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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 16 Recap – Shiketsu High Lurking

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 16 Recap - Shiketsu High Lurking

Ketsubutsu Class

As Aizawa watches the first exam, he notes that coordination and information gathering is the key to winning it. Examinees must not be swayed by the first 100 limit to rush and get points.

Class A manages to thwart the first barrage of balls thrown by the opponents. The Ketsubutsu students continue to launch a second wave of attack using a quirk that lets balls travel underground. Jiro manages to intercept it by destroying the terrain and Ashido melts the balls. Everyone then realizes that Class A looks different from what they saw at the sports festival.

Since no one has passed the exam as of yet, Midoriya sees this stage as a gauging point to see what everyone is capable of.4

Ms. Joke tells Eraser to not underestimate her students, as there are many who aspire to be heroes from other schools as well.
Shindo destroys the ground with his vibration quirk, separating the students of class A.

Shiketsu High

Elsewhere, Inasa from Shiketsu High sucks in the other examinee’s balls using his Tornado generating quirk and launches them back. He passes first after taking 120 people out, surprising the examiners in the process.

Midoriya recovers to find he’s been separated from everyone. He learns that there are many others who are strong from around the country and gets excited. Suddenly, a girl from Shiketsu named Camie hits one of his targets and tells him he’s cool. She especially came at him for attending such a prestigious school. Midoriya evades her quick moves using his Full Cowl but fails to counter due to her speed.

She manages to subdue him to the ground and asks him why he wants to become a hero, adding that she wants to know more about her.

Suddenly the ground beneath them breaks to reveal a large group of opponents. Midoriya dodges with his best after becoming the prime target and Uraraka him to join forces.

In the ensuing ruckus, she slips and falls down. Midoriya manages to catch her with his shoot style and destabilizes the opponents’ footing. What All Might said was true, this move is certainly suitable for the exam, except he can’t use 100% of it yet. He has to improve his legs more to become his own realized hero.

Uraraka apologizes to Midoriya for causing him trouble. She tries to reach behind with a ball but Midoriya slaps her after realizing she’s a fake. The real Uraraka would never fall or show herself to the enemy.

Dangerous Encounter

Camie unleashes her quirk to reveal that she’s naked and lashes out once more. Thankfully, Sero comes in with Uraraka to save him.

Camie pouts that she can’t spend more time with them and teases Uraraka for having so much trust on him. She escapes after that and Midoriya warns his friends to not give chase.

Now that they’re in a group of three, they should try to fight instead of looking for the others. 30 examinees have now passed and slots are running out.

Todoroki finds himself alone in the industrial area while looking for opponents. 54 examinees have now passed and counting. A ball comes his way which he deflects with fire. Suddenly he finds himself facing a group of ninjas from a single school. He thanks him for showing themselves as he thwarts their balls retaliates with his ice.

Todoroki asks if they really watched him from the Sports Festival. An enemy swarms him with a barrage of giant objects which he deflects. They then taunt him for acting alone and being overconfident.

Our Thoughts

Even though they’re the top class of the top school, the story still manages to put our heroes at a disadvantage to show what they’re capable of, 4.2/5.

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