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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 10 Recap – Symbol of Peace

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 10 Recap - Symbol of Peace

All For One

The Nomu facility gets blown to pieces as the students witness All For One emerge. It all happened in an instant and they get a feeling of dread from his presence.

Toshinori and Gran Torino scramble as the League of Villains get sucked into another type of portal quirk, but they’re too late. The police and heroes are forced to fight the Nomus instead. All Might asks Endeavor to take care of the situation while he gives chase.

The heroes at the Nomu facility are all down due to All For One’s blast. The villain praises Jeanist for managing to drag everyone away, causing them to survive. Jeanist remembers the police’s story about All For One and how his power is on par with All Might. He fights back but gets easily defeated.

Midoriya and the others are shocked at what just happened as they hide behind the back wall. They know they have to run but their bodies won’t move from fear. Suddenly they hear Bakugo’s voice as he arrives via portal along with the other villains. All For One tells Shigaraki to not give up and keep trying as long as he needs to.

Midoriya tries to remember what he’s come here for to make his body move. Surely they haven’t been noticed yet. He might be able to save Bakugo in one second but is unsure of what to do after. He tries to take a step but Iida and Yaoyorozu stop him.

Old rivals

But then All Might arrives to clash with All For One, promising to return everything he’s done. All For One notes how his rival is getting old. All Might tells the same to his enemy, who looks like he’s overexerting his limits. He promises to rescue Bakugo and lock him up.

All For One uses Kurogiri’s body to activate his quirk and send off his villain minions. All Might goes in for an attack while Shigaraki and the others hesitate. Midoriya sees Bakugo getting surrounded by the league who try and take him away as well.

All For One keeps All Might occupied while Midoriya and the others struggle on whether to fight or hold back. Midoriya tries to look for an opening with the best possible outcome and tells his friends the plan, but it all  hinges on what Bakugo decides to do.

Bakugo and All Might are fighting at a disadvantage while the students asses the risks of their plan. Finally, Iida approves. First they’ll have to propel themselves with Iida and Midoriya’s boost while Todoroki makes an ice path to make them fly. Then Kirishima will have to call out to Bakugo and make him follow.

Quick Rescue

Thankfully, the plan works as Bakugo doesn’t hesitate after seeing them and boosts himself to catch Kirishima with his explosion. After which, Yaoyorozu and Todoroki go for a quick escape.

The villains scramble for Bakugo, and Magne devices a plan to boost Compress and Spinner to chase them. Despite being injured, Mt. Lady enlarges herself to block them. They plan to go again, but Gran Torino arrives to knock the villains down.

Now without distractions, All Might swears to defeat All For One. Seeing their defeat, All For One drags the rest of the league members into the portal by forcing Magne’s quirk. Shigaraki resists, but it’s no use. All For One tells him to keep fighting later.

All For One fights back by warping Torino into All Might’s fist. He tells All Might that there are still a lot of casualties that need rescuing from his blast. All Might growls in anger at the villain trying to play with people’s lives, and he smashes his face.

Our Thoughts

Epic back and forth again, which is just as messy and awesome as the training camp attack. I hope the finale for this arc goes bigger, 4.2/5

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