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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – That’s the Idea, Ochaco

BY Harris

Published 12 months ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 1 Recap - That's the Idea, Ochaco


News comes out that the students were attacked by a group called the League of Villains. They aimed to defeat All Might, who’s working as a faculty member of UA.

An old mentor receives a letter from All Might, detailing his plans to find an heir to his power while teaching at UA. The plan was derailed when he found a promising young boy with the heart of a hero — someone who doesn’t hesitate to help and uses his wits to surpass dangerous situations. He gave the boy his quirk without hesitation, so he enrolled in UA.

He’s struggling to control his quirk but is making daily progress. Still, All Might admits he’s an inexperienced teacher, so he reaches out to his mentor to seek help soon. The old mentor finds the idea of a new heir amusing.

The police report their findings to the faculty of UA. As expected, Shigaraki and Kurogiri’s quirks aren’t found in the registry. All Might worries that Shigaraki’s unhinged nature will be a thorn in their side. The villain ringleader has a childish sense of supremacy. The police also worry about how they gathered 72 other villains for their cause. Many don’t have the training or discipline to handle their quirks in this society.

The principal notes that their students are also children. It will be problematic if someone backs Shigaraki to nurture his evil.


The school was closed temporarily the day after the attack. Unable to relax, Midoriya returns to his room and watches his favorite All Might video where he saved 100 civilians. He realizes his power is still too far from ideal. He has a long way to go before making One for All his own. All Might’s time is limited. As the inheritor, he must do his best.

The students discuss their previous encounters in class and wonder what could have happened if the teachers hadn’t arrived. One thing they agree on is how amazing All Might was. Since Mr. Aizawa is currently recovering from his injuries, they speculate on who their substitute teacher will be.

The door opens with Mr. Aizawa bandaged like a mummy. Aizawa tells them to calm down as the battle isn’t over. UA Sports Festival is around the corner. The students rejoice for another normal school event, but some are worried whether it’s appropriate, considering the attack they just suffered.

Sports Festival

Aizawa insists that pushing through will showcase UA’s crisis management strength. The sports festival is a chance for them to show the world what they can offer. Scouts will be watching their performances, and pro heroes can recruit them depending on their showing.

The students are all excited to prove themselves, but Midoriya feels worried. Uraraka seems the most fired up out of all of them. Later, Midoriya asks her why she decided to become a pro hero. She’s embarrassed to say she wants money to provide a good living for her family. Iida and Midoriya applaud her determination.

Suddenly, All Might arrives to invite Midoriya for lunch. He reveals that his power is now limited to 50 minutes of use. His muscular form can only last for less than 2 hours. They start planning a strategy for using his power for the sports festival without getting injured. Midoriya remembers punching the Nomu once without aftereffects. All Might invites him to work on it and show what he’s all about at the sports festival.

Our Thoughts

Looking forward to seeing all the quirks at the sports festival. Banger season opener! 3.8/5.

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