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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 11 Recap – One For All

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 11 Recap - One For All

The Pillar

When All Might was young, it has always been his dream to build a world where everyone could smile and live together. To that end, he wants to create a Symbol of Peace that the citizens can rely on. He aims to become that pillar even though he’s quirkless. His mentor, Nana Shimura, thinks it’s crazy but interesting.

Chaos ensues in Kamino Ward as citizens try to escape the battle. Todoroki calls Midoriya to check in on them, and they confirm that the rescue was a success. Bakugo won’t admit to it, saying he merely enacted the best route for his escape without getting in All Might’s way. Media helicopters pass above Midoriya as he wonders if they made the right decision.

All Might stands above All For One with half of his body deflated. All For One says he reminds him of Shimura. She was always one to push her ideals, but the villain claims she has no skill to enact them. It must have been why she died.

All Might lashes out in anger, which All For One deflects with a blast. All Might almost gets thrown into a nearby helicopter but gets saved by Gran Torino, who tells him not to get provoked like last time. The enemy is using a new set of quirks, so they have to be smarter.

The one-on-one battle commences with everyone watching. People start murmuring that All Might’s strength is slipping before their eyes.


All For One blasts one of the civilians behind them, and All Might has no choice but to deflect. Now his body is completely deflated and exposed for everyone to see.

Still, All Might resolves to keep going, as this doesn’t faze his goals. But then the villain reveals that Shigaraki Tomura is the grandson of Nana Shimura. This proves to affect All Might as it erases his smile.

But then the civilian behind them tells All Might to keep going, mirrored by those watching from all around. They start cheering All Might to win, and he listens. There are still a lot of people he needs to defend. Her master reminds him of his origin and to use that to push through his limits.

Endeavor and Edgeshot arrive to reinforce him now that the Nomus are taken care of. The former calls All Might out for looking frail, as his back is what he was always chasing from before. The two distract All For One while Tiger and Kamui Woods rescue the injured nearby.

Everyone cheers on All Might as the pillar that should never break. The symbol of peace. All For One hears enough and throws another blast to separate the heroes. He unleashes all his grotesque quirks into his arm to deal with the final punch. The villain knows that the embers of One For All are what’s left of All Might, which has been transferred to Midoriya.


Their two attacks clash together, with All Might thinking about his student. He tries his best to kindle the remaining embers of his power, remembering his roots and what his master gave him. He manages to power up his other hand to punch All For One in the head.

The villain follows up with a counter, but All Might summons the will of the previous generations to give it his all. His legs get powered up as he punches using the United States of Smash. One For All’s embers starts disappearing inside him.

The air dissipates to reveal All For One on the ground. All Might raises his fist in salute, and everyone cheers for him as he powers up for one last time. The number one hero, the Symbol of Peace.

Later, during one of the media coverages, All Might points to the camera and tells them, “Next time, It’s your turn.” Everyone cheers in applause. On the surface, it appears to be a warning against the next villain, but Midoriya knows what it really means.

Our Thoughts

This is an excellent example of how to create a compelling Superman story. 4.5/5

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