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Money Heist Season 4 Episode 3 Recap – Anatomy Lesson


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 4 Episode 3 Recap - Anatomy Lesson

[00:00:15] Denver and Bogota were busy doing something for their loved ones. Sergio and Marseille rescued Antoñanzas from drowning in the pool. Sergio suggested that Antoñanzas act drunk since they were waking up the neighbors. He didn’t want to cooperate, so Marseille threatened to break his neck. Sergio and Marseille offered him 1 million Euros for his cooperation. Sergio asked him a series of questions concerning Raquel, but he didn’t provide a straight answer. Sergio told Antoñanzas to tell Raquel that he knew she was still alive. Antoñanzas told Sergio that she wouldn’t believe him, but Sergio gave him his watch to show Raquel as proof.

[00:03:40] Denver made a heart-shaped necklace out of gold for Stockholm. Bogota made a tricycle for Nairobi to use once she woke up. Denver looked for Stockholm and found her talking with Rio; he left without saying a word. Bogota left the tricycle in front of Nairobi’s bed as he visited her.

[00:05:40] Sierra woke Raquel up at the command center. She had spent the night handcuffed to the table of the interrogation room. Sierra told Raquel that the ambulance was already in their custody, and it was her last chance before Alberto searched it. Raquel didn’t take the bait and told Sierra that they wouldn’t find anything. Antoñanzas entered the command center and headed towards the interrogation room. Colonel Tamayo cut him off and asked him what had happened to his forehead. He lied and told Tamayo that he had hit his head on a window. Antoñanzas wanted to approach Inspector Sierra, but Tamayo told him that she was currently breaking Raquel and no one was allowed to speak with them. He dragged Antoñanzas off to get some coffee.

[00:09:30] Sierra told Raquel that there was always be something, and they would find it. She told Raquel that they had left the camper spotless; however, they weren’t able to clean the ambulance since they had left it in a hurry. She offered her deal for one last time, and Raquel still refused. Back at the bank, Bogota found Denver sitting outside the vault. He asked Denver what had happened. Denver told him that he had seen Rio and Stockholm barefooted on the couch upstairs. Bogota called Denver stupid for thinking that Rio and Stockholm would sleep together. He asked Denver what he had made last night, and Denver showed him the golden heart necklace. Bogota laughed and told Denver that he should change instead of giving the necklace. Bogota told Denver that he should go back to how they had fallen in love with each other.

[00:13:20] Palermo asked Rio for some water. Palermo told him that he had gotten his freedom because of his plan. Palermo offered Rio his friendship and told him that he could talk to him if he needed a friend. Rio walked away as Palermo pushed his chair back to Gandia. He told Gandia that Rio was the weakest link, and he should escape during Rio’s shift. Gandia didn’t trust Palermo; however, Palermo assured him that no one else would come to their rescue because of the truce. Palermo promised Gandia that he would allow him to become the terror and chaos that the heist needed.

[00:16:20] Marseille and Sergio arrived at their hideout, which was a storm drain. They set up communications, and Sergio contacted Tokyo. He confirmed that Lisbon was still alive and being interrogated inside the command center. Alberto, on the other hand, arrived to check the ambulance for clues. Tokyo asked Sergio what his next move would be, but he had no idea. He was so tired he couldn’t think straight. Sergio assured Tokyo that he would find a solution. He instructed Tokyo to speak with Palermo and give him an update. Sergio wanted to get Palermo back on their side to lessen their struggles.

[00:19:00] Sergio argued with Berlin about whether or not Palermo could handle being the leader of the heist. Berlin told Sergio that he trusted Palermo, and Sergio should as well. Sergio argued that Palermo was unpredictable, and if he wanted to be in charge of the heist and lost control, he would do anything to regain control. Berlin told Sergio that he could control Palermo. Sergio told Berlin that he would trust him for any heist rather than Palermo, but Berlin responded that it was a mistake to put his trust in him rather than in Palermo.

[00:21:40] Alberto found a toaster inside the ambulance. He checked the contents and found burnt plastic along with what seemed to be the remains of a sim or memory card. Back at the bank, Denver entered the room where Tokyo was staying to speak with the Professor. She approached Denver and confirmed that he had really called her a “Maserati.” Denver couldn’t believe that everyone knew about his conversation with Rio. Tokyo offered him a little ride. It seemed as though Denver was about to refuse the offer, but he turned around. Denver told Tokyo that Monica had dumped him, so he was a freeman. He added that he would take her up on her offer and wreck her.

[00:24:00] Alberto showed the burnt sim card to Colonel Tamayo. Inspector Sierra joined their conversation as Alberto told them that they were able to acquire seven numbers from the sim card. Alberto told them that one of the numbers had received a phone call during the heist, and they had traced the location to the Philippines. Antoñanzas eavesdropped on their conversation and stepped out of the command center. He headed to a payphone to call the Professor. Sergio answered the call; Antoñanzas told him about the information that he had heard. Sergio furiously banged on his table. He told Antoñanzas that their plan hadn’t changed. Sergio ordered him to proceed to Raquel and show her his watch.

[00:26:00] Tokyo went to the lobby and ordered all of the hostages to line up by the stairs. She pushed Palermo to the middle of the lobby and told him Sergio’s message. Palermo didn’t take being ordered around lightly, but Tokyo told him that he had no choice since Sergio had given the order.

[00:27:00] Inspector Sierra headed back to the interrogation room and told Raquel about the Philippines. Sierra offered Raquel a solution; she could call her family in the Philippines to get them out before the police arrived. Sierra gave Raquel a new offer, freedom instead of a reduced sentence. Sierra told her that Sergio would go to jail, and she would be free. Raquel wanted to accept the offer; she reached for Sierra’s phone and started dialing a number. Antoñanzas entered the interrogation room and handed Raquel a cup of water. He showed her Sergio’s watch. Raquel drank the water and placed Sierra’s phone down.

[00:30:50] Stockholm spoke with Rio. She asked if he was able to get a good night’s sleep. He told her he hadn’t, saying he had kept having nightmares about the days he was held in captivity. Tokyo and Denver watched Rio and Stockholm from upstairs. They role-played what the two were talking about, but they didn’t know that Stockholm was merely helping Rio with his traumatic experiences. Rio was forced to dig up his own grave by Alicia and her men back when they had held him captive. He added that they had buried him alive and left him thinking it was his last day alive. Palermo saw Denver and Tokyo laughing upstairs, and he knew that it was an opportunity he could exploit.

[00:33:45] Berlin left Sergio with Palermo. He knew Sergio didn’t trust Palermo because he was unstable and an egomaniac. Sergio responded that it was what he believed to be true. Palermo couldn’t agree more; however, he told Sergio that not only did he love Berlin, he also loved his plan. Palermo added that he could betray everyone else but never his plan. He offered a handshake as a sign of trust and good faith, telling Sergio that they needed him in order to succeed with the heist. Sergio shook his hand and accepted his loyalty.

[00:35:40] Berlin entered the bathroom. It seemed he had followed a fat guy who had made fun of his bowtie earlier. The man just wanted to leave, but Berlin hadn’t let him. Berlin commended the man for his bravery outside the bathroom, but he needed to prove it inside against him. The man tried to punch Berlin, but Berlin evaded and kicked the man in his abdomen. Berlin choked the man, shoved him to the sink, and pulled out a fork. He stabbed the man’s genitals multiple times. Sergio wondered why Berlin took so long to come out of the bathroom. Palermo told him that Berlin was probably beating the shit out of the fat man inside. Sergio didn’t hear any noise coming from inside the bathroom. Palermo added that real chaos was silent.

[00:37:30] Palermo knew he needed to regain control of the heist in order for his plan to succeed. He pushed Gandia and tried to dislocate his thumb so that Gandia could get out of his handcuffs. Rio called out to Palermo, telling him to stop whispering at Gandia. Palermo continued to push Gandia, and Gandia’s thumb finally dislocated. Rio had his back to them, and he had no idea what was happening. Gandia slowly removed his hand from the handcuff and made his way towards the stairs. Rio turned around and pointed his pistol at him. He ordered Gandia to get down on the ground, but Gandia reasoned with him. Gandia slowly stepped back towards the staircase. Rio ordered him to get down, but he refused. He took the opportunity to get away since Rio wasn’t able to shoot him. After a few moments, Nairobi woke up.



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