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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 19 Recap – Everyone’s Internships

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 19 Recap - Everyone's Internships

Intern work

Midoriya gets left behind at the hospital as his wounds have not yet completely healed. The official statement from the police states that Stain had an encounter with three high school students, who were later saved by Endeavor. Their names were not publicized, and no incident records link them to their agencies. Iida came home first, and Todoroki returned to his father’s agency to see his reaction to the news.

Best Jeanist goes out with Bakugo on patrol, high on alert if there are Stain followers around. The hero gets a lot of attention from the people, and he explains that their visibility is important to provide them with assurance. Trust must be built between the two parties. Bakugo thinks it’s superfluous, but then he gets recognized by kids from the time the blob villain caught him.

Bakugo quickly lashes out at the kids, and one of them cries. Jeanist then scolds his intern and tells him to apologize. Bakugo responds by antagonizing the kids even more, which leaves Jeanist stumped.

Uraraka’s martial arts training continues with Gunhead as they practice the fundamentals of a knife battle. The hero teaches him techniques to evade and disarm, and she’s completely engrossed in the lesson.

Yaoyorozu continues to work with Uwabami on publicity while Kirishima and Tetsutetsu do community service in the park. Jiro helps Death Arms on recon work for a raid they’re conducting, and Tsuyu works as a deckhand on a ship. Her mentor, Sirius, talks about how even the most mundane tasks are important to their Captain Selkie.


Suddenly they get a call from the coastguard to set sail. Tsuyu handles the ropes, and the ship goes full speed for an emergency departure. They’ve received a tip that a freighter is missing cargo, which a stowaway on board probably stole. Their mission is to find the stowaway’s ship and report it to the coast guard.

The captain searches for the ship underwater using his Spotted-seal quirk while the others onboard use their radar. Night comes, and the captain returns to lead them to the stowaway’s fishing boat.

He and his men inspect the ship while Tsuyu and Sirius stay behind. Their search leads to nothing until Selkie asks to check their fish cargo. When they open the storage hold, the culprits push Selkie and his men inside, along with the fishing boat’s captain, and trap them. After which, the two squid-like criminals jump ship.

Sirius uses her superhuman to listen and decode Selkie’s morse code. The captain orders them to go to shore, as the fisherman’s ship was a decoy. Tsuyu worries about the Captain, but Sirius assures her to trust his orders.

On the job

They find the boat in question not long after, and Tsuyu captures their lookout. But inside the boat, a lurking villain catches Sirius with his tentacles. The villain tries to bargain with Tsuyu to lie to the captain via radio in exchange for Sirius’ life.

Faced with a rough predicament, she decides to trust the captain and report the truth. The villain slams Sirius in anger, and a fight ensues between them. Annoyed, the villain attacks Tsuyu first, but Captain Selkie arrives to save them.

The villain blinds Selkie with ink, but the captain uses his sonar senses. Sirius trips the villain, and the captain follows up with a diving kick. Thanks to them, the capture of the four stowaways is a success.

Later, the coast guard apologizes for giving the intern dangerous work. But the captain assures him that she was up for the job.

Our thoughts

It’s a filler episode, but I think it is much needed, especially considering the heavy themes of the previous arc; 3.5/5.

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