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Money Heist Season 3 Episode 6 Recap – Everything Seemed Insignificant


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 3 Episode 6 Recap - Everything Seemed Insignificant

[00:00:15] Berlin woke Sergio to invite him over for breakfast. He woke Sergio because he had stayed up late to study. Berlin mentioned to Sergio that Tatiana was there. Sergio dressed and headed downstairs. Berlin introduced Sergio to Tatiana. She told Sergio that she was a concert pianist. Palermo added that Tatiana was a very good thief. Berlin told Sergio that Tatiana knew about the plan to rob the Bank of Spain and that she favored it over the plan to rob the Royal mint.

[00:02:10] Sergio asked to speak with Berlin privately. Sergio didn’t trust Tatiana; he told Berlin that she could sell them out. Berlin defended his love for Tatiana; however, Sergio pointed out that Berlin had felt the same with his four other marriages. The two of them continued their argument until two monks approached them. The monks gave Berlin a basket filled with fruits and vegetables. Berlin thanked the two monks, and they headed towards the kitchen. Sergio told Berlin that relationships could not interfere with their plans. It was the first rule of the heist.

[00:04:50] Ironically, Sergio broke that first rule when he engaged in a relationship with Raquel during their first heist. Sergio quietly drove the camper with Raquel sitting at his side. Sergio told her that it was time to call the team. He asked Raquel to call Palermo. It would be a routine call. Sergio asked for updates inside the bank. Palermo mentioned that they had already melted the gold bars while setting up their defense. Sergio told Palermo that there were no complications outside the bank and ended their conversation.

[00:05:30] Colonel Prieto gave Colonel Tamayo advice on how to tackle the heist. He told Tamayo that he had suffered post-traumatic stress and other illnesses because of the previous heist. Colonel Tamayo told Prieto that he should stop coming to the command center and rest. Prieto responded that Tamayo shouldn’t worry about the consequences of his actions. He added that Tamayo should proceed with his plan as soon as possible before everything got out of hand. Inspector Sierra suggested that they come up with their own secrets and release them to the press. Sierra insisted that this would neutralize the real secrets since no one would be able to tell the lies from the truth. Colonel Tamayo disagreed with her idea as it would destroy the integrity of the government. Inspector Sierra told Colonel Tamayo that the heist would be over before the Professor could retaliate.

[00:09:00] The hostages woke up for their second day in captivity. Amanda checked how Miguel was doing. He told Amanda that his abdomen still hurt. Denver called Miguel and told him to stand up. Miguel asked Denver if he was talking to him, forcing Denver to take him away. Denver asked Miguel if he liked Amanda. Miguel confirmed that he had feelings for Amanda. Denver told Miguel that he was a hero and that nothing could hurt him. He also apologized for shooting him due to personal reasons. Denver assured Miguel that he could win Amanda. Denver allowed Miguel to use the bathroom and left him so that he could concentrate.

[00:12:00] Sergio and Raquel heard on the radio that the press had gained access to the state secrets. Both of them knew that the police had released fake secrets in order to neutralize their bargaining chip; however, Sergio added that the police were planning to enter the bank. He radioed Palermo and told him about the development. Palermo wanted to know how the police were going to enter the bank, but he wasn’t able to provide that information. Raquel radioed Marseille and told him to keep an eye out for any movement outside the bank.

[00:14:00] Sergio wanted to get off the road. He told Raquel that the car behind them had previously passed them a few hours ago. Raquel didn’t believe Sergio, but he was certain that it was the same car. Raquel told Sergio that they could turn on the dirt road up ahead. The camper got stuck as they drove through the dirt road. Sergio tried to put a rock as a wedge, but it didn’t help. After a few tries, people from a nearby home got out and recognized him. Sergio admitted that he was indeed the Professor.

[00:15:30] The team was preparing for the police to enter the bank. One of the hostages recognized Matias and asked him whether he was a hostage or not. He told them that the robbers had hired him. Meanwhile, Palermo gathered the team and told them that the police were about to enter the bank. Since they had lost contact with Sergio and Raquel, Palermo had no choice but to take charge. He wanted to use anti-tank missiles on the police. Tokyo confronted him and told the team that the Professor wouldn’t want to harm anyone. Palermo told Tokyo that she didn’t want to use violence because she knew that once that happened, they wouldn’t be able to get Rio back. No one sided with Tokyo. Nairobi told Tokyo that this time they needed to defend themselves.

[00:18:00] The team was throwing a birthday party for Monica. Tokyo sat beside the table, guilt-tripping herself. Nairobi approached her to tell her that she needed to stop. Nairobi added that it wasn’t her fault that things had ended up the way they had. She blamed the Professor for having Rio and Tokyo live on an island. She also blamed Rio for buying the satellite phones and not resisting the urge to call her. Nairobi told Tokyo that she was a free woman who could do whatever she wanted. During the party, Tokyo asked Sergio what their chances were at leaving the bank alive. He responded that the chances were less than 50 percent. Denver knew that it was the best opportunity to sing a song. Just like old times, when Moscow was still alive.

[00:24:00] A police car approached the camper while the people still tried to get it out of the mud. The officer got out to ask his friend what was happening and who owned the camper. He told the officer that his cousin who lives in Madrid owned the camper. Sergio and Raquel hid inside the camper’s bathroom as the officer inspected it from the outside. The officer wanted to look inside. The man told the officer that his soles were dirty and would ruin the interior of the camper. The officer insisted and just wiped his soles on the camper’s steps before going in. The officer just checked the front half of the camper and headed back outside. They used the police car to pull the camper out of the mud. The officer left soon after as Raquel and Sergio thanked the people for their help.

[00:26:30] Raquel called Marseille to ask for updates. He told Raquel regarding the tanker that was being attached to the ventilation system of the bank. Raquel told Sergio that the tanker could be filled with halothane. Back at the command center, Arturo was being detained by Colonel Tamayo. Arturo wanted to leave, but Tamayo refused to let him go. Arturo told Tamayo that he didn’t have any control of the situation, which was why they had asked for his help. Colonel Tamayo told Arturo that his life was shit, and he depended on his acquired fame to continue living as he had no one left in his life because his wife and kids left him. Arturo responded that everyone considered him a hero and tried to leave the command center. Tamayo stopped him and told him that he wasn’t going anywhere.

[00:30:00] Raquel and Sergio reached a barn. Raquel opened the barn and went to an ambulance parked inside. The ambulance was another mobile command center, and Raquel turned on the radio. Sergio tried to radio Palermo, but he only got static. Back at the bank, Suarez was preparing his team for entry. He told them that they would enter using the toilet’s ventilation system. It was wide enough for people to enter. They checked if the halothane had already dispersed in the atmosphere before they entered. Suarez and his men entered the bank and checked everyone they encountered. Everyone inside the bank was asleep.

[00:33:00] Suarez and his men reached a corridor where the team opened fire at them. They forced them to retreat until they reached the elevators. Helsinki shot at them using the browning until Suarez decided to retreat. Suarez and his men were trapped in a lobby filled with plastic explosives. The team had lured them there and activated the laser sensors. Suarez didn’t have his bomb expert with him, so he couldn’t do anything. Palermo advised them to calm down and relax as they were using too much oxygen. If Suarez and his men ran out of oxygen, they would be breathing halothane and fall asleep.

[00:35:40] It had been 35 minutes since the command center lost communication with Suarez and his men. The chief of defense wanted a rescue mission. However, Colonel Tamayo disagreed since they didn’t know whether Suarez and his men were dead or alive and sending in more troops was ill-advised. As they were trying to figure out what to do, Sergio called the command center and sent a video of Suarez and his men. They were bound to chairs wearing only their underwear. Suarez introduced himself on video and pleaded with the police force for a permanent ceasefire. Palermo made Suarez and his men sing on video. Sergio wanted the police to hand Rio over to them. Sergio told them that they wouldn’t be able to kill Rio if he was in custody, but they would be able to if they handed him over.

[00:39:00] Alicia didn’t want to hand Rio over, but Colonel Tamayo intervened and told her to accept the exchange. Alicia agreed to the exchange on the condition that Sergio would include hostages. Sergio told Alicia that they would hand over 40 hostages, including Suarez and his men. Alicia wanted to make the exchange at 8:00 AM the next day. Sergio agreed and ended their conversation. Alicia headed over to Rio. She told Rio that he needed to clean himself up because he’d appear in front of the press. Alicia brushed his hair and dried him up after his bath. Alicia acted like a mother figure to Rio, but he knew that it was all just a ploy. Rio wanted to know where they were going. Alicia told him that they were going to school.

[00:42:38] Alicia took Rio to the Bank of Spain. Tokyo looked at the convoy as they approached the bank. Alicia opened the back seat and let Rio out. He waved to the crowd. Tokyo broke into tears as she saw Rio get out of the car.


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