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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 14 Recap – Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 14 Recap - Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears

New Teacher

Midoriya enters Grand Torino’s home for his internship, only to find the man lying down in a pool of what looks like blood. Midoriya panics, but the old man slipped while carrying sausages and ketchup. Gran Torino doesn’t recognize him at first, so Midoriya wonders if he’s in the right place.

The hero then asks about his level of mastery on One for All. Midoriya explains the urgency of his situation and tells him he cannot afford to waste any time fooling around. Gran Torino responds by zigzagging across the room and challenging him to use his power. The hero saw what happened at the UA sports festival and knows how uncoordinated the boy is in handling his quirk. He adds that All Might may be strong, but he’s not the best teacher.

From his speech and demeanor, Midoriya confirms that this man is All Might’s mentor. Gran Torino asks him to wear his costume since he can’t stand seeing him use his power clumsily.

Deku’s costume gained much-needed upgrades from the Support course workers. Gran Torino asks him to use his power, but Midoriya hesitates and starts rambling excuses. Growing impatient, the old hero zigzags around the room and attacks Midoriya, even taunting him if he’s worthy as the ninth inheritor of One For All.

Midoriya tracks the old man’s movements and waits for an opportune moment to smash, but Torino sidesteps and grabs his head. The hero tells him that his focus on All Might heavily restricts his power’s use. Gran Torino leaves him to think about it more.

1A Interns

Iida starts his work patrolling the neighborhood of Hosu, eager to find Stain.

Meanwhile, Stain is at the League of Villains’ hideout with Shigaraki inviting him to join their cause. He explains his plan to kill All Might and the students from UA, but Stain thinks their motivation is weak and childish.

Bakugo joins Best Jeanist’s agency elsewhere, but the hero surprisingly reveals that he doesn’t like him too much. Jeanist thinks he has great talent, but he’s too unrefined. He aims to turn him into a hero with good manners and morals.

Elsewhere, Tetsutetsu and Kirishima join the same agency by chance. They learn how government contracts come into hero work. Each district has its heroes who are called by the police with its own set of paperwork involved. Uraraka gets thrown into crime patrols while Yaoyorozu gets involved in publicity work.

The rest of the 1A class gets distributed all around, with Todoroki ending up in Endeavor’s agency. He tells his father that he’s there to pave his way and not exactly follow him.

New Way

Midoriya soon realizes that he’s been copying All Might’s powers too much; now, he has to think of it differently to suit his body.

On the first night of the internship, he ends up with him not doing much, so he goes outside to train. He finds a narrow alleyway and tests his skill in leapfrogging to the top.

Gran Torino finds him battered from training the next morning. It’s to be expected since, unlike him, All Might was already built and skilled before he received the quirk.

The hero asks him to heat up some frozen taiyaki in the microwave for breakfast. But the food turns out cold because he used a huge plate, causing it to heat up on one side alone. Midoriya gets insight and learns that, like him, the taiyaki did not receive an even surge of power. He then tries to use One For All spread out around his body, which they’re eager to test out.

Our Thoughts

I can’t wait to see more of Midoriya’s level-up progress; 4/5.

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