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Money Heist Season 5 Episode 7 Recap – Wishful Thinking


Published 3 months ago

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 7 Recap - Wishful Thinking

[00:00:30] The police storm the building and go straight to Tamayo’s apartment. He is unconscious for a few minutes, but it doesn’t stop him from trying to find Alicia and Sergio. Tamayo orders the police to search every apartment in the building and set up a perimeter. Sergio takes Victoria from Alicia and searches for a way out. Alicia gags the apartment owner with tape and ties her to a chair. Alicia takes some clothes from the woman’s dresser and leaves. Sergio uses a clothesline to lapel down the window. He also uses a curtain and makes an improvised baby carrier. Sergio lapels down the window as the police search all the apartments in the building. Alicia follows Sergio. They make their way through the next-door restaurant.

[00:04:30] The police enter the woman’s apartment and finds her tied up to a chair. The police call for reinforcements to seal the perimeter. Sergio and Alicia almost escape, but the backup police make it impossible for them to get through the next block. Alicia and Sergio enter the adjacent apartment building as two men exit it. Meanwhile, Marseille finally makes it to the barn. He searches the barn for Sergio, but he only finds his earpiece. Marseille calls out to Benjamin and tells him Sergio is missing. Benjamin opts to continue with the plan since Sergio left him in charge. Marseille agrees, but he can’t leave any loose ends. He goes back to Sergio’s car and looks for tools he can use.

[00:07:00] Sergio and Alicia make their way inside the apartment building. Sergio stops by the mailboxes to check which apartment they should break into. He decides to go into apartment 2B, which has the most unchecked mail. He throws the mail away, and they go upstairs. Alicia picks the lock, and they go inside. No one is inside the apartment except for a cat. The owner left a note for a woman named Hermania to water the plants and feed the cat. Sergio checks if the plants have already been watered. He tells Alicia someone had watered the plant, meaning they could spend the night in the apartment. They look out the window and see the army marching down the street. Sergio knows the army will search every apartment to find them.

[00:10:00] Sergio remembers the day he tried to convince Berlin not to go through with the Bank of Spain heist. Berlin and Palermo had everything figured out. All they needed to do was convince Sergio to join them. Sergio told Berlin their plan could fail at every turn, but Berlin was full of optimism. He knew none of what Sergio told them would happen. Berlin planned to turn the gold bars into tiny grains of gold and shoot them out of the bank’s pipelines. The gold would make its way to the storm drain, where they would collect it. Sergio pointed out that the pipes were too old to withstand the enormous amount of water they needed to pump, but that didn’t faze Berlin. He’s convinced they could do the heist and succeed.

[00:13:00] Benjamin and his men are on standby inside the storm drain. Lisbon holds a meeting inside the bank with the remaining team members. Lisbon tells everyone that Sergio is missing. No one takes the news lightly. Rio, Denver, Stockholm, and Manila don’t want to continue with the plan. Palermo takes out his pistol to try and convince everyone to continue with the plan. Lisbon realizes the plan is all that they need. She explains only two people outside the bank know how to get the gold out: Sergio and Alicia. Lisbon explains that Sergio won’t betray that information to the police, so they only have Alicia to worry about. If she decides to use the information to bargain for her life, it will take a long while before she convinces the state that she’s telling the truth.

[00:15:30] They could get the gold out before the police storm the bank. Palermo regains his passion for their heist. He remembers the time he needed to explain the technical details of the heist to Sergio. He was filled with hope and enthusiasm. Palermo, Rio, and Denver go down to the vaults to begin the extraction phase of their heist. In the past, Palermo explained the plan to Sergio down to the wire. In the present, Bogotá enters the vault and prepares the hoses they need to extract the gold. Meanwhile, the army addresses the residential block. They tell them they will forcefully enter any apartment or home that will not cooperate with them. The soldiers start marching inside the apartment complex. Sergio searches the house for tools and tells Alicia they need to hide.

[00:19:00] Sergio empties the couch foam. They hide the foam inside the pillows and under the bedroom mattress. Alicia hides the springs of the couch inside the dishwasher. They climb inside the hollowed couch as Sergio closes it before lying down. They manage to do everything in a matter of minutes. The soldiers call the apartment manager to open the door of apartment 2B. He tells the soldiers the people living there are on vacation. They order the manager to open it anyway. The soldiers go inside to check, but they don’t find anything. On their way out, the soldiers hear a baby’s cry, so they go back to check. Alicia places Victoria on her breast so that she would keep quiet. The soldiers don’t bother double-checking; they leave.

[00:22:30] The soldiers mark apartment 2B cleared. Meanwhile, Palermo and the rest of the crew shovel the gold into the pump. They activate the pump and wait for a few minutes. They get the timing perfectly, but the gold doesn’t come out to Benjamin and his team in the storm drain. Benjamin tells Palermo there isn’t any gold or water coming out of the pipes. Palermo tells Benjamin to just continue waiting but still no gold. Palermo reminisces on his moments with Berlin: all the sleepless nights they spent planning and tackling the different problems of the heist. The joyful moments when they managed to solve one problem after another. He begs the pump to work so that their hard work will not go in vain. After a few agonizing minutes, the gold finally makes it to the storm drain. Both teams rejoice as their plan works.

[00:29:00] Palermo tells Benjamin to continue with the plan. They now need to turn the gold grains into ingots. Alicia takes a shower as Sergio looks out of the window. The soldiers continue to search for them. Alicia gets out of the shower, so Sergio decides to make some food. Alicia starts breaking down in front of Sergio. She felt nothing when her husband died, when she was torturing Rio, and when Tamayo ruined her career. All she did was try and catch Sergio. Alicia thought sadness wouldn’t catch up with her if she focused on work, but she’s wrong. Sitting inside the apartment as Sergio looks after her, the sadness catches up quickly. Alicia asks Sergio if they can just pretend they are friends, and he visits her and the baby.

[00:32:30] Alicia eats the meal Sergio prepared for her. She eats and cries at the same time. Alicia points out she will never be Sergio’s friend. Sergio tells Alicia that he lost two friends over the past few hours. They are more important to him as a friend rather than being allies in the heist. Sergio vows to help Alicia so that Victoria won’t grow up in prison. Alicia acknowledges Sergio’s statement and tells him she won’t arrest him. Meanwhile, Lisbon, Manila, and Stockholm watch as the doctors do their best to assist their patients. The doctor suggests putting Helsinki under general anesthesia, but he refuses. He tells the doctor he will take the pain just to watch them for his team. They are talking about prison and what it would be like to spend half of their life inside.

[00:37:00] After their conversation, Manila suddenly tells Stockholm she kissed Denver. Stockholm doesn’t take the revelation lightly. Manila tells her the kiss didn’t mean anything, but she didn’t care. Stockholm asks the doctor for something with regards to stress. The doctor gives Stockholm a pill bottle. She accepts it and walks away. Sagasta keeps quiet as he waits for one of his soldiers to arrive. She is creeping inside the vents while talking on the radio with Ángel. He guides her through the vents to make her way to the vault. Meanwhile, Benjamin and his team continue making ingots as all the gold grains are almost out of the bank. Matías suddenly asks everyone about Lisbon. He wants to know if she’s still single. Matías explains he suddenly got the hots for her after she disarmed Rio.

[00:41:00] Palermo, Bogota, and Rio all jump the wagon. They tell Matías to just go for it. They even give him tips on scoring Lisbon before the heist ends. Denver doesn’t give in. Bogotá notices he didn’t laugh at Matías, so he asks him what’s wrong. Denver tells Bogotá he is unfaithful to Stockholm with Manila. The information is too much for Bogotá, but he tells Denver not to make any meaning of it. It is all the heat of the moment. Denver feels so confused that he chases after Bogotá. Bogotá explains what he meant by not making any meaning of it. Bogotá tells Denver that a man never confesses he’s been with another woman. Bogotá adds that the moment a man confesses, it will be engraved in stone, and that will be the end of it.

[00:43:00] Bogotá tells Denver to just deal with his guilt and try not to think with his dick the second time around. Back at the apartment, Alicia suddenly wakes up and immediately checks on Victoria. She is sound asleep, so she goes to look for Sergio. He is in the other room charging a phone he found; he connects it to the wifi. Sergio calls Shakir and asks to connect him to Benjamin. Sergio tells Benjamin to call the Serbians, but he has already done it. They are already making gold ingots. Sergio gives Benjamin a new mission. He goes to Marseille and tells him about the mission. They head out of the storm drain and work on their new mission.

[00:46:00] Benjamin, Marseille, and some Serbians hijack a garbage truck in the middle of the night. Come dawn, they set out to the apartment complex. The garbage truck will be Sergio and Alicia’s escape plan. They empty a few garbage disposal bins and hollow out the bottom. They lift the bins and walk out of the apartment. The guards notice the bins, but they don’t pay any attention. The soldiers allow the garbage truck to pass. They pick up the bins, and the garbage truck swallows Alicia and Sergio. Benjamin and Marseille help them out of the bins, and they successfully escape the military.

[00:48:00] Alicia and Sergio return to the storm drain with Benjamin and Marseille. Benjamin can’t help but brag about what he did in Sergio’s absence. They enter the storm drain, and he sees the foundry in full swing. Multiple men work on making gold ingots. The water wheel successfully strains the gold from the water coming out of the pipes. Sergio calls out to Palermo to tell him their plan worked. Palermo tells Sergio it is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. Sergio and Alicia rejoice as they see the fruition of the heist. Palermo offers the success of the heist to Berlin.

[00:50:00] Back in the past, Sergio questioned Berlin and Palermo about why the police wouldn’t be in the storm drain waiting for the gold to arrive. Palermo and Berlin responded they were geniuses, and the police wouldn’t know what they’re up to.

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