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Money Heist Season 5 Episode 9 Recap – Pillow Talk


Published 1 year ago

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 9 Recap - Pillow Talk

[00:00:30] Alicia and Sergio help each other out to cut themselves free. Sergio knew he made a mistake by not allowing Marseille to defend them earlier. He approaches the weapons cache and hands everyone a weapon. They go out to go after the gold. Sergio and Marseille geo-locate the trucks. They find them in an old quarry just a few kilometers outside the storm drain. They cautiously approach the trucks upon their arrival. Sergio and Marseille check the driver seats, but they are empty. They open both trucks, but the gold is gone. Sergio doesn’t have any choice but to tell the team the gold is gone.

[00:06:00] Palermo and Sergio knew who stole the gold. No other person alive on earth knows about the plan except for Tatiana. Sergio couldn’t accept Berlin told Tatiana about their plan. Palermo and Lisbon knew Berlin talked about the plan to Tatiana because he was madly in love with him. Even Sergio talks to Lisbon about certain plans that only he should know. Sergio enters a shack in the middle of the quarry. He finds a few security cameras pointed at the storm drain entrance. He knew Tatiana was watching all along, waiting for her opportunity to strike. This angers Sergio, while Alicia doesn’t have any clue as to who they are talking about. Sergio tells Alicia about Tatiana.

[00:08:00] Sergio notices tire marks on the sand. He also notices a bulldozer left a few tire marks. Sergio knew what had happened. He imagines how Tatiana and her crew loaded the gold into dump trucks and disguised them as carrying dirt. Sergio orders Marseille to round up a few men and return to the storm drain to execute plan Tom Thumb. Sergio orders Rio to hack into all the security cameras in the area so that they can locate Tatiana. Marseille does as told and leaves. Sergio and the rest of the Serbians set out to find Tatiana and her team. He assures everyone inside the bank that he will recover the gold and get them out alive.

[00:13:00] Before the heist, someone played a prank on Sergio. They placed a fish beside his bed. He took the fish and went out to confront them. Everyone held their laughter at the sight of Sergio holding the fish. No one confessed, so he slammed the fish on the table and resigned as the brains of the operation. Sergio lost his composure. He started drinking multiple shots of alcohol and even took a cigarette from the table. He called out everyone and told them the only responsible member of the group was Nairobi. Sergio turned on the radio and started dancing like a maniac. After a few minutes, everyone joined in as the party continued. Everyone remembered the night of the fish. The team didn’t just lose the gold; they also lost their confidence in Sergio — a recipe for disaster.

[00:16:00] Previously, Sagasta explained the plan to Arteche. He ordered her to act like a ghost. She could kill anyone, even if they were sleeping in front of her. Arteche’s main goal was to deactivate the bombs in the loading bay, main entrance, and large windows. She’s the key for the army to take control of the bank. Once the army gains control, the rest of the team will fall. The surgeons who came inside the bank were also soldiers. Sagasta and Tamayo planned to send soldiers in so that they could also help Arteche and Sagasta when the time came. Arteche moves through the vents as ordered and disabled all of the explosives around the bank. She radios Tamayo that she completed her task while she went back inside the vents.

[00:18:00] Denver and Stockholm just finished making love inside the vault. They are talking about their life and the future when they decide to go for round two. Before they could get started, Lisbon walked into the vault. She tells them the gold was stolen, and they couldn’t tell anyone about it. Meanwhile, Marseille and his men arrive at the storm drain. Plan Tom Thumb is to get rid of all pieces of evidence they can find. Marseille and company burn everything about the heist: blueprints, photos, maps, and even stick notes. Once the job is done, they leave the storm drain, never to return. Meanwhile, Shakir and Rio hack the security cameras around the area. They look for dump trucks in a specific time frame, but they couldn’t find anything.

[00:21:30] Sergio and Lisbon get into an argument. She blames Sergio for losing the gold because he refused to defend themselves earlier against the police. Sergio explains Tatiana and her team looked like an advance tactical team. Sergio didn’t want to risk the lives of his team. Lisbon tells Sergio he fell for their trap and illusion, so he lost the gold. Sergio realizes everything is just an illusion. He asks Rio and Lisbon if they could see any anomalies with the security footage. Lisbon points out that the road is wet in the footage, meaning it isn’t live. Sergio tells them Tatiana and Rafael aren’t planning on taking the gold out of Madrid. Sergio knew there’s still a chance to find the gold.

[00:24:00] Rafael and Tatiana are indeed burying the gold. They bury the gold and make it look like someone lived there for years. They turned the vacant lot into a complete house and lot within minutes. No one would suspect the gold is buried under the tiny house. They even complete the lot with its very own garden. Tatiana and Rafael laugh as they complete their plan. Meanwhile, Tamayo prepares everyone to storm the bank. Arteche makes contact with Sagasta through the vents. He sees the light coming from Arteche’s flashlight. He confirms to proceed as planned. Arteche is about to radio Ángel when Palermo enters the library. Sagasta and his men create a diversion for Arteche to climb down the vents.

[00:28:00] Sagasta’s injured soldier pretends to have a heart attack. He continues having fake seizures for Palermo to release the doctors. Sagasta pressures Palermo to release the doctors to help his soldier. Palermo doesn’t have a choice. He releases the doctors just before Arteche disarms Palermo. Palermo orders Helsinki to shoot Sagasta and his men, but he can’t risk getting Palermo killed. Helsinki surrenders. The army will start storming the bank. Sagasta resumes command of his team and orders Tamayo to start entering the bank. Manila is doing her rounds when the army comes inside from the windows. She gets surrounded instantly, and she can’t do anything but surrender.

[00:30:00] The army storms the bank, and one by one, the team members fall to them: first Rio, then Lisbon. In a few minutes, the army has everyone accounted for. Sagasta radios Tamayo that they’ve secured the bank with no casualties on both sides. Everyone inside the command center celebrates their victory. After the celebration, Tamayo goes to the bank himself. The soldiers surround Lisbon and her team. He looks each of them in the eye and takes Lisbon’s radio. Tamayo calls Sergio. He tells it isn’t one of his tricks. Tamayo allows Lisbon to speak on the radio. She tells Sergio that Tamayo entered the bank, and they are captured. Tamayo tells Sergio to open his TV, so he will see his comrades as they walk out of the bank.

[00:36:00] Sergio tells Tamayo to accept his surrender between gentlemen. He promises his team he will go down with them if they go down. Sergio wants to enter the bank to come out with his team. Sergio asks Tamayo to give him 20 minutes to go to the bank. Tamayo tells Sergio to get there in 15 minutes. After their conversation, Alicia confronts Sergio. She tells him he can’t surrender. Sergio tells Alicia she needs to find the gold while Sergio goes to the bank. Alicia responds she can’t find the gold. Sergio points out she found him in hours when Interpol couldn’t. If anyone could find Tatiana and Rafael, it would be her. Benjamin agrees with Sergio’s decision. He asks Alicia to lead them to the loot. Sergio hugs Alicia as he leaves the Serbians with her along with Marseille.

[00:40:00] Before leaving, Sergio asks Alicia for a favor. He writes on a piece of paper and whispers something to her. Sergio can’t take any of their cars, but another car passes by, giving him an idea. Benjamin wants Sergio to extend his love for Manila. Sergio agrees, and the team leaves him alone in the middle of the road. The passerby recognizes Sergio as the professor. He confirms his identity and asks the man to give him his car. Tamayo frees the governor of the bank and accompanies him to the vaults. They see all the equipment that Sergio and his men brought. He opens the vault to check the gold, but they don’t find any.

[00:43:00] Tamayo realizes no one outside the mint could find out that the national reserve gold is gone. It will be the end of Spain’s economy once it happens. He orders his men to fake the operation until they get control of the situation. Meanwhile, Sergio reminisces about his time in Tokyo. He heads for the bank with his memory of Tokyo inside his head. It‘s before their heist began. Tokyo told Sergio that everyone believed in him, especially her. Everyone placed their faith in him because they knew he wouldn’t fail. Tokyo referred to Sergio as the master of illusion. No matter what happens, he will get the job done. Sergio reaches the bank and the crowd cheers for him. He looks back at the crowd just before he goes inside the bank. The people continue cheering his name.

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