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Money Heist Season 3 Episode 5 Recap – Boom, Boom, Ciao


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 3 Episode 5 Recap - Boom, Boom, Ciao

[00:00:40] Bogota successfully blew the hole in the vault. The governor’s pulse started to normalize, and the team was able to breathe again. Bogota approached the safe and took two safety deposit boxes. Meanwhile, the hostages lined up inside the bank. Everyone cried in fear as Tokyo looked out the window; she saw the police getting ready to enter the bank. A police helicopter circled above the bank.

[00:02:00] Colonel Tamayo ordered his men to throw smoke grenades into the bank. After a few seconds, he ordered the helicopters to descend on the bank. To prevent the police from entering, Tokyo and Stockholm ordered the hostages to go out onto the balcony of the bank. As a result, Colonel Tamayo decided to abort the entry from the balcony and ordered the armored units to move in on the bank entrance. Denver rushed to the lobby carrying the safety deposit boxes. He opened the front doors and ordered Gandia to exit the bank; however, Gandia refused and ordered his men to stay. Gandia insulted Denver, so he punched him in the face and headed outside himself. Denver raised a white rag to symbolize his surrender and threw the safety deposit box to the police.

[00:07:00] Colonel Tamayo saw the deposit boxes and instantly knew what the team was doing inside the bank. The boxes contained state secrets that people could not know. Tamayo furiously withdrew his men. He asked Angel whether the team could dive inside the vault, but Angel didn’t know the answer. Denver slowly retreated into the bank. Sergio and Raquel ran to the sea to celebrate.

[00:09:00] Alicia and Rio arrived in Madrid. Colonel Tamayo, on the other hand, had the medical team check his blood pressure. He looked very distressed. Back at the monastery, Palermo talked about gay sex. He bragged that it was the best thing in the world. Palermo pointed out the great thing about gay sex; no women. The team continued to talk about sex until Denver decided to join in and chanted boom boom ciao along with all the other men. Nairobi decided it was time to leave, and all the women followed her.

[00:13:00] Palermo and Helsinki had just had sex. Helsinki wanted to stay for the night, but Palermo kicked him out, saying that they needed to have a professional relationship. Palermo told Helsinki that they just did the boom boom. Helsinki gathered his stuff and returned to his room. Helsinki quietly entered the room, but Nairobi was still awakened. He told Nairobi that it would be much better to sleep there because the heist was tomorrow. Nairobi knew that Palermo had kicked Helsinki out. She told him that he deserved better and that he shouldn’t agree to have sex with Palermo anymore. Nairobi asked him if he was in love, but Helsinki didn’t respond; he just turned off the lights and went to bed.

[00:16:00] The governor woke up, and Nairobi checked how he was doing. Nairobi told him that his heart had almost exploded and that he should get some rest. The governor told Nairobi that he was doing fine as he stood up. Nairobi showed him how they were melting the gold bars and turning them into little golden grains. The governor showed displeasure and told Nairobi that their actions would have countless consequences.

[00:19:30] Consequently, state officials arrived at the command center. Once again, the media were in a frenzy. The crowd outside the bank of Spain grew larger as they started throwing eggs at the state officials. The officials talked with Colonel Tamayo and suggested that he disperse the crowd outside. Colonel Tamayo told them that if they dispersed the crowd, it would double by the next day. One of the officials informed Tamayo that the European Union needed updates on what the contents of the deposit boxes were. The European Union thought that the information inside the deposit boxes was of grave importance because the army had retreated the moment Denver threw the box out.

[00:21:30] Colonel Tamayo told the officials that the boxes contained state secrets. Colonel Tamayo told the officials the real size of the secrets. He added that even the Prime Minister would be sent to jail if ever the information got out. The chief of defense proposed not to negotiate with Sergio and his team. It seemed that killing them to prevent the leak of information was the only solution.

[00:23:15] Alicia arrived at the command center. She introduced herself to everyone and took charge of negotiations. Alicia only wanted three things. Firstly, she wanted to know how much gas was inside the emergency generators of the bank. Secondly, she wanted the underground team to provide a report of everything underneath the bank. Lastly, she ordered a police officer to get as many sweets as humanly possible. Tamayo welcomed Alicia and left her in charge of the command center. Alicia approached another officer, and they saw a news clip showing her getting off a private plane with Rio. Alicia was more concerned about her appearance rather than what had happened to Rio, whom she had tortured.

[00:24:50] Sergio discussed with his team being captured by the police once their heist was over. This was back at the Toledo estate during their first heist. Sergio told them that if they were ever captured and tortured, they would eventually be returned to Spain. They needed to show the brutality of what had happened to them because there would always be people watching. If the people felt the brutality of being tortured, they could use it to their advantage.

[00:28:00] Helsinki removed the bandages wrapped around Palermo’s eyes. He tested his left and right eyesight. Palermo seemed fine, and Helsinki told him that it would be better tomorrow. Helsinki placed an eye patch over his left eye and left to get Palermo a cane. Sergio radioed in and asked for Tokyo. Sergio told her that Rio was in Spain. Denver and Palermo were relieved to hear that Rio was alive. Tokyo thanked Sergio. He told Tokyo that the most difficult part still needed to be accomplished, but they would get it done. Back at the command center, Angel reported to Colonel Tamayo the probable location of Sergio and Raquel. Colonel Tamayo couldn’t believe that they were running their operations a few miles from the beach. He instructed Angel to discreetly investigate the area. Colonel Tamayo wanted the mission to be kept secret from anyone else.

[00:32:30] Sergio called the command center. This time it was Inspector Sierra who answered his call. The two of them had a little conversation before Sierra called out to Raquel. She told Raquel that they had been listed as international terrorists, and a manhunt was underway for her mother and daughter. Sierra offered a deal; Raquel only needed to surrender Sergio for the safety of her mother and daughter. Raquel wasn’t able to respond as Sierra ended their conversation. Raquel and Sergio ended up blaming each other. She walked out after Sergio called her the weak link of their operation.

[00:38:30] Gandia asked Nairobi for some water. He insulted Nairobi by calling her names, but before she could retaliate, Palermo and Denver entered the lobby. Palermo talked with Gandia. He continued with his insults until Palermo could no longer bear them. He smacked Gandia with his walking stick like a piñata. Since Palermo was nearly blind, he couldn’t hit Gandia very well; however, his accuracy increased with every swing. Denver stopped Palermo before everything got out of hand.

[00:41:30] Nairobi told Palermo that he had just ruined their image with the hostages. Nairobi added that they were supposed to follow the professor’s rules. Palermo told them that Sergio wasn’t there and that he was in charge of the heist inside the bank. Palermo told Helsinki to tie up Nairobi for insubordination; however, Nairobi continued her conversation with Palermo. She told Palermo that he didn’t have the guts to love someone because loving someone needed courage and bravery. Nairobi admitted to Helsinki that she loved him and that she would choose to have a family with him. Nairobi told Palermo that he didn’t even tell Berlin that he loved him. He had spent ten years with Berlin, and not once did he mention his love for him. Nairobi told them to just get back to work and left.






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