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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 16 Recap – Hero Killer: Stain vs U.A. Students

BY Harris

Published 4 months ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 16 Recap - Hero Killer: Stain vs U.A. Students


Midoriya jumps off the train to help Gran Torino, certain that it was a Nomu who attacked them, like the one from the USJ incident. He activates One For All Full Cowl in search of his teacher.

As he’s fighting, Gran Torino complains that this is the first time in a long time he’s found trouble. The Nomu proves fast and strong and doesn’t discriminate against civilians. Suddenly the Nomu burns in flames. Endeavor has arrived and decides to take it from here.

Midoriya runs through the crowd, seeing the city-wide chaos brought by the Nomu. Suddenly he hears someone yelling Tenya’s name and goes in to investigate. Manual and the others are fighting against two Nomu. Midoriya hears them saying that Iida is gone and wonders what could have happened. He figures out that Iida is after the Hero Killer.

Shigaraki sees the damage from afar but has no desire to join in. He aimed to unleash the monsters into Hosu to mess up Stain’s operations. Six of the Nomu are ready, and he’s permitted to use three. Shigaraki laughs as surely, Stain will be forgotten after this incident.

Stain starts to recognize Iida from his suit, and the boy confirms that he’s the younger brother of his previous victim. Stain remembers allowing Ingenium to live to tell others of his tale. He easily stabs Iida to the ground and calls him weak.


Iida angrily explains that his brother is now paralyzed from the waist up. He was a wonderful hero, and Stain had no right to hurt him. Stain admonishes him for thinking of revenge instead of saving the other pro-hero who’s wounded. Therefore he has to die.

Stain licks Iida’s blood from his blade and paralyzes him. He’s about to finish him off when Midoriya arrives with a smash to the villain’s face. Thankfully, his hunch that the Hero Killer and the League of Villains are working together turned out to be true.

Stain recognizes Midoriya from Shigaraki’s photos. Midoriya wants to escape, but Iida can’t move due to Stain’s quirk. He then sees the other injured hero, Native. Iida tells him to stay out of it, but Stain refuses to let them go.

Midoriya plans to now stall for time until a pro hero arrives. Iida asks him to run away, but he repeats that meddling with other people’s business is what a hero does. He moves in for a clash, managing to dodge before throwing a punch. But then Stain nicks Midoriya and freezes him with his quirk.

They then realize that blood is the trigger for his quirk. Stain compliments Midoriya’s power move, saying he’s unlike others. He’s about to finish Iida off when a fire blast interrupts him again.


Todoroki arrives after receiving Midoriya’s signal. He tells them that the pros are arriving soon as he shoots Stain with fire and protects the others with ice. Midoriya warns him of Stain’s quirk. He’ll have to avoid getting wounded by the blades, but Stain still manages to wound him with his dirty tricks.

Midoriya frees himself to throw Stain off while Todoroki attacks. Todoroki is left bleeding, so Midoriya volunteers to go up front.

Iida looks at his friends, who sympathize with his situation. Todoroki faced his problems with his mother and now has received her forgiveness. From then on, he could move forward and even work for Endeavor. The number two hero’s idea was to move them to Hosu to hunt Stain.

Iida realizes his friends are there to help him as he tries his best to move.

Our Thoughts

Oh boy, the stakes are high in this fight, and the danger cannot be understated. 4/5.

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