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Money Heist Season 3 Episode 4 Recap – It’s Dolphin Time


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 3 Episode 4 Recap - It's Dolphin Time

[00:00:13] Denver was training with Nairobi and Bogota for the tube part of their heist. Denver refused to enter the training tube as it smelled like chemicals and pesticides. Nairobi told him that it was just oxygenated water. Bogota told Denver that he was afraid to do things differently because he had a child now. Denver explained that previously, his actions just messed up his life, but now it could also mess up his son’s life, and he couldn’t bear to risk it. Nairobi suggested that Bogota write a novel. Nairobi thought that Bogota didn’t have any children. He told them that he had seven. Bogota pulled out his wallet and showed them their pictures.

[00:02:00] Each child was in a different part of the world. Bogota told them their names and what they were like. Bogota proudly told Denver and Nairobi that he took care of his children. He wasn’t a perfect father, but he never changed who he was. Bogota admitted that he couldn’t attend to his children’s needs personally, but they still loved him as their father despite his shortcomings.

[00:03:20] Nairobi brought two gold bars from the vault and showed them to the drilling team. They were preparing to proceed as planned when Bogota exited the vault and called out to Nairobi. He told her that she looked good in the diving gear. Nairobi felt harassed. She told Bogota not to speak to her that way. Bogota understood and apologized. Nairobi ordered her men to begin the smelting process so that they could melt the gold immediately. She instructed Bogota to resume drilling into the second vault.

[00:06:00] Colonel Tamayo headed for the trucks the team had used as transport. Angel explained to him that they had impersonated a military convoy that was headed for the bank. Tamayo knew that they were bugged. He wanted to clear the whole command center for electronics. Angel wanted to talk some sense into him to follow procedure and sweep the area first, but Tamayo had already made his decision. He entered the command center and ordered everyone to surrender their phones. Tamayo ordered a total blackout since nothing was secured.

[00:07:00] Raquel and Sergio listened in on what was happening. Raquel told Sergio that it was illegal to confiscate the phones without a court order. They had to come up with another strategy, or they wouldn’t be able to help the team.

[00:09:00] Sergio radioed in, asking for Palermo. Helsinki had just finished plucking the shards from his eyes, so Tokyo answered for him. Sergio brought the team up to speed with the situation outside. He instructed them to remain calm and speed up the process. Palermo told Sergio that he could remain calm because he was sitting outside while they were surrounded by the army of Spain. Raquel told them that they had 14 minutes left before the army came marching inside. Palermo told Raquel that they would have no choice but to use the dolphin. Raquel confirmed and asked if they were able to acquire it. The team looked at the governor as Palermo confirmed that they had Flipper with them.

[00:11:00] One of the personnel inside the command center reported that the robbers were using shortwave signals for communication. Colonel Tamayo wanted to hear their conversations, but all he got was distorted dialogue. The team was using old technology to beat new technology. Palermo explained that they would add a new set of codes to each call made so that the police wouldn’t be able to crack the code. Tamayo ordered their tech team to start decoding the messages immediately.

[00:13:30] Tokyo ordered the hostages to put on their bulletproof vests and masks. The hostages passed the masks and vests to each other. Tokyo added that they would also be given fake weapons. One of the hostages, named Miguel, told the hostages not to put their vests on as the robbers wanted to use them as human shields. Denver laughed as Miguel tried to be a hero. Denver played a game with Miguel. He wanted Miguel to guess the movie before he had completed seven steps. If Miguel was unable to guess the movie correctly, Denver would shoot him. Miguel wore the vest and started guessing.

[00:15:15] Denver gave two clues. Firstly, he told Miguel that he was a robot. Denver took three more steps. Secondly, Denver was also a robot. Another hostage named Amanda tried to help Miguel; she told him the movie was Wall-E. Denver told Miguel he came from the future, but Miguel still answered Wall-E. Denver turned around and told Miguel that he was the terminator. He shot Miguel right in the middle of the vest. Tokyo told the hostages that the show was over, and they fell back in line. She ordered the hostages again to put on their vest and mask.

[00:16:20] A phone rang inside the command center. Colonel Tamayo angrily asked who didn’t turn their phone over. Colonel Prieto apologized. He told Tamayo that it was his phone and answered the call. Sergio introduced himself as The Professor. Tamayo immediately instructed his men to track the call. Sergio asked Prieto who was in charge of the operation. Tamayo responded that he was in charge, moving forward. Sergio explained that they would be making the calls to the command center. The calls would be made using second-generation phones that would be placed in a box. Marseille was in charge of taking the phones and roaming Madrid using a bicycle so that the police wouldn’t be able to track the phones. The plan was to call one phone and have Marseille call Prieto.

[00:19:00]  Sergio asked Tamayo if he was in love. Tamayo responded that he had been married for 17 years, which was uncommon in the modern world. Sergio didn’t believe Tamayo. He explained that when someone was in love, their view of life changed. Sergio told Tamayo that a person in love didn’t shout or insult his coworkers. Tamayo didn’t have time to play games. He knew that Sergio and his team were blind and deaf since he had removed the bugged electronics. Sergio had other plans. He wanted Tamayo to listen; however, Tamayo called out Raquel. She responded and greeted Prieto, Tamayo, and Angel. Colonel Prieto handed the headset over to Angel so that he could speak.

[00:21:00] Angel spoke to Raquel and told her that his wife had left him. Angel told Raquel that she was throwing her life away. Raquel responded that this was her new life, and it was better than the previous one. Angel told Raquel that she was living her life like it was a movie; however, movies didn’t always have a happy ending. Angel added that he would chase Raquel because it was his duty. Raquel responded that Angel had always chased after her. Sergio interrupted their conversation and asked for Colonel Tamayo. Sergio told him that he would call back in an hour. Tamayo responded that in one hour, he would be smoking a cigar inside the governor’s office. Sergio told him that he sounded like he didn’t care for the hostages. Sergio was recording the call, but Tamayo didn’t care. Colonel Tamayo was ready to bring hell.

[00:23:00] Tamayo wanted to know if they were able to track the call. One of his officers provided the cell towers within the area of the call, but they couldn’t trace it because it was an old phone. Tamayo wanted them to check everyone, but Angel told him that they couldn’t check over 400,000 civilians. The officer added that the call lacked background noises which increased the difficulty of tracking the call. Tamayo ferociously smacked the table; he didn’t know what to do next.

[00:24:00] Sergio and Raquel talked things over after meditating. Sergio told her that he needed more time to perfect the plan. He wanted four months to perfect the plan, but Raquel disagreed. She told Sergio that Rio would be dead in four months. Sergio told Raquel that she wasn’t joining the heist because of Rio; she wanted revenge on the police force for trying to ruin her life. Sergio didn’t want Raquel to be on the team if her sole reason was selfishness. Back at the command center, Tamayo bid farewell to Prieto. He told Prieto that he would take care of the heist.

[00:26:46] Arturo entered the command center and spoke with Colonel Tamayo, Angel, and Suarez. They showed him pictures of the team, including Monica Gaztambide. Arturo confirmed that he knew everyone in the pictures. Tamayo asked him who would be their leader since Berlin was already dead. Arturo said that it would be Denver. He explained it to them further, and they took his word for it.

[00:28:30] Denver kept to himself as Monica approached him. Monica asked Denver why he had made a scene with one of the hostages. Denver responded that it was to get her attention. Monica told him that he had a problem. Denver admitted he had a problem, but it wasn’t because of their fight. Monica realized that Denver was going through something, so she showed a bit of compassion. Denver admitted that he knew he would end up like his father. Denver blamed Tokyo for Moscow’s death. Moscow had acted as a father, which had resulted in his death. Denver told Monica that he would give his life for her, which was why he didn’t want her to be part of the heist.

[00:30:15] Nairobi brought the governor to the lobby while Helsinki volunteered to take care of the browning. Palermo bid him farewell and good luck. Palermo and Nairobi took the governor to the vault. He told them about the security feature of the vault. Palermo laughed and told Nairobi that they should have taken snorkeling lessons. Upon arriving at the vault, Bogota asked the governor to put on a diving suit.

[00:32:00] The hostages assisted Helsinki in setting up sandbags in the lobby. Tokyo stood guard as she made faces to a tied-up Gandia. She instructed one of the hostages to stop helping since she was having difficulty carrying the sandbags. The hostage thanked Tokyo and told her that she had watched their previous heist, so she knew every one of them. Tokyo smiled at her as she took a seat on the stairs.

[00:33:00] Four minutes until the bank doors re-opened, Colonel Tamayo ordered his men to take their positions. Berlin explained to Sergio that their plan had a flaw. If they couldn’t open the second vault in time, they would need to use Flipper. Sergio told them that he wouldn’t cooperate, but Berlin told him otherwise. The governor would need to choose between his principles or his life. The governor, on the other hand, refused to get into the bathyscaphe. Nairobi pointed her rifle at him; however, he still refused. Denver told the governor that if he forcefully placed the mask on him, he wouldn’t be able to remove it for the rest of his life.

[00:36:00] Denver asked for the bolt cutters to scare the governor, but he gave his hand willingly. He head-butted the governor, causing him to hit the back of his head on the bathyscaphe, rendering him unconscious. Nairobi checked his pulse and told them that he might have a heart attack. She ordered Denver to cover the governor’s wound in order to save him. Nairobi, Matias, and Denver did everything they could; however, the governor’s pulse still wouldn’t normalize. Bogota entered the safe carrying plastic explosives. He placed the explosives directly on the vault door and swam away. After a few seconds, the explosion rocked the whole vault. Bogota was alive. The police were one minute away from entering the bank.

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