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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 17 Recap – Class 1-A

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 17 Recap - Class 1-A

Planned Attack

Todoroki thwarts a barrage of attacks from a group of ninja examinees. One of them has studied his quirk and is now using heat-resistant metal to fight. The ninjas press him with all that they’ve got, using water and mud against his fire. He manages to escape and tricks the enemy into a trap by igniting a chemical tank and trapping them in ice. He notes that he still needs to work on the activation of both sides to improve.

An examinee named Miss Sai encounters the group of Shoji, Yaoyaorozu, Tsuyu, and Jiro and she devises a plan to capture them.

Shoji and Jiro try to scout for classmates, but since more than half of the students have already passed, they decide to fight instead. Jiro then hears four attackers coming after them. The enemy plays loud music which breaks Jiro’s ears.

Miss Sai and her group break the windows from afar, disrupting the use of Shoji’s quirk. They’re trying to trap them inside for an attack. Jiro tries to fight back but the sniper from another building stops her. Yaoyorozu realizes the enemy is steps ahead of them.

Suddenly, cold air seeps through the vents, and the windows are barred shut. This causes Tsuyu to go into forced hibernation. Yaoyorozu makes a blanket to hold her while the enemy welds the doors shut. She has to think quickly knowing that the enemy is aware of their quirks.

Best Response

Scanning through the air vents, she tries to find the best response. Soon the lipids in her body would be too cold to use her quirk. Miss Sai’s quirk is IQ, which enables her to multiply her brainpower after drinking tea and closing her eyes.

Yaoyorozu sees through their plan to expose her quirk and decides to hold off. Forcing through could be possible but risky. She thinks about what Iida, Midoriya, and Todoroki would do in this situation. In the end, she decides to save his friends first instead of thinking of the exam.

She makes headphones for everyone and starts creating a huge piece of equipment. Ten minutes have gone since they were trapped in there. Miss Sai is about to attack when a large sound wave blasts them from inside. Her companions fall one by one from the massive speaker, but then Miss Sai manages to take Yaoyorozu and trap her alone in a room.

Miss Sai is about to get her but Shoji and the others barge in to save their friend before making themselves pass. Yaoyorozu explains that this is how class A works as she defeats Miss Sai.

Class-A Aces

Bakugo antagonizes Kaminari for following them, but reasons he had no choice but to do so. They climb into a bridge area only to get ambushed by an opponent who takes Kirishima and turns him into a blob of flesh. Bakugo swears to take revenge.

There are now 60 people who passed, but Midoriya and his team are still left planning. He figures out that they can attack others without knowing their quirks. They’ll just have to restrain them with Sero before they even try to hit the targets.

Suddenly, Uraraka hears the enemy getting closer. Midoriya acts as a decoy for the other two to follow.

As he holds Kaminari’s blob body, the Shiketsu student explains that they must wear their uniform hats in order to show their schools crown. The other blob bodies beside him is a demonstration of their power. Bakugo taunts him for his small eyes and goes in for a clash.

Aizawa explains he isn’t worried about his class, since there are two students, who don’t go along, but have managed to spread their passion to others.

Our Thoughts

It’s great that they’ve held off on showing Class A’s ultimate abilities in order to show their growth in this arc, 4/5.

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