access the black market to do a little shopping. Rio excitedly browsed the market as he saw missiles and tanks. Rio suggested that they purchase a tank and a couple of missiles, Sergio wanted to purchase a Browning machine gun, but Rio just continued browsing for the things that looked cool.

[00:07:10] Tokyo entered Sergio’s room and confronted him for removing Rio from the team. She wanted an explanation, but Sergio told her that he didn’t need to explain his actions. He told Tokyo that Rio was too immature for the heist and that he couldn’t risk bringing him as the bullets are real and that they do not have extra lives, unlike a video game. Tokyo was upset; she told Sergio that he too wasn’t normal, pointing to how he had arranged his clothing by color. Tokyo fought for Rio; she told Sergio that Rio deserved to be a part of the heist.

[00:09:00] Tokyo asked Sergio the difference between origami and playing video games. Sergio apologized, telling Tokyo that it wasn’t his decision to make. Tokyo told Sergio that she would leave the team since she wasn’t mature enough either. Sergio told Tokyo that everyone was a little immature, and that could be enough to not look at it as a weakness. Tokyo told him that it was a virtue and that the Professor should tell Rio himself as he was waiting outside his door. Rio rushed in and hugged the Professor and told him that he wouldn’t regret his decision.

[00:10:45] Sergio dialed a number from his phone. He decided to call the command center and requested for Raquel. The officer who answered the phone asked for a name, but he told him that it was a private matter. The officer called Raquel, who headed over to check who the caller was. Sergio told Raquel that Alberto had arrested him and needed her help. Raquel responded that she’d swing by as soon as possible and ended their conversation. Raquel went back to Tokyo and asked for the Professor’s identity, but she still wouldn’t talk.

[00:13:00] The Professor sat inside the police station as he waited for Raquel to arrive. The man beside him wondered if he really assaulted a police officer. Sergio nodded. The man told Sergio that he needed to convince the police that it was self-defense; although, he knew the story wouldn’t stick since Sergio looked perfectly fine. Sergio came up with an idea and told an officer that he needed to use the bathroom.

[00:14:05] Berlin checked on Rio along with Nairobi. He told Nairobi to take care of Rio, but she refused. Nairobi confronted Berlin as she was worried about the Professor. Berlin told her that they only needed to follow his plan and not stray from it, but she responded that Berlin had already strayed from the plan when he gave Tokyo to the police. Berlin told her that Tokyo would get her share as long as she kept quiet. Nairobi told Berlin that Tokyo had probably snitched on them for what he did to her. Berlin suggested that she calm down unless she wanted to end up like Rio or Tokyo.

[00:16:00] Tokyo was still speaking with Raquel inside the command center. Tokyo told her that both of them were alike, but she disagreed, saying that her life wasn’t as exciting as Tokyo’s. Tokyo agreed that her life was more exciting. Tokyo told Raquel that it wasn’t easy living in a world of men, Raquel being a woman in the police force while Tokyo was a woman in a gang of robbers. Raquel agreed to a certain point, but she knew that Tokyo was just wasting her time.

[00:17:30] Raquel told Tokyo that she needed to provide them with useful information or she’d end up growing old in prison. Tokyo responded that she wasn’t the type that dreamed of growing old and raising a family. Raquel gave Tokyo some advice, which she agreed to hear. Raquel told her that she needed to think of a happy place, a time in her life when she was truly happy, and reflect on it before it was too late. Raquel left the command center to fetch Sergio.

[00:18:50] As Tokyo thought of Rio, he did the same. Rio woke up to see Nairobi, he tried to ask for help as he couldn’t move, but she told him that it was useless as he was drugged up. Nairobi told him to just go back to sleep as he asked for water, but he couldn’t. He kept dreaming of Tokyo as he slept. Nairobi told him that Tokyo was a bitch; she told him that Tokyo destroyed the only hope that she had in life. The worst part was, she knew Tokyo was right. Her son wouldn’t recognize her, and she would never be reunited with him ever. Rio tried to cheer Nairobi up; he told her that she could explain to her son what happened, and if that didn’t work, she could always make another child.

[00:21:11] A police officer escorted Sergio to the bathroom, removed his handcuffs, and told him that he had five minutes to do what he needed to do. Sergio entered the bathroom and checked what he could use for his plan. He removed his shoe and removed one of his socks; he placed the bar of soap inside the sock and began to hit himself. Sergio hit himself a few times with the bar of soap in order to gain a few bruises.

[00:22:30] Rio continued his conversation with Nairobi. Nairobi asked Rio if he could give her a baby, and he jokingly agreed. Nairobi wasn’t joking; she told him that she needed a reason to live when they got out of the mint. Rio disagreed, saying that her plan wasn’t good as he was with Tokyo. Nairobi didn’t want to get married; she told Rio, “Two thrusts, and that’s it, pregnant.” Nairobi allowed Rio to grope her breast, telling him that it was that easy since all that mattered was having a reason to live, and there wasn’t any difference if you trade one child for another. Rio stood up and stepped away from Nairobi. He told Nairobi that she was crazier than Tokyo. Rio was about to leave, but Nairobi stopped him. She told him that they didn’t need to leave the mint to fuck with Berlin and his plan.

[00:23:52] Raquel arrived at the police station, and Sergio apologized to her. He told her that it was partially his fault because he pissed Alberto off by bringing up what happened between them. Sergio told Raquel that he gave Alberto what he deserved, but it seems that he became a punching bag in the process. Raquel checked his bruises and couldn’t believe what had happened. She confronted Alberto, and he denied all her allegations. Raquel wanted Alberto to withdraw his complaint; he agreed as long as Raquel withdrew her complaint against him. He told Raquel that he didn’t touch Sergio, but she didn’t believe him.

[00:26:20] Raquel opened Sergio’s shirt so that she could show the whole police station what Alberto did to him. Sergio took his shirt off to reveal his bruised body. Alberto denied beating up Sergio, but Raquel wanted to press charges. Alberto gave in and told her that he would drop the charges. Raquel ordered them to remove Sergio’s handcuffs. He informed Raquel about his file. Raquel requested the file and tore it up before they left the station.

[00:27:30] Tokyo remembered what Sergio had told her, and she kept thinking about whether or not to rat out everyone to the police. Colonel Prieto asked her if she wanted to say something. Tokyo requested some fried eggs since she hadn’t eaten anything good since they entered the mint. Back at the mint, Arturo continued to complain about how they were being treated, and Alison told him to shut up. Alison had a plan; she was going to hurt herself and escape the mint. Mercedes told her that it was a bad idea, but she had already made up her mind. She explained that it only took four seconds for the front gate to be opened; she was going to open it and make a run for it. Arturo told her that four seconds was enough time for her to be gunned down, but she knew they wouldn’t hurt her.

[00:31:30] Berlin tried to call the Professor again. Still, he didn’t answer. Rio started talking to the hostages, telling them that they weren’t going to receive 1 million euros and that the rest of the hostages hadn’t been released. Berlin stepped out of the office and approached Rio. Berlin told him what he did was considered high treason, and Helsinki dragged him out of the room.

[00:33:20] Raquel returned to the command center; Colonel Prieto told her that Tokyo wasn’t willing to cooperate. She asked him if Angel had told him anything regarding a teaspoon, but Prieto said no. Raquel explained that the fingerprint on the teaspoon matched the fingerprint in the police car and that it was the person who was helping the robbers from outside. Raquel also speculated that it was the same person that tampered with Angel’s car and caused the accident. Prieto asked her if they knew the identity of the person, but she answered no. She told him that the only person who knew the person’s identity was Angel and Tokyo.

[00:34:10] Raquel talked to Tokyo and asked her if she was protecting everyone or just Rio. She showed her their pictures and told her that she could offer her the same deal that she offered Rio. Tokyo knew that no judge could grant them their freedom, but Raquel assured her that if she showed remorse and cooperation, any judge would be merciful.

[00:35:40] Helsinki tied Rio up and told him that speaking with the hostages was a bad idea. He thought they were going to turn him over to the police, but Berlin had other plans. Berlin told Rio that he was going to execute him as he had lost his mind. Unlike Tokyo, they couldn’t turn him over to the police because they knew that he would rat them out. Berlin trusted that Tokyo wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their plans. Berlin pulled out his pistol and aimed it at Rio. Nairobi and Denver arrived to try and stop Berlin, but he had already made up his mind. While everyone was pointing their gun at each other, the phone rang. They were surprised, but they still continued with their standoff. Berlin fired his pistol, and it seemed that he had shot Rio, but he didn’t. Rio dropped to the ground in tears.

[00:39:50] Raquel told Tokyo that she had made her decision; albeit, a poor decision. The officers dragged her away, but just before they exited the command center, she gave Raquel the Professor’s name, Sergio Marquina. Raquel asked Tokyo who the person outside was, but before Tokyo could answer, the phone rang. The Professor called Raquel to check on how she was doing. Raquel responded and called him by his name, Sergio. He told her that he was a lucky man and that he only called to say hello, and they could continue on interrogating Tokyo.

[00:41:30] Sergio requested that Raquel call her once they were done speaking with Tokyo. Tokyo heard everything, and she couldn’t believe that he was still alive. Raquel went back to Tokyo, and she told Raquel that there was a hydrogen bomb inside the mint and that they would set it off at noon tomorrow. Tokyo requested a priest as she needed to make a confession. Raquel told her men to write a report that Tokyo lacked remorse and wasn’t willing to cooperate.

[00:42:20] The Professor called Berlin, and he answered, telling him that everything was going smoothly. Sergio wasn’t pleased with how things had turned out; he wanted to know what was going on inside the mint. Before Berlin could respond, Nairobi knocked him out. She spoke to Sergio and told him that she was now in charge.

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