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Money Heist Season 3 Episode 3 Recap – 48 Meters Underground


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 3 Episode 3 Recap - 48 Meters Underground

[00:00:13] Due to the explosion, Palermo told everyone that someone was attacking the bank. Together with Denver, they closed the front doors and sealed off the bank.

[00:03:00] Helsinki told Sergio that even if they had sealed off the bank they couldn’t guard it properly as the building was too big with too many windows. Unlike the royal mint, Sergio told them that they were only interested in the middle part of the bank. Once red protocol was initiated, no one would be able to come in or out of the bank for one hour. They would use that one hour to acquire an important piece that was crucial to the second part of their plan.

[00:04:00] Palermo revealed that the key piece would be the Governor of the Bank of Spain. Nairobi and Tokyo headed towards his office to escort him out, but he refused. Even though they told him that the command to evacuate came from the higher-ups, he still refused. The governor told them that he wouldn’t leave until every single employee had left the building. The governor invited them inside his office for coffee. Nairobi and Tokyo approached his desk and sat with him. Tokyo wanted to rain hell down on them, but she couldn’t because they were outnumbered.

[00:06:50] Tokyo asked the governor if she could use the bathroom. The governor offered her his personal bathroom. Tokyo went inside and washed her face. Sergio had prepared everyone for all the possibilities once they were inside the bank, but theories were different from actual execution.

[00:07:30] Palermo brought the hostages to a small room inside the bank. He told them to calm down and announced that he had good and bad news. Firstly, the bad news was the bank was under attack. The good news was that they were the attackers as Palermo removed his military gear to reveal red overalls. The hostages screamed and ran for the exit, but Denver stopped them.

[00:08:50] The governor’s secretary continued to prepare coffee for Nairobi and Tokyo. After a while the sink overflowed and water reached the door. The governor’s bodyguard noticed the water and alerted him. Tokyo used the water like a mirror; once she saw the bodyguard was near the door, she kicked it and knocked him out. Nairobi drew her weapons and pointed them at the bodyguards behind her. Tokyo instructed the governor to come with them, and he complied. Just as they were leaving, the other bodyguard came to his senses and held Nairobi hostage.

[00:10:40] Tokyo wanted a trade, the governor for Nairobi. The bodyguard explained to Tokyo that she wouldn’t shoot the governor, but he would kill Nairobi, so it wasn’t a draw between them. The governor ordered his bodyguard to let go of Nairobi. He didn’t want anyone to be harmed. Tokyo dragged the governor to the end of the hallway. Nairobi called for the elevator. The governor’s bodyguards cautiously followed them. Just as they were entering the elevator the governor ducked towards his guards and they opened fire on Nairobi and Tokyo. Tokyo stopped the elevator and prepared to open the door. The two of them were preparing for a gunfight.

[00:13:17] Palermo ordered the hostages to put their masks on. Once again, everyone was dressed in red overalls. Palermo told the hostages to surrender their mobile phones to Denver. He asked who the parents were as he planned to collect their phones first, but Palermo stopped him.

[00:14:10] Raquel asked Denver and Monica what the name of their son was. Monica had told them that her ultrasound was misread and they had thought they were having a girl. She would have been named Cynthia; however, since he was a boy, Denver named him Cincinnati. Raquel continued by asking them whether they wanted a boy or a girl. Denver replied that it didn’t matter because as a parent you love your children unconditionally.

[00:15:30] Denver was ecstatic when Cincinnati was born. He kissed one of the doctors as he shouted down a hallway that he was having a boy. Everyone laughed as Monica told them the story. Denver explained how the name Cincinnati was extracted from the name Cynthia. Denver told everyone that the boy had a city name just like everyone else in their family. The team had a toast in the name of Cincinnati, Rio, and everyone else.

[00:17:30] Sergio told Tokyo that they were doing this heist not just for Rio but for everyone in the family. He explained that they cannot let the government win because they violated their rights and will continue to violate them unless they strike back. Sergio continued by telling them that the government thinks they have nothing to lose however they will show them how much they have to lose.

[00:19:00] Stockholm informed Denver and Palermo regarding their problem. The governor’s bodyguards followed Nairobi and Tokyo into the lobby of the bank. A shootout was about to happen. Tokyo and Nairobi planned to start shooting on the count of three, but just before they finished counting backup arrived. Palermo compared the human eyes to that of a chameleon; he told the bodyguards that the position of the human eye was a handicap in a shootout. Gandia threatened to shoot Tokyo and Nairobi. Palermo told Gandia to think about his wife and son before he tried to be a hero. Gandia lowered his weapon, and so did the rest of the guards.

[00:21:10] Everyone thought it was over. Gandia suddenly shot Palermo. He missed but hit a glass case, which caused shards to fly towards Palermo’s face. The team shot at the bodyguards to knock them out. Sergio got out of the camper and went to the beach to catch his breath. Their plan had gone south, and he didn’t know what to do. Back in the bank, Tokyo went to check on Palermo as Nairobi tried to wake up one of the bodyguards to get the governor’s location. Raquel watched their monitors as the police surrounded the bank. Glass covered Palermo’s face. Stockholm .

[00:23:00] Tokyo, Denver and Stockholm rushed Palermo into one of the rooms.  Tokyo checked whether Palermo could see or not. Palermo opened his eyes and closed them immediately. He told Tokyo that he couldn’t keep them open due to the pain. Tokyo shined a light to his face and asked if he could see the light. Palermo told her that he couldn’t see anything. Tokyo told Stockholm to get the surgical kit. She planned to get the shards out of Palermo’s eyes using tweezers. Denver disagreed with her plan. He wanted to just call the Sergio and exchange hostages for an eye doctor. Tokyo wanted Denver to leave.

[00:24:30] Tokyo assured Palermo that her hand was steadier than a Swiss watchmaker. Palermo informed her that doctors used lasers instead of tweezers to guarantee precision. He sarcastically told Denver that Tokyo wanted to use the tweezers that she uses to trim her pubic hair. Palermo offended Tokyo, as a result, she jammed her pistol in his mouth. She made him swear to no longer mention their personal areas. Palermo swore, and Tokyo let him go. He called on Denver to guide him so that they could continue their heist.

[00:25:30] Nairobi tied the governor along with his bodyguards. She took a card from his suit and introduced herself to the hostages. Nairobi instructed them to remove their masks. Bogota introduced himself and went around asking the hostages. Bogota explained their task and picked four volunteers. Nairobi and Bogota held the hostages at gunpoint as they brought them inside an elevator. After the elevator closed, Nairobi and Bogota lowered their weapons, the hostages were part of the team. Bogota scolded one of his colleagues for acting too much; however, he defended himself, saying he was only doing his part to be a convincing hostage. The rest of the team laughed at his remarks, but Bogota wasn’t happy.

[00:30:00] Nairobi hushed Bogota as the elevator reached its destination. Everyone approached the vault doors. Nairobi told them that everything was at stake with what they were about to do. Back at the camper, Raquel rushed to Sergio to inform him that the CNI had arrived. They headed back to the camper to resume work. Colonel Tamayo arrived outside the bank where Angel welcomed him. He handed over a report of what had happened earlier, and Tamayo told Angel that nothing bad would happen as the robbers wouldn’t blow any of the explosives.

[00:31:40] Colonel Tamayo greeted Colonel Prieto. Prieto apologized for being unable to handle the situation. Tamayo wanted him to get some rest as he took over command. Prieto told Tamayo to call the pregnant lady that he had assigned to interrogate Rio. Colonel Tamayo asked for everyone’s attention. He told them that he was in charge and wanted Alicia Sierra on the phone immediately. Tamayo spoke with Alicia; he asked if she had gotten any useful information from Rio. Alicia responded that Rio was no longer responsive due to all the drugs in his system. Tamayo ordered Alicia to return to Madrid to help with the situation. Alicia happily obliged and ended their conversation.

[00:34:00] Berlin spoke with Sergio and told him that he had been diagnosed with their mother’s illness. Sergio wanted to know how much time he had left. Berlin had three years left to live; nevertheless, he was optimistic that it could be six or nine years more. Sergio wanted to call off their plans to find treatment overseas; however, Berlin knew there was no cure, and he wouldn’t give up the heist for anything else. Berlin compared his situation with a painter. He asked Sergio if he would ask the painter to stop painting knowing that he only had 3 years to live. Berlin told Sergio that painters and poets were the same. They would continue with their passion until their dying breath. Berlin called the heist as their masterpiece.

[00:36:00] Nairobi gave a pep talk before drilling the hole. She told everyone that they only had 16 minutes and 15 seconds to drill the hole and connect the tube or they would all end up in jail for nothing. Nairobi hyped everyone so that they could do their jobs properly. Everyone shouted that they were the best. Nairobi compared the vault door to butter, telling them to melt it using their thermal lances. The men took their positions to begin drilling the hole.

[00:38:00] The team completed drilling the hole and rammed it open. They welded the interconnecting tube from the outside. Bogota entered the tube and welded it from inside the vault. He knew that he could weld the tube faster without an oxygen tank strapped to his back. After the team completed the welding, Nairobi entered the vault. She had thought Bogota was dead, but he wasn’t. The plan went smoothly, just as Berlin had envisioned it. Nairobi swam inside the vault and lifted a few bars. She celebrated with Bogota as they completed their task. Five years ago, Berlin had only envisioned their heist, but he celebrated as if he knew that they could pull it off. Sergio had agreed to the beauty of their plan. Berlin danced with joy knowing that Sergio agreed to their plan.

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