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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 11 Recap – Fight on, Iida

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 11 Recap - Fight on, Iida

Fire Quirks

The audience speculates on Midoriya’s real motivation after his fight with Todoroki, which leaves Bakugo rightly annoyed. Endeavor congratulates Todoroki and comments on how reckless he uses his left side. Still, he sees him as a stronger version of himself and invites him to work for his agency. Todoroki says that he used his firepower without thinking of Endeavor. He wants to think about it for a while.

Recovery girl reports that Midoriya has sustained a splintered fracture which won’t heal as it was before. She has to extract splinters from his body before she can continue with the healing process. The doctor expresses her distaste for All Might and his students’ disregard for safety. This time they went too far, and he shouldn’t be commended for it.

Midoriya’s friends arrive to check in on him, but Recovery girl pushes them out as she’ll need to perform surgery. Midoriya apologizes to All Might for not winning, saying he should’ve let things be with Todoroki. But he couldn’t help himself after seeing how sad his classmate felt about his quirk. He had to intervene, and that was the only way he could think of doing it.

All Might tells him that meddling in other people’s business is most of what a hero does.

Another Way

Iida fights Shiozaki for the next round, which he wins by pushing the girl out of bounds with his Recipro Burst speed. Tokoyami wins the next match against Ashido in a similar way.

Recovery girl finishes her treatment of Midoriya, but his hand remains battered. This time she won’t heal the same injury again and urges him and All Might to find a different solution by using his quirk. Something that isn’t as destructive.

Outside, Midoriya ponders whether he’s the best one suited as One For All’s successor. All Might admits to him that he was also quirkless as a child. It wasn’t as unusual back then, but his master believed in him and raised him to be a hero. All Might saw himself in Midoriya, but he has also surpassed his expectation multiple times. He believes there is something only he can bring out.

Iida calls his brother in the waiting room, but he’s too busy to respond. He’s currently pursuing a man known as the Hero Killer. He finds him in an alleyway, and their fight ends with him bloodied on the floor.

The next match is Kirishima against Bakugo. The hardening quirk seems effective against Bakugo’s blasts, causing him to fight on the defensive. Iida joins Midoriya in the stands to discuss the next rounds. Iida is determined to call his brother Ingenium once the matches are over.

Looming Threats

The match ends with Bakugo blasting Kirishima repeatedly after learning that the latter’s body has been wearing out all this time. Bakugo wins, and the last four fighters are decided for the semis.

The first semifinal is with Iida against Todoroki, two boys from elite hero families. Todoroki surrounds Iida with ice, but Iida manages to jump up for a kick and slams his opponent down. He tries to drag Iida outside, but Todoroki freezes Iida’s engines. Todoroki then incapacitates Iida for the win.

In the other semifinal, Bakugo manages to overpower Tokoyami’s dark shadow due to the brightness of his explosions. Bakugo discovers his weakness after multiple tries, causing Tokoyami to surrender.

The final match is between Bakugo and Todoroki. But before they can watch, Iida gets a call to learn that his brother was seriously injured from a villain encounter.

Elsewhere, Kurogiri tries to get in contact with Hero Killer, Stain.

Our Thoughts

While this tournament is wrapping up, it looks like we have the next arc slipping in: great pacing overall, 3.8/5.


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