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My Hero Academia Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Ida

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 1 Episode 9 Recap - Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Ida


A swarm of reporters approaches the students to ask what All Might’s teaching style is like. Only Iida manages to give such an elaborate account that even the reporters get exhausted. Mr. Aizawa drives them off, saying All Might is on his day off.

The UA gates close off as a reporter oversteps her bounds. UA has sensors that can detect intruders, making the gates reinforce themselves with steel barriers. News of All Might’s teaching career has reached everyone in the country, including those with sinister motives.

Aizawa scolds Bakugo and Midoriya for their sloppy performance the day before. He won’t allow Midoriya to hinge on his lack of control, as it’s the one thing that’s holding him back. To everyone’s relief, Aizawa asks the class to choose a class President. Finally, they get a normal class activity.

Many students volunteer to be president, but only Iida stands up to hold everyone down for a vote. Still, with how little they know of their classmates, it is a hard choice. Aizawa doesn’t care either way and lets Iida facilitate.

In the end, everyone voted for themselves except for Midoriya, who got three votes, and Yaoyorozu, who got two. Bakugo can’t believe anyone voted for Deku, while Iida is left with zero votes.

Midoriya addresses the class as the new president, but he’s much too nervous.


Later, they meet up for lunch at a crowded cafeteria. Midoriya wonders if he could be a good president. Iida and Uraraka assure him that he dares to do it. They learn that Iida comes from a long line of heroes. The Turbo hero Ingenium is his older brother, and he’s the reason why Iida wants to become a hero himself. But still, he doesn’t feel he has what it takes to lead others. Midoriya’s display of strength was what led Iida to vote for him.

Suddenly the bell rings, indicating that an intruder has managed to get inside the campus. The students scramble in a panic to get to the school’s top. Iida checks outside and finds that that press has managed to slip past the gates. Aizawa and Present Mic are currently struggling to hold them back.

Iida wants to ease the panicking crowd. Thinking of what his brother might do in this situation, he asks Uraraka to make him float. As he hovers above everyone, he blasts himself towards the exit and tells everyone to settle down. The police then arrive to drive away the intruders. Back in class, Midoriya suggests Iida should be president due to what he had done earlier. Iida accepts and gives a compelling speech.

The teachers check on their gates and suspect someone must have purposefully broken through them.


All Might finds himself running late as he tries to save people on his way to work. His limits are slowly running out. Thankfully, Bakugo didn’t take Midoriya’s word seriously, and his secret hasn’t been spilled. He gives Midoriya the last warning, as handing One For All to the wrong hands would certainly be disastrous.

For the afternoon class, the students of 1A will be subjected to rescue training. They ride the bus outside towards the venue. Tsuyu points out that Midoriya’s quirk is similar to All Might, except he always gets hurt.

Space Hero No.13 is assigned as their teacher. The practice facility is a place where they can simulate various disasters. All Might is running late and is reaching his limit. Before exercises can start, a portal opens, letting villains enter the stadium from within.

Our Thoughts

From a simple scenario to a crisis escalation. This show has great pacing. I rate this 3.8/5.

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