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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 13 Recap – Moving into Dorms

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 13 Recap - Moving into Dorms

Bright Future

All Might bows to Midoriya’s mother, promising to guide her son to the best of his ability. She’s come to learn that the hero her son idolizes now thinks so highly of him. Outside, All Might says Inko reminds her of her master Shimura.

Midoriya and the rest of class A prepare for their boarding school life. Their new dormitory is a five-minute walk away from UA called Heights Alliance.

Principal Nezu looks at the newly installed buildings from his office. The dorms were made not only to ensure the students’ safety but also to possibly weed out the mole among the teachers and students. It was a tough decision, but it had to be made. Losing All Might was a big blow, with repercussions that are still unknown. At the very least, the students can look forward to a bright future.

With varying degrees of difficulty, the students of class A all get permission to live in the dorms. Aizawa talks about obtaining the provisional licenses that were supposed to be given during training camp. He addresses the five of them who went to save Bakugo that night, explaining that If not for what happened to All Might, everyone except Jiro and Hagakure would have been expelled for breaking the rules.

Bakugo tries to cheer them up and pays back Kirishima’s expense for the night-vision goggles. He then pledges the funds for a barbeque dinner that night.

Dorm Life

Their dorms are composed of a common room and sets of rooms for boys and girls on different sides. There’s even a courtyard, a spacious living area, and a sofa. Uraraka faints after seeing their mansion-like living quarters.

After dinner and unpacking, the girls invite the boys to a room show-off contest. Midoriya panics as his classmates see his Otaku-esque collection of All Might figurines and merchandise. Tokoyami’s room is full of dark and gothic stuff. Aoyama’s is shiny and lustrous, which doesn’t surprise anybody. Nobody dares to enter Mineta’s room.

Mineta then challenges the girls to show off their rooms as well and start a contest for Room King. He sees this as a great opportunity to see what the girls are up to.

Kirishima’s room proves to be manly with lots of training equipment while Shoji has a simple minimalist futon and floor desk. Sero’s room has Asian inspired interiors while Todoroki has a traditional Japanese style room just like the ones he has at home. Sato gets approval from the girls for his baking skills as he offers them a chiffon cake he just made.

Room King

Now its time for the girls. Jiro has her room full of various musical instruments. Hagakure has the girly-est looking room. Ashido’s looks cool and intense while Uraraka’s looks quite normal. Yaoyorozu’s room is cramped with a luxurious bed and furniture.

Back at the common room, the students tally the votes for the Room King. With five votes, the winner is Rikido Sato due to his delicious cake. The other boys antagonize him for using a bribe to win.

Before they settle down for the night, Uraraka calls the five who went to save Bakugo. She leads them to Tsuyu who is waiting outside. Tsuyu expresses her sadness and disappointment to the those who went to save Bakugo. She reveals how it makes her feel weird to interact and have fun with the others while carrying these strong feelings.

Uraraka comforts her, saying the Room King idea was made to clear off the air among them. Kirishima and the others apologize to her and promise to not do it again.

Our Thoughts

This episode was a fun slice of life insight into the life of class A and their relationships with each other, 3.8/5

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