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Money Heist Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – 5 Minutes Earlier


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 4 Episode 5 Recap - 5 Minutes Earlier

[00:00:15] Moscow and Denver spoke with Sergio during their first heist. They wanted to include Juanito in the heist. Juanito was Moscow’s godson. They had heard that he was not doing well and could end up homeless. Sergio didn’t approve of their request, which frustrated Denver. He called Sergio names and told him that their heist was shit. Sergio furiously headed back to the mansion after Denver had finished ranting at him. Berlin and the rest of the team laughed their ass off as they continued to tease Denver, who eventually walked out as well.

[00:04:11] Gandia handcuffed Tokyo inside the panic room. She woke up to Gandia staring at her. Tokyo kicked him in the face the moment she realized who was in front of her. Tokyo asked Gandia why he didn’t kill her. He told Tokyo that he wasn’t a murderer. Tokyo pointed out that he had tried to kill Nairobi and Helsinki. Gandia responded that she would be a chained beast, and he would be her tamer. Tokyo tried to kick Gandia again, but he blocked it. He threatened to beat Tokyo up if she tried to kick him again.

[00:05:45] Gandia showed Tokyo a deck of cards. He told Tokyo that he would take their team down one by one as he pointed out everyone on the security cameras. Gandia spoke on the intercom and introduced himself to everyone. Tokyo took the chance to warn the team that Gandia was watching them. Gandia turned the intercom off and gave his full attention to Tokyo.

[00:08:00] Gandia gagged Tokyo and continued with his broadcast. He spoke over the intercom and thanked Palermo for giving him tips on how to escape. Stockholm approached Palermo to confirm that Gandia was telling the truth. Palermo told her that it was her choice to believe a psychopath rather than a teammate. Helsinki released Palermo as Denver and Rio joined them in the lobby. Helsinki and Rio dragged Palermo upstairs. One of the hostages asked for Denver’s permission to go to the bathroom. Denver told her it wasn’t a good time, but she insisted.

[00:09:50] Berlin told Sergio that managing hostages within such a large area would be troublesome. He suggested that they insert someone as a hostage who would only be activated in the event of rebellion or dire situations. Berlin jokingly suggested Juanito for the job opportunity. Sergio accepted Berlin’s suggestion and took Moscow and Denver to pick up Juanito. A bus arrived at their location, and a man and woman got out. The bus left, but to their dismay, Juanito wasn’t the man who had gotten off the bus. Moscow and Denver pleaded with Sergio, saying there may have just been some confusion between them and Juanito; however, the woman approached them and called Moscow her godfather.

[00:11:00] Moscow couldn’t believe that it was Juanito. She told him that her name was Julia now. He complemented her good looks. Julia asked how Denver was doing as he was freaking out. He denied her allegations, saying that he thought it was great that she was doing what she wanted. Denver told Julia that she still looked like Juanito when he looked at her eyes. Julia called out to Sergio and asked if he was the boy who had the plan. Sergio confirmed that he was indeed the one with the plan.

[00:12:30] Denver brought the hostage to the bathroom per their request. It turned out that the hostage was Julia, Moscow’s godson. Julia was posing as a hostage, and she confirmed that Gandia was able to escape due to Palermo’s help. Denver asked Julia why she hadn’t informed them that something fishy was going on between Palermo and Gandia. She told Denver that she was too far to confirm what they were whispering about, and she had only seen hand signals. Julia explained that the hand signals meant that Gandia had dislocated his thumb in order to remove the handcuffs.

[00:13:00] Julia demanded that Denver give her weapons because she knew the team needed help. Denver told Julia that her job was to be a hostage. Julia told Denver that since Tokyo and Nairobi were unable to stand in as leader of their team, he would be next in line to be the leader. She added that no one could trust Palermo, so he couldn’t become the leader again. Julia insisted on helping the team and wanted to be called Manila. Denver ordered Julia to return to her position as a hostage instead of ranting at him.

[00:14:20] Gandia continued to torment Tokyo inside the panic room. He tied up Tokyo’s legs to prevent her from kicking anymore. Tokyo asked Gandia to turn on the AC, but he refused. Gandia explained that if he turned on the air conditioning, the team would know their location. Gandia offered to open Tokyo’s overalls to lessen her sweating, but Tokyo threatened to rip Gandia’s arm off if he ever touched her. Sergio interrogated Palermo, along with the other team members. He confessed to helping Gandia escape. Denver and Helsinki told Sergio that Palermo had planned to negotiate a deal with the police using the state secrets, but Palermo declined their allegations. Denver opened his suitcase to find that it was only filled with muffins. Palermo told everyone that his loyalty lay with the plan.

[00:17:00] Sergio told Palermo that he would no longer be able to return as leader of the team. Palermo told Sergio that he would rather return as a hostage, but Sergio refused. He told everyone to release Palermo. He wanted everyone to focus on finding Tokyo and Gandia. Palermo’s punishment would be decided after they had resolved the current situation. Sergio ordered them to evacuate the hostages to the library along with Nairobi. He instructed Bogota to continue melting gold while the rest of the team looked for Gandia and Tokyo.

[00:20:00] Nairobi reminisced her moments with Helsinki. She thought that they could be together, but Helsinki refused. Helsinki told Nairobi that she would meet someone, and she would fall in love with him, but it wouldn’t be Helsinki. He added that they were already family, and they would remain a family forever. Bogota gave Nairobi a vest for protection as she sat on her tricycle. She thought they were heading for the basement, but Bogota told her that they would go to the library. Nairobi told Bogota that the men in the basement needed her support against Gandia.

[00:22:10] Palermo addressed the hostages, instructing them to head over to the library. Stockholm and Helsinki assisted them as they marched on. Stockholm noticed that something was wrong with Amanda, so she asked how she was doing. Amanda told Stockholm that she felt dizzy from the pills that Arturo had given her. It seems that Arturo had molested Amanda as she was under the effects of the pills. On the way to the library, Arturo had a little talk with Julia. He offered her some pills if she ever had an anxiety attack. A few moments after everyone reached the library, an explosion shook the bank. Palermo radioed Nairobi and Bogota to confirm their location.

[00:26:00] Bogota and Nairobi headed to the vault. Matias and the rest of the men aimed their rifles at the elevator. They placed their weapons down upon confirmation that it was Bogota and Nairobi. Nairobi gave a pep talk. She wanted to lift the spirits of her workers so that they could continue melting the gold. Nairobi talked sense into the men, and they resumed melting the gold. Bogota and Nairobi were riding the elevator back to the bank when they felt the explosion.

[00:32:00] Denver and Rio were searching every room for Gandia and Tokyo. They cleared the library and headed for the governor’s office. The two of them talked about their ex-girlfriends. Rio gave Denver his blessing to go after Tokyo if he wanted to. Denver told him that past relationships were off-limits between friends, whether they gave each other their blessing or not. Denver asked Rio what he was doing with Stockholm on the couch. Rio told Denver that they were just talking, but Denver didn’t believe him. Denver responded that he wouldn’t take his shoes off with Lisbon because that was Sergio’s territory.

[00:34:20] Gandia and Tokyo watched as Denver and Rio walked out of the governor’s office. Gandia told Tokyo that he was going out for a bit. Denver and Rio continued their argument out in the hallway. Rio told Denver that he wasn’t stealing Stockholm from him. He added that he was talking to her because he felt comfortable and calm when speaking with her. Rio mentioned that he could only sleep knowing that Stockholm was beside him. Denver didn’t understand Rio’s statement, so Rio cleared it up and told him that nothing had happened between them. Denver and Rio rode the elevator, and just before the door closed, Gandia exited the governor’s office and threw a grenade inside. Rio and Denver acted quickly, covering the grenade with a helmet and two vests before lying on it.

[00:36:50] Palermo tried to radio Denver and Rio after receiving confirmation that Bogota and Nairobi were okay. Rio and Denver weren’t answering, so he went out with Helsinki to look for them. Palermo informed Bogota that the explosion had happened inside the elevator on the first floor. Palermo and Helsinki opened the elevator to find Denver and Rio alive on the floor. Just as they were about to bring the two out of the elevator, Gandia appeared and rained bullets down on them. Palermo and Helsinki returned fire but were unable to bring Gandia down. They requested backup; Stockholm and Bogota were on their way.

[00:39:00] Stockholm reached the hallway first. She positioned herself and shot Gandia. Bogota arrived shortly after and shot at Gandia as well. Gandia was up against four people, but he still managed to survive. Gandia ran towards the governor’s office and climbed through the vents. He exited through the bathroom and found Nairobi.

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