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Money Heist Season 5 Episode 1 Recap – The End of the Road


Published 7 months ago

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 1 Recap - The End of the Road

[00:00:30] The team chants “For Nairobi” as Lisbon arrives at the bank according to their plans. Sergio celebrates with them through the radio, but he doesn‘t notice Alicia coming with a gun. He tries to escape but she fires at him. Alicia misses on purpose; she wants Sergio to tell her the whole plan. Sergio asks Alicia what she’s going to do with him. Alicia wants Sergio to rot in jail. She has nothing left to lose since her husband is already dead. The only thing keeping Sergio alive is Alicia being pregnant. She doesn’t want to go to jail because of her baby, so she couldn’t kill Sergio. He tries to disarm Alicia, but she shoots near Sergio’s ear, causing him to lose balance and hit his head on a table.

[00:05:00] Berlin met with his son, Rafael. He blamed Rafael for the moments he lost with his mother because he was born. Berlin told Rafael he wanted to spend time with his mother, go to dinners, travel across the globe, and enjoy the festivities, but they couldn’t because of him. Berlin even compared him to a nuclear warhead that destroyed their hopes and dreams. Rafael thought otherwise since many people have kids, and they don’t feel such for their children. Berlin saw lobsters inside a fish tank and invited him to eat at the restaurant. Berlin assures Rafael that he met with him to start a new chapter in their lives and not dwell on the past. Rafael agreed and looked forward to a new life with his father. He immediately regretted the decision as Tatiana arrived. She brought a Dalmatian inside the restaurant.

[00:08:00] Berlin kissed Tatiana upon her arrival. Rafael couldn’t believe Berlin had brought his girlfriend. Rafael thought it would just be the two of them. He excused himself and went to the bathroom. Tatiana wanted to know how things were. Berlin told her Rafael didn’t know she was coming. Tatiana asked Berlin if Rafael already knew about their heist. Berlin told her he would tell Rafael when the time came. Back at the monastery, Sergio tells Raquel about “Plan Rome.” Sergio tells her the police will retaliate once she gets back inside the bank. After Raquel escapes, the police will be the laughing stock of Spain. Raquel knew her escape would trigger the army to show up.

[00:09:00] Colonel Tamayo wants the army to storm the bank and end the heist. Suarez and Ángel did their best to stop him, but they couldn’t. Ángel reminds Tamayo that the heist is only a civil matter, but Tamayo insists it’s already escalated to a national security threat due to the state secrets. Colonel Tamayo instructs Martínez to call Major Sagasta. With Raquel leading the team inside the bank, she orders Palermo to begin pumping the gold out. Tokyo tells Raquel they still have 31 tons of gold to melt. She tells Tokyo their plans changed the moment she arrived. The goal is to get out of the bank alive with whatever gold they melted. Colonel Tamayo orders his men to keep track of the helicopter.

[00:11:00] Helsinki stitches Arturo up after Manila shot him. Stockholm scolds Manila for breaking protocol and revealing herself to the hostages. She tells Stockholm she saved them by disarming Arturo because he had an M16 and was ready to lead the hostages to freedom. Stockholm points out Arturo isn’t a threat, but Denver defends Manila. Stockholm is angry at Manila because she promised to stay hidden to take care of their son, Cincinnati. Denver points out that Stockholm never blamed Arturo. He tells Stockholm that if they lose Cincinnati, then they’re the ones to blame and no one else. He tells her to get back to work and leaves with Manila. Palermo tells Bogotá about the changes to their plan.

[00:12:00] Palermo orders them to pump the gold out instead of melting it. Bogotá doesn’t understand what’s happening; he was told they needed 90 tons of gold to get out of the bank alive. They only had 60 tons and needed eight more hours to melt everything. Palermo tells Bogotá that Lisbon arrived, and it caused the change in plans. Bogotá doesn’t like the changes made. He tells Palermo he needs to take control of the heist because improvising will get people killed. Lisbon radios out to Sergio but he can’t respond. Sergio is chained up to a chair as Alicia looks at him in shock upon hearing Raquel‘s voice on the radio. Tokyo has doubts about Lisbon’s loyalty. She is being interrogated inside the tent for 30 hours, enough for anyone to crack. Tokyo thinks Lisbon told the police about their plan.

[00:14:00] Lisbon continues to radio for Sergio, but she gets no response. Alicia asks Sergio what Raquel is doing inside the bank. Tokyo tells Raquel they will get a check-up call in 20 minutes. Raquel asks Tokyo to get her a jumpsuit; she wants to take a bath before Sergio calls. Alicia continues questioning Sergio, but he doesn’t give her anything. She threatens to shoot Sergio, but he doesn’t falter. Alicia shoots Sergio’s foot. He trembles in pain but holds everything in. Alicia is astounded by Sergio’s self-control. She tells him they need to talk before she starts shooting again. Alicia asks Sergio how they will get the gold out. He tells her they are melting the gold. Sergio adds their plan to use the drainage system to get the gold. Alicia almost believes Sergio, but she knows the police are in the sewers.

[00:17:00] Sergio explains that the gold is too small for the police to see, even in the sewers. Alicia knew they were melting the gold, but no one believed her. Alicia knew otherwise to think that Sergio was telling the truth when he’s miles away from the heist. Back at the tent, Colonel Tamayo reaches out to Major Sagasta. He wants him to assemble a team to enter the bank and end the heist. Sagasta doesn’t want to involve himself in a civil matter. He can’t do his job properly with all the attention the heist has earned. Colonel Tamayo tells Sagasta he swore an oath to defend the country.

[00:19:00] Major Sagasta agrees with Colonel Tamayo. He will finish taking a shit and be at the bank within 40 minutes. He requests Colonel Tamayo to find his team and assemble them for him. Sagasta specifically requests for the team he can trust, meaning Colonel Tamayo would need to locate the special ops team Sagasta worked with outside Spain. Back at the hideout, Alicia drags Sergio to another part of the storm drain. She pushes him off a service bridge and hangs him from his chains. Sergio shouts at Alicia to shoot him, but she doesn’t. Alicia leaves and returns to Sergio’s hideout. Meanwhile, Colonel Tamayo prepares for war. He knows everything will turn into a carnival once word about Raquel’s escape gets out. He plans to set up Alicia as their scapegoat.

[00:21:00] Colonel Tamayo is willing to set up a farce to cover up their mistakes. Ángel doesn’t want any part of it; they are breaking the law more than anyone who’s part of the heist. He tries to leave but Tamayo doesn’t allow him. Tamayo knew about Ángel’s phone calls to Raquel. He can’t arrest Raquel, nor can he apprehend Sergio. Tamayo knew Ángel has a soft spot for Raquel. He promotes Ángel to lead negotiator to keep him at bay. Ángel told Tamayo that if he’s going to negotiate, everything will be done legally. Tamayo doesn’t care about his methods so long as he won’t get in his way. Colonel Tamayo keeps track of Marseille and the helicopter he used to bring Raquel to the bank.

[00:23:00] The police are on their way to apprehend Marseille. Back at the bank, Raquel is about to finish her bath. Tokyo arrives with her jumpsuit. She apologizes to Raquel for doubting her earlier. She just wants to know the truth with her reaction. Raquel knows the police and the army are coming after them, but she doesn’t care. She feels so romantic about the heist because Sergio busted her out of jail and got her to the bank with a helicopter ride. Tokyo reminisces about her boyfriend. She tells Raquel that a heist can multiply love because each moment could be the last. Tokyo knows the feeling of love in a heist. She had experienced the same feeling with her boyfriend.

[00:26:00] Raquel knows that Tokyo isn’t talking about Rio. Tokyo tells her it was a guy before Rio. Tokyo thinks she isn’t going to find love again after what happened. Sergio reminisces the time Berlin asked Rafael to be part of their heist. Rafael didn’t want to be a part of the heist, but he was already part of it. Berlin knew Rafael was an electronics engineer. He specializes in cybersecurity, and Berlin paid for his studies. It was all part of his plan to have his son join his heists. Rafael was shocked to hear what Berlin had to say. He was disgusted that his father was selfish enough to pay for his studies for personal gain. Rafael told Berlin he didn’t care if he died.

[00:31:00] Berlin told Rafael he didn’t want him to die before he had even lived. Berlin explained living a simple life is too boring. Rafael realized Berlin only wanted to see him to offer him a spot in his heist. Berlin told Rafael his offer would guarantee him a path to liberty. Back at the tent, Colonel Tamayo is minutes away from arresting Marseille. Sergio had a plan to get Marseille out. They will trick the police again with another diversion act. They made it look like Marseille landed on a random farm, but he didn’t. The farm was fake, and the farmers were part of the team. The police arrive and check the helicopter and the barn, but they don’t find Marseille.

[00:34:00] The farmers tell the police the pilot escaped using a red car. The same red car they used to smuggle Raquel out of jail. Colonel Tamayo takes the bait and orders his men to follow the red car. The majority of the police force leaves the farm. The farmers continued their façade until they knew everything was clear. The police chase the red car. The car stops at their roadblock. A man steps out and tells them he was kidnapped. He is the husband of the woman they kidnapped and placed inside the police van when they freed Raquel. Colonel Tamayo realizes Sergio fooled them again. Ángel rubs it in his face — the professor tricked him again.

[00:37:00] Marseille leaves the farm with the fake farmers using an old pickup truck. No one ever suspected them. The team gathers inside the bank, waiting for Sergio to answer their call. Alicia takes Sergio inside his hideout and tells him to talk. Lisbon updates Sergio about the situation inside the bank. She wants to begin extraction after an hour, but Sergio tells them there won’t be any extractions. He informs them the storm drain has been discovered. The whole team couldn’t believe what was happening. Alicia talks to them as Lisbon tells them about her. Alicia asks Sergio for his final words. He apologizes to everyone and tells them it may be the last time he will ever talk to them. Alicia cuts Sergio off and tells them they still have a lot to talk about.

[00:42:00] It‘s the price for such a high-stakes robbery. It was what Berlin meant about important things always having a high price. Rafael couldn’t understand why he chose a life like such. The price to pay would always be your life. Tokyo wants to know what their plan B is. She knew Sergio always had a plan B, but Lisbon tells her there is no plan B. Everyone is holding back their tears. Raquel tries to rally them, but Helsinki sees the army arriving. Everyone goes to a window to get a better view. It is the end of their journey, but it isn’t a happy ending.

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