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Money Heist Season 3 Episode 7 Recap – A Quick Vacation


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 3 Episode 7 Recap - A Quick Vacation

[00:00:15] Tokyo woke Rio as she spotted a Brazilian boat nearby. She told Rio that the tourists looked friendly, but he reminded Tokyo that foreign police also looked friendly. Tokyo begged Rio to socialize with the tourist, but he declined. Rio told Tokyo that it was a security measure that they didn’t socialize with other people; however, Tokyo convinced Rio to call out to the boat and invite the tourist over to their little island.

[00:01:55] The crowd outside the bank of Spain chanted Rio’s name over and over. It was the third day of the heist, and the media had televised Rio’s arrival at the bank. The news report stated that the police were handing over Rio. The bank doors opened, and the hostages were all lined up, ready for the exchange. Denver ordered the hostages to start walking out of the bank. Inside the command center, Arturo was looking at Monica’s police profile and decided to use the moment to escape. Rio smiled as he happily walked into the bank. Tokyo ran to the lobby and jumped at Rio to give him a hug. Rio was bugged; Colonel Tamayo and Inspector Sierra listened in on his conversation with Tokyo.

[00:05:00] Rio asked Tokyo what they were doing inside the bank of Spain. She responded that they were robbing it for him. Arturo welcomed the hostages as they regained their freedom. As he gave the last hostage a pat on the back, he noticed that the bank doors were still open. Suarez entered the command center and demanded to be sent back inside the bank. He requested more men from Colonel Tamayo as well as explosives. Suarez told Tamayo that he had been so close to killing the robbers. Inspector Sierra interrupted their conversation as Arturo was seen on their security cameras in front of the bank. As the bank door closed, Arturo made his decision and ran towards the door. He leaped at the last second and landed inside the bank.

[00:06:00] Helsinki and Denver pointed their gun at his head. Arturo begged them not to shoot, telling them that he was unarmed. The team celebrated as everyone gathered in front of Rio and applauded. The hostages were not happy, neither was Arturo. Rio told the team that they were crazy for setting up another heist instead of continuing to live the good life. Rio hugged the team one by one. Tokyo told the team that she would return Rio after a few minutes.

[00:08:45] Colonel Tamayo checked on Suarez. He mentioned that he was positive for halothane but was doing well as he changed into his uniform. Tamayo tried to cheer up his men; he told everyone that they had only lost a battle and not the war. Inspector Sierra disagreed. She told Colonel Tamayo that they could have done better. Tamayo defended his strategy; he told Sierra that they had gotten 40 hostages out, which was a small victory compared to other scenarios that could have happened. Colonel Tamayo wanted Inspector Sierra to provide a riskless strategy if she had any. Sierra responded that she had three strategies to discuss.

[00:10:00] Stockholm entered the bathroom with a security wand. Arturo called out to Monica, but she told him that her name was Stockholm. She checked Arturo for any wires but didn’t find anything. Arturo informed Monica what kind of life he was living. He tried to get her sympathy, but Monica didn’t care. Arturo persuaded Monica into having a conversation about their son. He wanted to see his son, but Monica wasn’t sure whether she’d allow it or not.

[00:12:40] Monica was about to leave when Arturo showed her his erection. He told Monica that some things never changed and that this would always be her effect on him. Arturo pushed Monica against the bathroom wall and reminded her about the dirty things they had done in the past. She pulled out her pistol and pointed it at Arturo. Monica swore that Arturo would never see Cincinnati in his lifetime. Helsinki entered the bathroom just as Monica pointed her pistol. She asked Helsinki to finish what she had started, and he obliged.

[00:14:40] Rio and Tokyo got together inside one of the bank’s offices. Inside the command center, Inspector Sierra offered a new approach. She wanted to focus on the robbers inside the bank instead of hunting down the Professor. She added that finding out their escape plan would be the key to stopping them. Sierra also wanted to provide a reward for anyone who could lend them a hand in their plan. Since the robbers were giving out money to the people, they might as well do the same. Inspector Sierra added that anyone would sell out their mothers at the sum of 10 million Euros. Angel called Colonel Tamayo to inform him regarding the camper. Angel entered the camper that Raquel and Sergio used as a command center. He added that locals had spotted the two when they had had an accident earlier.

[00:18:00] Colonel Tamayo told Angel that he would have the support he needed to track Sergio and Raquel. Suarez volunteered himself for the manhunt, and Colonel Tamayo agreed. A police officer inside the command center informed Tamayo and Sierra that the Professor was interrogating Rio. Everyone had heard how Alicia had tortured Rio. Sergio asked Rio a couple of questions related to his captivity. Rio was drugged up and hung in chains. Rio couldn’t even wash himself as he pissed and shit all over his cell. The closest thing he had to a bath was being hosed down. Rio added that Alicia had kept on telling him that everything would be over once he told her where the Professor was hiding. Rio swore that he would’ve talked if he had known where Sergio was hiding. Sergio understood and told Rio that anyone would’ve talked if they were in his situation.

[00:21:00] Rio continued to tell his story. Rio shared with the team that he had kept wondering every time he woke up if it was going to be his last day. Sergio knew that Rio would be bugged by the time he got back. As a result, he taught the team how to find and extract the implant. Back at the monastery, the team practiced on a pig’s head. Marseille didn’t want to participate in the activity as he had vowed not to hurt animals. Denver and Bogota were pushing Marseille to do the task, but he didn’t want to. Marseille left after threatening to cut Denver open. Sergio told Denver to leave so that the team could proceed with the task.

[00:24:40] Sergio advised Tokyo that she needed to lead a normal life until they could perform surgery on Rio. He wanted to use the opportunity to get an advantage against the police. Sergio wanted the police to have access to Tokyo and Rio’s privacy so that they didn’t suspect anything. Tokyo didn’t respond. Palermo answered for her and assured Sergio that everything would go as planned. Raquel didn’t like what had happened. Sergio told Raquel that he couldn’t continue with the heist with her at his side. He told Raquel that Berlin could mix relationships with work, but he couldn’t. Raquel knew that the heist was just revenge for Berlin; it wasn’t for Rio, who was just an alibi so that Sergio could get his revenge. Just as they finished bickering, a drone hovered above them. Sergio and Raquel got inside the van and sped away.

[00:28:50] Tokyo danced for Rio dressed as a hostage. She wrote messages on her body to warn Rio about the microphone implanted in him. Rio went along as Tokyo undressed and got inside the tub with him. Rio told Tokyo the truth; he no longer wanted to be with her. Rio couldn’t be with Tokyo as she was wild and unstable. Tokyo begged Rio not to leave her. Rio told her that in a few years, he would have kids, and she would be with another man. Tokyo wanted to return to their island, but Rio no longer cared.

[00:33:00] An officer informed Colonel Tamayo that their drone had located the Professor. Colonel Tamayo wanted the drone to get closer, but it couldn’t. Sergio and Raquel lost the drone by driving deeper into the forest. Raquel told Sergio that she’d kill him if he got arrested. Sergio fixed a cane to the steering column to hold the van on route and jumped out of the van as well. Sergio and Raquel ditched the van separately so that they could evade the police. The plan was to climb up a tree and hide using camouflage.

[00:38:00] The drone spotted the van in the middle of the forest. It got closer, but no one was inside. Colonel Tamayo ordered his men to search the grounds. Raquel couldn’t climb up a tree, so she headed to a nearby barn to hide. Sergio made it to the top of the tree and used leaves to camouflage himself. Back at the command center, Inspector Sierra had finished interviewing the hostages. Everyone told her about Bogota taking hostages to work in extreme temperatures. Sierra told Tamayo that the robbers were melting the gold. He couldn’t believe her, but she explained that ovens were the same sizes as dishwashers. Tamayo finally agreed to go after the gold. Meanwhile, additional police officers arrived at the forest, including Angel. He instructed everyone to comb the forest. Sergio, on the other hand, sat atop a tree as the officers passed by the tree below him.



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