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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 15 Recap – Midoriya and Shigaraki

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 15 Recap - Midoriya and Shigaraki

Full Cowl

Midoriya manages to circulate One For All within his body with five percent power. Gran Torino wants to test it immediately by giving him three minutes to chase it. The hero zigzags through the room and starts attacking.

Torino tells him he can’t save anyone if he can’t use his quirk. Surely the symbol of peace can overcome the attacks coming from these walls. Midoriya finds that it takes him some time to activate the circulating power, so he hides underneath the couch to surprise Grand Torino and fight back. He manages to dodge one of the attacks and tries to counter, but he misses and catches another blow before the three minutes are up.

Midoriya learns that he still has much to learn to maintain the One For All Full Cowl. But Torino compliments him on figuring it out quickly. His overthinking nature has led him to significant developments so far, and he was able to put a gash on the old man’s cheek.

Elsewhere, Uraraka starts training martial arts under the Pro Hero Gunhead’s tutelage. Tetsutetsu and Kirishima get scolded for serving subpar tea to their clients, while Bakugo enters Jeansts’ class on elegance and receives a suave haircut. Yaoyorozu becomes an assistant in pro hero Uwabami’s photoshoot.

Back in UA, detective Tsukauchi meets with All Might about the Nomu. Their DNA analysis suggests that the creature’s body comprises four combined DNAs. This is to give them the ability to use multiple quirks. They surmise that it comes from someone who can pass on quirks–All Might’s enemy from the past.

Villains Unite

Tension escalates in the League of Villains headquarters as Stain insults Shigaraki’s conviction. The Hero Killer managed to submit Shigaraki and Kurogiri, and Shigaraki fights back by destroying his knife and pushing him away. After explaining that he wants to destroy the status quo of the heroes, starting with All Might, Stain gives in and withdraws his blade. They have different motives, but their goals are similar.

Stain agrees to join but still aims to kill Shigaraki later. Since he proves to be a vital asset, the villains are left with no choice. Stian leaves and returns to Hosu, where Iida eagerly waits for him.

Midoriya’s Full Cowl training continues into the third day until they hit a wall. Gran Torino then takes him outside to experience real-life situations. Midoriya feels unprepared, but the hero assures him that they won’t take dangerous work. They go to Shibuya, hoping to find minor incidents. Midoriya realizes that they’ll pass by Hosu during the train ride. He remembers Iida.

At Hosu, pro-hero Manual warns Iida to shake off his vendetta. Heroes don’t have the right to punish or arrest, and using quirks for personal interest is grounds for punishment. Iida agrees, but the feelings inside of him don’t.

Nomu Unleashed

Stain explains his plan in Hosu to Shigaraki. He wants to reform the city and make a sacrifice to destabilize the heroes in the area. Shigaraki thinks it’s cute, but there has been a decrease in the crime rate in the area, and its heroes have been criticized. Shigaraki still doesn’t agree, but they bring out a group of Nomu to start terrorizing the area.

Midoriya and Gran Torino ride the bullet train that night towards Shibuya. Suddenly the train bursts open, and a Nomu comes in. Gran Torino confronts the beast, and Midoriya finds part of the city burning. Iida also sees and starts approaching, but he passes by Stain in a dark alleyway.

Iida interrupts Stain as he’s about to kill a pro hero. Stain drives him out since he’s a child, but Iida is out for revenge.

Our Thoughts

Surprised to see the anime turn this dark; I can’t wait to see how Iida and Midoriya come out of this. 4/5

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