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Money Heist Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – Aikido


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 3 Episode 2 Recap - Aikido

[00:00:13] Sergio wanted to use Plan Chernobyl to enter the bank of Spain. Denver commented that it was very expensive to enter the bank. Sergio mentioned that they had been compared to Robin hood, so it was fitting that they gave part of their loot to the people. And so they did as the blimp flew across Madrid and released money at regular intervals.


[00:03:19] Sergio addressed the public through a live video. He reached out to their supporters and those that believed they were a symbol of resistance pleading for their help. He stated that the government had declared war against their group, and they would stand up against them. As a result, Sergio took his mask off to reveal his identity and shared information regarding Rio’s situation. It had been 2 months since his arrest, and there had been no legal action, no extradition request, nor provision of legal counsel. Someone had illegally detained Rio and continued to torture him for information.


[00:04:50] For this reason, Sergio told everyone listening that they would not run or hide; they would fight, blow for blow and steal big. He ended the feed and walked away. Colonel Prieto had no option but to defend everything at a moment’s notice. The Prime minister allowed Colonel Prieto to send all of his men out on the streets.

[00:07:30] Sergio knocked on one of the rooms. Martin opened the door. He was the other associate that was with Berlin back when Sergio had visited them. Martin offered Sergio a drink, but he refused. He congratulated Sergio on their heist and was glad that he was still alive. Martin clearly felt hate against Sergio since he wasn’t in any danger during the heist, unlike Berlin. On the other hand, Sergio contradicted the idea, stating that he was the one most exposed among the group. Martin told him that the person who has to face the bullets is the most exposed. Above all, he called Sergio a coward for not entering the mint with Berlin.


[00:09:30] Martin added that Sergio had allowed his brother to do the dirty work. Sergio told Martin that a heist always involved incidents. Martin couldn’t believe that Sergio blamed everything on accidents. He made it clear that Sergio didn’t go inside the mint, and he let a third of his team die without doing anything for them. Martin expressed that Berlin would still be alive if he were in charge, and he would have gone into the bank to save him. He swore that he would have done anything, no matter the cost, even if it meant blowing up the whole building.

[00:10:30] Martin told Sergio that he wasn’t a fool like his team. He knew Sergio well, and he knew what he was like. Martin told him that Berlin was his friend, his other half, someone that was indispensable to him. Martin looked Sergio in his eyes. He wanted Sergio to tell him that he hadn’t considered Berlin’s death when he had planned the heist. For a moment, Sergio became silent, tears started to roll down his cheeks as he told Martin that he had never considered Berlin’s death. Martin broke into tears and hugged Sergio. He apologized to Sergio and told him that it wasn’t his fault for the things that went wrong.


[00:11:50] Martin asked how Sergio was doing. Sergio nodded that he was alright. Martin, however, had had difficulty coping with the loss of Berlin. He had a new friend by the name of Johnnie Walker, along with canned goods and pills. Martin told Sergio that he had found the key in music. Sergio wanted to know if Martin stayed cooped up in his room listening to music. He told Sergio that he would listen to the music of his youth and travel to the past. Martin danced his woes away and reminisced of the time before there was any pain. Martin invited Sergio to dance with him. He asked Sergio why he had come to see him. Sergio asked for permission to steal the gold within the Bank of Spain. He told Martin that it would be homage to Berlin. He needed to steal the gold, and he wasn’t willing to do it without Martin.

[00:13:40] Martin laughed and danced with Sergio. Fast forward to the day of the heist, Martin anxiously waited along with the rest of the team. Denver approached Monica; however, she told him it wasn’t a good time to talk. Denver told her that he wouldn’t enter the bank if they didn’t fix their issue. Monica responded that he should pick up his rifle and do what needed to be done. Denver and Monica had had a big fight, and she hadn’t spoken to Denver in three days. He apologized and told her that he was a loudmouth, but he hadn’t meant what he had said three days ago. Monica just walked away from Denver.


[00:14:40] Raquel held hands with Sergio just before an alarm sounded. The two of them were going to act as the command center of the heist. Sixty-five Pakistani’s were the eyes and ears into the CNI to fill Rio’s absence. They had gotten access to the mobile phones of the people who worked at the CNI through whatsapp. They could listen in on their conversations and use their cameras. Sergio listened in on the conversations as he was noting down important details. He provided the name of the military convoy going to the Bank of Spain. Monica searched for the correct logo and name to match the information Sergio had provided. They plastered it on their vehicles and proceeded to the Bank of Spain.

[00:18:35] For a moment, Denver stared at Monica; however, he decided to look away. Three days ago, Denver had woken Monica with his leg-shaking. She told Denver to stop or the baby might wake up. Denver told Monica that the baby was fine and that he wasn’t. He told Monica that he didn’t want her to enter the bank because she wasn’t Rambo. Denver added that Monica couldn’t leave their son with monks. Monica disagreed, telling Denver that they would only be gone for three days.

[00:20:05] Nairobi couldn’t sleep because of Denver and Monica’s bickering. Whereas Helsinki couldn’t sleep beside a picture of Jesus Christ staring at him. Monica told Denver that she was both a mother to their son and his wife. Monica added that she was also a robber, and that didn’t mean that she needed to renounce the other two. She told Denver that he was already a father, but he didn’t suggest opting out of the robbery.

[00:20:50] Monica declared the office girl had been left behind inside the Royal Mint of Spain. She told Denver off, saying she wouldn’t sit the heist out just because he was a sexist. Monica left their room, and Nairobi met her in the hallway to comfort her. Nairobi told Monica that she was part of the team. Denver followed Monica to tell her that she hadn’t understood what he had meant. Nairobi sided with Monica, telling Denver that she had heard everything from the other room.

[00:21:30] Due to the commotion, Martin came out of his room to find out what was going on. Nairobi told him that the patriarchy was becoming unbearable. Martin sarcastically told them that the real patriarchy was the penis. Everyone was now awake and checking on the commotion. Sergio came out of his room and silenced everyone. He told them that they needed to rest so that they will have energy for tomorrow’s classes. Everyone went back to their rooms. Monica apologized to Sergio, telling him that she had had a fight with Denver. Denver begged Monica to come back to their room, but she decided to sleep in Tokyo’s room instead.

[00:22:40] Raquel approached Sergio with a piece of paper. He noticed that something was wrong, so he asked Raquel if she was alright. Raquel told Sergio that she was nervous. He compared the heist to the world championship of chess. Sergio told Raquel that she needed to calm down as it was going to be a long match.

[00:23:40] Rio was being questioned about his carrier. He told his captors that he knew nothing about a carrier. The captors wanted Rio to put on a gas mask, but he refused. It seemed the head of the operations was a pregnant lady. She threatened Rio to put on the mask, or they would put it on him by force. Rio had no choice; he reached for the mask and placed it on his face. The pregnant lady opened a valve, and Rio inhaled whatever chemicals flowed into the gas mask.

[00:25:00] The team arrived at the Bank of Spain disguised as the military. Many people who supported their cause were lined up outside the bank, holding placards and banners. Sergio showed the team that their Dali Masks have become a symbol of resistance all around the world. People who chose to fight for what they believed was right wore the mask and red overalls. He explained that all those people who had supported them are considered one of them and that they were fighting alongside them for the same cause.

[00:28:00] The team arrived at the Bank of Spain. They pretended to be the military for performance sake as they tried to silence the crowd and keep everyone calm. Meanwhile, the real convoy was five miles away from the Bank of Spain. Raquel and Sergio kept track of the time as the team only had 6 minutes until the real convoy arrived.

[00:28:30] Sergio had confronted Berlin and Martin five years ago, saying the plan to rob the Royal Mint was plausible; however, the plan to rob the Bank of Spain was not only crazy but impossible. Berlin told Sergio the impossibility made the plan very pretty. Sergio addressed his current team, saying the plan only seemed impossible and let Palermo continue. Palermo and Martin were one and same. The vault was located 48 meters underground. Sergio added that it was airtight due to its security feature. Palermo told the team that the vault could be flooded. Anyone who touched the vault door activated the flooding system. In less than 20 minutes the vault would be flooded.

[00:30:30] Sergio told them that everything about the vault was so discouraging that no one dared to try and break in; however, he assured them that everything would be alright. Martin and Berlin told Sergio that all they needed was chaos in order to enter the Bank of Spain. They will be disguised as the saviors of the bank instead of the robbers. Sergio and his team coordinated the entry into the Bank of Spain. Palermo led the team on the ground while Sergio and Raquel controlled the radio waves.

[00:31:30] The team arrived at the bank and was greeted by the civil guards. Palermo spoke with Lieutenant Alcaraz. He wanted them to widen the security perimeter and open the back door to let their convoy inside. Alcaraz refused and radioed headquarters for permission. Raquel and Sergio intercepted the message and responded to let the convoy inside. Alcaraz seemed satisfied with the response that he had acquired and commanded his men to let the convoy in. He extended the security perimeter and allowed Palermo, Tokyo and Stockholm to enter the bank.

[00:34:30] Inside the bank everyone was distressed. The plan was to incorporate aikido. Sergio explained that whatever they couldn’t accomplish, other people would do it for them. The private security of the bank provided their team with information as to how many people were inside the bank. The civil guards raided the whole bank and evacuated the first group of people. Meanwhile, the civil guards outside the bank spewed tear gas on the crowd to disperse them. In the shroud of smoke, Helsinki and Denver planted explosives outside the bank. Once the first group had been evacuated, Palermo blew the charges and created chaos. Sergio told Raquel that there would be no turning back.

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