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Money Heist Season 4 Episode 1 Recap – Game Over


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 4 Episode 1 Recap - Game Over

[00:01:15] Tokyo, Helsinki, and Bogota rushed Nairobi into one of the offices inside the bank. The team turned it into a makeshift operating room. Meanwhile, Sergio struggled to keep running inside the forest. He couldn’t let go of the thought that Raquel had been murdered by Suarez and his men. Colonel Tamayo was also struggling at the command center since he had just witnessed his armored unit get blown up by RPGs.

[00:04:20] The team prepped Nairobi for blood transfusion. Helsinki found the bullet behind Nairobi’s seventh rib, but they weren’t in the clear just yet. Nairobi couldn’t breathe, so Helsinki requested surgical kit six in order to puncture Nairobi’s chest. Once Helsinki had made the puncture, Nairobi was able to breathe properly. Nairobi begged the team to get her out of the bank. She would rather go to jail than die inside the bank.

[00:06:50] Sergio told the team that stage three of their plan would be resistance. Once they had acquired Rio, they would begin stage three. Sergio informed everyone that getting out of the bank would be impossible without the gold. He added that the police would do everything they could, but as long as they could keep control of the situation, they would be able to escape.

[00:08:00] Sergio sat on an old beach chair in the middle of the forest. He spoke with Palermo, who updated him as to what had happened earlier. Palermo told Sergio that he didn’t know if they had killed any police, but he saw that one of them was set on fire by the blast of their RPGs. He added that Nairobi needed a surgeon. Meanwhile, Angel informed his men that Sergio had climbing equipment and dog repellent, so they also needed to check the trees. Sergio heard gunfire, causing him to remember Raquel getting shot. He wanted to cry, but he soldiered onward.

[00:09:20] The police were shooting everywhere. Sergio continued running as he discovered an enclosure within the forest. Sergio jumped into the enclosure and came face to face with a bull. He tried to outrun the bull but stumbled and fell inside a drinking trough. Sergio was trapped with the police closing in on his location.

[00:10:55] Colonel Tamayo and Inspector Sierra were having an argument inside the command center. The attack on the police by the robbers had already been televised. Sierra wanted to continue attacking the bank, but Tamayo thought otherwise. He no longer wanted to place his men at risk. Sierra insisted that Tamayo continued to attack. Tamayo told her that he wanted to de-escalate the situation by talking with the robbers instead. Colonel Tamayo left the command center as Inspector Sierra requested an ambulance and surgeon. Her plan was to make the robbers give Nairobi up.

[00:12:40] Palermo brought the governor inside the office. He informed everyone that the governor would assist them with the surgery as he had taken medical courses back in his day. Palermo informed Nairobi that they would put her to sleep as they prepped her for surgery; however, she declined. Nairobi didn’t want to have surgery. Tokyo told Palermo that it was her decision if she wanted to proceed with the surgery or not. Palermo wasn’t happy with their response and ordered Helsinki to put Nairobi to sleep. Helsinki refused. Palermo threatened to kill him unless he did as told. Tokyo defended Helsinki as she aimed her pistol at Palermo.

[00:14:30] Denver sided with Palermo. He wanted to do the surgery inside the bank. Denver was worried that Nairobi would sell them out to the police. Nairobi swore on her son’s life that she wouldn’t talk. Bogota held a knife at Denver’s throat. He told Denver that they knew nothing about surgery and that Nairobi needed a surgeon to survive. Rio didn’t believe Nairobi. He told her that she would sell them out once the police started torturing her. Tokyo wanted Rio to shut his mouth. Rio aimed his pistol at Tokyo instead. Palermo lowered his pistol and told everyone to stop messing around.

[00:15:20] Palermo told everyone that Lisbon had been murdered by the police earlier. He knew that Nairobi would be killed if they surrendered her to the police. Nairobi cried out for Helsinki. She told him that the surgery was too complicated for anyone on the team. Even if they tried, she would eventually die. Helsinki did his best to keep Nairobi calm as the team held her down and put her to sleep.

[00:16:50] Tokyo remembered the night that Denver and Stockholm had had an argument. Stockholm wanted to sleep with Tokyo that night when Nairobi entered their room. She told Tokyo that it was better if she led the heist instead of Palermo. Tokyo didn’t like the idea at first, but she came to her senses and rushed to the Professor to talk things over. Sergio and Raquel woke up as Tokyo barged into their room. Sergio pleaded that they talk in the morning, but Tokyo demanded to take charge of the heist. He explained that Palermo was in charge because he had known the plan since the beginning. Tokyo told Sergio that she would be the best captain once the team was inside the bank. She told Sergio and Raquel that once things went south, she was the only one who could react because she was the only one who had experience.

[00:20:20] Tokyo took charge of Nairobi’s operation. Palermo sat down and thought of the next step the team needed to take. Sergio called Marseille to set Plan Hamelin into action. Marseille called the command center and drove off away from the forest. Sergio spoke with Inspector Sierra. He tried to get a surgeon inside the bank, but she refused. Sierra offered a truce, which Sergio accepted. He told Sierra that Nairobi would survive with or without her help. Colonel Tamayo called Angel to inform him that Sergio had already escaped. Angel was a few feet away from the bull enclosure when he ordered his men to pull out of the location. Marseille wore a helmet and crashed the car deliberately. This was to lead the police away from the forest into a set of false clues.

[00:26:30] Angel spoke with Raquel. He wanted to know why Raquel had called him Mr. Potato head. Raquel told Angel that it was the way he walked and how tender he was. Angel told her that she had crossed the line by calling him Mr. Potato head. He added that the whole bureau now knew, and a meme had spread about him being Mr. Potato head. The two of them shared a laugh before their conversation became serious. Angel told Raquel that he knew she did everything because of love. Angel informed Raquel that she would probably get an offer for cooperation once they got back to Madrid. Raquel knew that even if she cooperated, she would still do time, probably about 30 years.

[00:28:50] Tokyo spoke with a surgeon in Pakistan. The surgeon would guide the team through the surgery. Tokyo instructed Denver to acquire more units of blood per the doctor’s advice. She instructed Bogota to head back to the vault and continue melting the gold. The team was prepared to do any type of surgery with the supervision of Dr. Ahmed from Pakistan. They had had training back at the monastery for common gunshot wounds. Dr. Ahmed informed Tokyo that they might need to remove part of Nairobi’s lung during the surgery. Tokyo made the first incision and spread Nairobi’s ribs.

[00:31:00] Denver got to the lobby and asked the hostages for assistance. He told them that he needed people with A and O negative blood types. A few hostages raised their hands, including Arturo. He instructed them to follow him as they headed back upstairs. Marseille got back to Sergio and helped him out of the drinking trough. Sergio was looking for the bull, but Marseille hadn’t seen a bull on the way in. As the two of them headed for the exit, they encountered the bull. The two of them slowly stepped back until they reached the wall. They climbed up as soon as the bull charged towards them.

[00:33:00] Marseille and Sergio had met at Berlin and Tatiana’s wedding. Bogota and Palermo were also there. Tatiana threw the wedding bouquet, and Sergio caught it. Berlin sang with the friars of the monastery and danced with Tatiana. Sergio just sat at the table as everyone sang and danced. Berlin sat with Sergio to give him some advice. He told Sergio that life weighed more than love and death. He added that Sergio would have a great opportunity once death arrived.

[00:37:10] Marseille and Sergio drove back to Madrid. Marseille tried to cheer Sergio up. He turned on the radio; however, a bad song started to play. He told Sergio that he didn’t own the car. Sergio just told him to continue driving. Marseille turned the radio off and continued driving.

[00:38:00] Denver oversaw the blood drive for Nairobi. One of the hostages asked Denver who the blood was for. The hostage told Denver that she had noticed Stockholm and Nairobi heading upstairs earlier, and only Stockholm. had returned. Denver told the hostage that the blood was for Nairobi. Stockholm assisted with labeling the blood bags as Arturo called Denver. He praised Denver for taking care of his son. Arturo added that he didn’t think Denver would be man enough to care for another man’s son. To Stockholm’s surprise, she found out that Arturo didn’t have the correct blood type. Arturo apologized for his mistake. Denver punched Arturo. Stockholm told Denver that he couldn’t just go punching people around. Denver checked Arturo and apologized.

[00:40:30] Arturo laughed at Denver and apologized. He told Denver about what had happened with Stockholm inside the bathroom the day he entered the bank. Arturo told Denver that he had become aroused when he had hugged Stockholm. Denver couldn’t believe what Arturo was saying, so he asked Stockholm for the truth. She told Denver that nothing had happened and that she had defended herself from him. Denver could no longer stop himself. He beat Arturo to a pulp. Stockholm did her best to stop him. She didn’t know why Denver had so much rage inside him. Stockholm told Denver that she couldn’t continue their relationship as she feared that her son would see and feel so much violence from him.

[00:43:20] Angel arrived at the wreckage left by Marseille. An officer showed Angel the trunk of the car filled with climbing gear. Colonel Tamayo called Angel to confirm that it had been the Professor riding the crashed vehicle. Angel told Tamayo that it could be him based on the evidence. Angel added that the Professor hadn’t gone too far since he had lost a lot of blood. Colonel Tamayo ordered Angel to bring Raquel back to Madrid while Suarez hunted the Professor. Angel confirmed and ended their conversation.

[00:44:40] Marseille shared with Sergio his experience during the war. He told Sergio that, after the war, all of his friends were dead, and he had spent countless nights in bar . Marseille added that his dog, Pamuk, would always wait for him outsid . Sergio asked if he was in love with Pamuk and if the dog was executed in front of hi . Marseille confirme . He told Sergio how his dog had died. Sergio apologized as Marseille  ried. Sergio asked Marseille to pull over so that he could urinate.

[00:46:20] After Sergio urinated, he saw a bunch of wild flower . He remembered how he had caught the bouquet at Berlin’s wedding and the moments he had shared wi h Raquel. Sergio cried his heart out as Marseille st od guard. Sergio came to his senses and got back insid  the van. Back at the bank, Bogota continued melting the gold as Tokyo continued the operati n on Nairobi. One of the officers inside the command center informed Colonel Tamayo that the robbers were communicating with so eone outside. Colonel Tamayo killed the video call between Dr. Ahmed a d the team. Rio tried to restore the call, b t he failed. Nairobi’s blood pressure  as dropping. She was about to die.


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