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Money Heist Season 5 Episode 8 Recap – The Elegance Theory


Published 1 month ago

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 8 Recap - The Elegance Theory

[00:00:30] Berlin and Tatiana were about to have dinner. Berlin planned to order the lobster thermidor, but Tatiana stopped him from looking at the menu. She’s no longer happy with her relationship with Berlin. Tatiana explained he used to have flair. Berlin no longer excited Tatiana. She asked Berlin for a divorce. Berlin knew there was another man, but Tatiana didn’t tell him who. Tatiana got up and left, so Berlin decided to follow her. Tatiana took the first cab while Berlin took the next one. He told the driver to follow Tatiana’s cab. After a few minutes, the cab stopped in front of a hotel. Berlin looked out the window to see who would come to pick Tatiana up. A man with an umbrella went out of the hotel. It was Berlin’s son, Rafael.

[00:05:00] The team finally finishes extracting the gold pellets out of the bank. Benjamin receives the final batch of pellets while the team celebrates the success of their heist. Meanwhile, Martínez hears pumping and whirring sounds inside the bank from their radio. They call for the engineer who confirms their suspicion. The engineer tells them the team may have emptied the water from the bank’s vault. Tamayo tells the engineer about their previous statement that it’s impossible to get the gold out of the bank. The engineer tells Tamayo it’s impossible to get the gold out unless the team reduced the size of the gold into a particle. Tamayo asks the engineer to figure out where the team is sending the gold so that they can intercept it.

[00:09:00] Lisbon speaks to Sergio on the radio. Matías took an elevator ride with her. He asks Lisbon whether she prefers the beach or the pool. Matías also asks Lisbon if she likes a swimsuit better than a one-piece. Lisbon wonders why Matías is asking her questions. Matías tells Lisbon he would like to treat her to a gin and tonic after the heist. She knew he’s flirting with her and found it ridiculous. They hear singing just as the elevator doors open. Palermo and his team are singing “Bella Ciao.” Matías and Lisbon join the fun as they celebrate their success.

[00:12:00] After the singing, Denver goes to see Stockholm. She gets the news that they successfully got the gold out. Denver doesn’t hesitate to tell her that he kissed Manila. He tries to explain his feelings for Manila to Stockholm, but she doesn’t feel like talking. Stockholm just wants to rest because she doesn’t feel well. Denver obliges and leaves her to rest. Meanwhile, Tamayo and his team are doing everything to track the gold. Tamayo orders everyone available to comb the sewers to locate the gold. The majority of the police are still looking for Alicia and Sergio. Tamayo tells Suarez to get his men and start searching. Lisbon reports to Sergio about the police cars leaving the bank. He tells them they’re in a stalemate. Sergio suggests that the team take the time to get some rest.

[00:15:30] The team still doesn’t know about Sagasta’s last soldier: Arteche. She’s climbing up the dumbwaiter as Ángel calls out to her. She requests a few more minutes while she completes the climb. Arteche calls out to Stockholm, pretending to be Tokyo’s soul. Stockholm opens the dumbwaiter and sees Arteche’s dark figure. Stockholm starts firing. Denver hears the gunshots and rushes to her. Stockholm gets startled as Denver enters the room. She faces Denver while she’s still firing her weapon. The bullets pass through the door and almost hit Denver. Stockholm realizes what happened and wants to surrender. She thinks she’s having a psychotic breakdown. Denver offers to help. He tells Stockholm he will lock her inside a vault, so she won‘t hurt anyone anymore. Denver will take care of her.

[00:18:30] Ángel radios Suarez. He tells him all five places need to be checked for gold. Suarez and his men go to the first location while the rest of the police check the remaining four. The last stop is the storm drain. Meanwhile, Denver brings Stockholm into one of the vaults. He brings her some clothes and supplies. They talk about Manila and their life in Indonesia. Denver explains he isn’t good enough for Stockholm, so he always went out and partied like an animal. Denver doesn’t want to tell her the truth in fear that she will leave him. Stockholm and Denver end their conversation in a nice tone. Denver promises to take care of Stockholm. He goes out of the vault to get something.

[00:22:00] Suarez and his men go to the first stop: the water treatment plant. They check the whole area, but they don’t find anyone. Tamayo crosses the plant from the list and tells them to check the next location. Meanwhile, Denver goes back to the vault with a suit and tie. Stockholm wears the suit and starts dirty dancing for Denver. She slowly teases and strips in front of him. While Denver and Stockholm have fun, Arteche treats her injuries. She sews the cut on her abdomen to stop the bleeding. Arteche calls out to Ángel and tells him about the plan. She will head over to the main entrance to blow the remaining explosives so that the soldiers can storm the bank. She goes back down the dumbwaiter while Suarez and his men reach the second stop.

[00:25:00] They search the dam and find a few men working inside. Tamayo prays they have discovered the professor’s hideout, but Suarez tells them they aren’t the men they are looking for. They are down to the last stop: the storm drain. Meanwhile, Matías drinks with Rio, Palermo, Manila, and Bogotá. He requests a city name. Matías explains that he would look like an intern if things went south. The team would be arrested, and the media would call them their city names, but he would just be plain old Matías Caño. Bogotá asks Matías what city he likes to be called. Matías responds he wants to be Pamplona. Everyone laughs because they don’t find Pamplona a unique city name. Matías defends the name Pamplona, so Bogotá agrees and offers a toast to his new name.

[00:28:00] Berlin got out of the cab and confronted Rafael. He sat in the bar while Tatiana went up to her room. Berlin sat with Rafael and asked him how long he’s been with Tatiana. Rafael responded they’d been having an affair for the past three weeks. Rafael apologized for everything but Berlin wasn’t having any of his apologies. Tatiana went down from her room with a suitcase. She saw Berlin speaking with Rafael. Berlin didn’t cause any commotions and allowed the two of them to leave peacefully. He gave them his blessings, so Tatiana left with Rafael. Berlin watched through the window as Rafael and Tatiana hailed a taxi. As soon as the cab left, Berlin unleashed his fury on the hotel bar, destroying all he laid eyes on.

[00:35:00] The police arrived and arrested Berlin. He allowed the police to bring him down and cuff him. Berlin didn’t care about being sent to jail; Tatiana broke his heart. Suarez and his men are nearing the storm drain. Marseille sees the police approaching, so he calls everyone to gather their weapons. Sergio can’t believe the police found them. He stops everyone from gathering their weapons. He even punches Marseille to the ground just to stop him. Sergio tells them it’s over. He tells them to surrender as the police enter the storm drain and arrest them.

[00:39:30] Sergio remembers when he went to fetch Berlin as he got out of prison. Sergio brought Berlin to a lake for a talk. Berlin explained he couldn’t accept he lost Rafael just when he acknowledged his existence for the first time. For that reason, he went to jail. Berlin offered to pull off the heist of a lifetime. They would rob the Royal Mint of Spain. Berlin swore they would succeed in robbing the mint before he died. Berlin drank his wine and swam in the lake. Sergio stood by the car staring at his brother going crazy.

[00:43:00] Sergio sits inside the police truck with Benjamin, Alicia, and Marseille. He wonders why they aren’t leaving. Sergio realizes his mistake. He remembers the explanation of Berlin and Palermo about pumping out the gold. Palermo tells Sergio the police would expect the gold to end up downstream to the storm drain down south, but they are in the storm drain up north. Sergio and Marseille kick the door down and exit the police van. Sergio tells them someone stole the gold.

[00:46:00] Someone disguised as the police to steal the gold — Rafael and Tatiana.

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