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Money Heist Season 5 Episode 3 Recap – Welcome to the Spectacle of Life


Published 2 months ago

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 3 Recap - Welcome to the Spectacle of Life

[00:00:30] Stockholm does her best to revive Arturo. Manila, Denver, and Tokyo decide to help her. Using a defibrillator and a shot of epinephrine, they could bring him back from the dead. Arturo gets a pulse, but he also has a bullet in his heart. He needs immediate medical attention. Palermo and Tokyo are against saving Arturo. He was trying to kill them a few minutes ago, so Palermo wants to kill Arturo to end their misery. Lisbon calms Palermo down. She tells him they need to save Arturo. Along with two other hostages, the governor pushes Arturo out of the bank using a food cart. The paramedics respond to their cries of help while the stunned crowd look onward.

[00:04:00] Stockholm watches from the window as Arturo is carried out of the bank and into an ambulance. She feels like a murderer. She knows Cincinnati will grow up alone if Arturo dies. He is his biological father, and Stockholm killed him. She knows she won’t see Cincinnati ever again. Meanwhile, Benjamin, Sergio, and Marseilles are all tied up at the mercy of Alicia.  Doctors attend to Gandía inside the tent while the army brings the governor in for questioning. They run him through a metal detector and give him some fresh clothes. The governor gives them details of the hostages’ location inside the bank. Colonel Tamayo asks him what happened to Arturo. The governor tells Tamayo what happened. Colonel Tamayo wants to place the blame on the team to pin them as murderers.

[00:08:00] Colonel Tamayo leaves the tent to meet with the president. He instructs everyone to stay put until he gets back. Stockholm goes to the lobby feeling guilty and lost. Manila tells her she would’ve died if she didn’t pull the trigger. She comforts Stockholm, so she won’t feel so guilty about her son’s position. Manila tells Stockholm parenting isn’t about doing the right thing all the time; it’s about loving your children unconditionally. Tatiana, Marseille, and Bogotá accompanied Berlin. They were about to do a heist with his son, Rafael. He still needed convincing, but he had no other choice in the end.

[00:14:00] Alicia tries to reason with Sergio as they listen to the live coverage news about the heist. Arturo’s condition is all over the news, and the team is being tagged as murderers and executioners. Alicia tells Sergio that all he needs to do is cooperate with her, and she could save the team. Sergio doesn’t respond as the live coverage shifts to Colonel Tamayo’s press conference. He brands Alicia as a traitor and fabricates evidence against her. He even tells the press she’s working with Sergio and the team. Alicia knows she’s a goner, and she can’t use Sergio to save her ass. Sergio knows the tables have turned. He tries to convince Alicia to side with them since she has nowhere to go. As Sergio keeps talking, Alicia’s water breaks — she is about to have her baby.

[00:18:00] Julia thanked Denver and Moscow for letting her join during the first heist. Moscow asked Julia if her father knew she was with them. She told them her father didn’t know, nor will she tell him. Julia’s father told her that she could no longer be a robber, so she’s there to prove him wrong. That night, Moscow couldn’t sleep as he felt guilty. He didn’t want Julia to throw her life away, so he asked Denver to help him set her back on the right track. The team prepares for war inside the bank. They move the weapons cache to another area to access it easily. Palermo addresses his team to lift their spirits before the war. Denver and Rio have doubts, but he tells them they still have a chance.

[00:22:00] Alicia is no longer with the police. They already marked her as a traitor, so she had nowhere to go. Sergio is fighting a battle of his own, and he can win it for them. Lisbon tells them Alicia now feels betrayed, and she knows Sergio isn’t her biggest enemy at the moment. Meanwhile, Alicia does her best to give birth on her own. Sergio suggests she release them to help her. Alicia tells them she will give birth on her own. Palermo tells the team they are the biggest losers in history, and they just need to lose one more fight to win. Palermo explains they just need to stall to melt all of the gold. Bogotá likes the sound of his plan and goes back to work immediately.

[00:25:00] Palermo asks for three volunteers to attack the army from both ends. The three volunteers will be exposed and have a high chance of dying. Denver, Tokyo, and Manila volunteer. Palermo tells Denver to say goodbye to Stockholm; they are in for a long night, and it might be their last night. Moscow and Denver stole Sergio’s car and went to the nearest payphone to call Benjamin. They told him about Julia and the heist. He didn’t want Julia to be part of the heist as she might end up back in jail. With everything said and done, Denver and Moscow returned to the villa.

[00:29:00] Sergio keeps on convincing Alicia to let him go. She‘s stubborn and tries to deliver her baby on her own. Colonel Tamayo returns to the Bank of Spain to plan their operation. He tells all the police officers to exit the tent; it has now become a military operation. Helsinki continues to monitor the movement outside to inform the team. Denver consoles Stockholm as Rio gets back with Tokyo. They are moments away from war. Inside the tent, Gandía tells them how to enter the bank without being detected. He plans to join the team to get revenge. Ángel tries to stop Colonel Tamayo, but he can’t. Nothing he says is important for Tamayo. All he wants to do is destroy Raquel along with Sergio and the rest of the team.

[00:37:00] Alicia tries to push her baby out, but it won’t. Sergio tells her she has a breech baby. He knows what needs to be done and insists that Alicia release them to assist her. Major Sagasta and his team make their way to the bank. Everyone goes to their positions and waits for the war to begin. Matías remains with the hostages and tells them to brace themselves. Bogotá tells his crew to keep melting gold no matter what happens. He adds none of them need to steal some gold because he will provide them with their shares once they get the gold out. Alicia has no choice; she cuts Benjamin loose to cut Sergio and Marseille. Sergio orders Benjamin and Marseille to assist him in helping Alicia give birth. Helsinki tells them that Sagasta and his men are in a blind spot.

[00:41:00] Palermo understands why Sagasta chose a blind spot to enter the building. They will climb and blow the roof. He orders Tokyo, Denver, and Manila to get out of the vents and head to the stairs. Back at the storm drain, Sergio tells Alicia to stop pushing. He needs to put his hand inside her vagina to pull her baby out. Alicia agrees, so Sergio reaches inside. Helsinki is inside the dining hall building a trench. Palermo orders him to go back to the museum, but he declines. Sagasta and his men are already on the roof, placing explosives. Tokyo, Denver, and Manila are almost at the rooftop when Sagasta blows the roof off. Helsinki is nowhere to be seen.

[00:43:00] Meanwhile, Sergio pulls out Alicia’s baby. He sees the explosion at the bank on TV. The reporter tells everyone that the army is trying to get inside the bank.

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