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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 17 Recap – Climax

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 17 Recap - Climax

Fight Back

While down, Iida remembers talking about Ingenium to Midoriya, proud that he’s his brother. Todoroki continues to fight and yells at him to focus on who he wants to be in the future.

He cries at how useless he’s feeling at the moment. With his drive for revenge, he was unable to see his surroundings. He remembers asking his brother once why he continues his hero activities. Part of it is inevitable due to having a hero lineage, but in reality, it’s simple. No one would deny helping a lost child, and he thinks it’s the cool thing to do.

Iida remembers Stain calling him a fake due to his lust for vengeance. He realizes he’s immature compared to his friends, who are currently fighting. Stain manages to dodge Todoroki and wounds him, but Iida finally catches up and stops him with Recipro Burst.

He apologizes to his friends for holding them back and promises they won’t ever bleed from Stain again.

Stain refutes him, saying his human nature can’t easily be changed. He’ll still fall into self-interest someday, just like the other heroes. Iida surprisingly agrees, saying he isn’t cut out to be a hero. Even so, he can’t give up, or Ingenium will die.

Todoroki continues to throw Stain off with fire and ice, hoping that the paralyzing quirk will end and they can escape. Iida finds himself unable to use his burst, so he asks Todoroki to freeze his engine.

Despite their multiple wounds, the three students join forces to defeat Stain. Iida and Midoriya finally catch him with a strong attack.

Nomu Attack

Endeavor arrives at Hosu to defeat the first Nomu. The creature unleashes its flames, presumably by absorbing Endeavor’s hero’s attack. Gran Torino warns him that the Nomu has multiple quirks. Sure enough, the Nomu leaps in to strike. The old man manages to knock the Nomu down with a counter, but there are still explosions nearby.

Endeavor remembers his son leaving to save his friend. He gives Torino the address of the alleyway while he moves on to fight the other Nomu.

Midoriya breaks his arm after the last attack, but Stain manages to recover midair. Todoroki follows up with a fire blast while Iida throws another kick. They fall to the ground on Todoroki’s ice and find Stain unconscious above a pillar. They start restraining him.

Elsewhere, a regenerating Nomu continues to fight against multiple heroes from Manual’s agency. Thankfully, Endeavor arrives and defeats it by carbonizing its cells to prevent its healing factor.

There’s one more Nomu to fight, so he commands the other heroes to go to Stain while he pursues the last one. He manages to run up the buildings with his flame and throws a fire javelin at the flying enemy.


Native volunteers to carry Midoriya while Todoroki ties up the unconscious Stain. They find Gran Torino as they wait for the police. The hero scolds Midoriya for not staying on the train but is relieved that he’s safe. The other Hosu heroes arrive, surprised to find Stain as their captive.

Iida cries and apologizes to his friends for dragging them down with his anger. They cheer him up and remind him he’s the president. The fight against Stain lasted only ten minutes, but they would never forget it.

Suddenly the flying Nomu arrives to take Midoriya away. Stain wakes up and licks the Nomu’s blood before jumping off to kill it.

Shigaraki sees this from above and can’t believe it, while the heroes feel the same about Stain saving Midoriya.

Stain’s bloodlust starts emanating as he declares that only All Might can kill him. But then he stands unconscious from his wounds.

Our Thoughts

Stain looks more epic than Shigaraki in this sequence, but I guess that’s what an anti-hero does. 4.5/5

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