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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 22 Recap – A Talk About Your Quirk

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 22 Recap - A Talk About Your Quirk


It‘s time to reveal the provisional exam passers. Midoriya celebrates as he finds his name on the list. Most of Class A pass, but there are questionable exceptions. Bakugo, Inasa, and Todoroki don‘t find themselves on the list.

Inasa approaches Todoroki and apologizes for botching their exam. Todoroki admits he‘s also at fault for acting sourly at their first meeting. Ashido and Sero are perplexed that two of their best classmates failed. Mineta suggests that their ego caused their downfall and adds that the hierarchy would soon collapse.

The examiners distribute the printouts of their results to show their scoring criteria. The cutoff score is fifty points, and they can examine which part of their actions caused deductions. Yaoyorozu and Iida get great marks while Midoriya hovers on average. He wonders how the scoring messed up their seemingly gifted peers.

The examiner explains that those who passed can act as heroes only in emergencies. Fighting villains and using their quirks will now be allowed without a pro hero‘s supervision, but with that comes great responsibility. Now that All Might has resigned, they‘ll need a balancing force to stop the villains from coming out of the woodwork.

For those who didn‘t pass, there‘s still a chance waiting for them in a future special class. They‘ll need as many heroes as they can. Those who fail get a new light of hope.

As the buses are about to take them home, Midoriya looks at his license with pure happiness and sends a picture to All Might and his mother.

Lurking Evil

Ms. Joke invites Eraserhead for joint exercises, while Inasa waves to meet Todoroki again at the special class. Midoriya asks about Camie, but the Shiketsu students admit that she hasn’t been acting like herself lately.

Later, it is revealed that Himiko Toga was the one disguised as Camie all along. Her quirk enables her to transform into other people after ingesting her blood. And now she has a sample of Midoriya‘s.

All Might visits All For One‘s cell to ask him some questions. The villain complains about his tight security, likening the prison to Tartarus in Greek mythology.

All Might asks about Shigaraki‘s location and his purpose. The villain suggests that they are the same, acting on opposite ideals. He wants to keep that ideal alive for as long as he can. All For One laughs when asked why he‘s grooming a successor since the hero is doing the same.

The Big Bad

All For One reveals that Shigaraki‘s gang will lie low and watch other villain groups emerge. If his predictions are true, everything that All Might built will slowly unravel before his eyes. His taunting agitates All Might, but the hero warns him that the future he‘s envisioning will not come. He promises to stop him for the rest of his life.

The students return to the dorm to relax from their grueling exam. Bakugo then whispers to Midoriya to meet him outside. He wants to discuss his quirk. This shocks Midoriya, but he has no choice but to face his friend once night falls.

Bakugo leads him to the woods around UA‘s grounds to Training Ground Beta, where Deku first defeated him. Bakugo reveals his suspicions about Midoriya‘s quirk, on how a quirkless boy managed to catch up to him at UA. Ever since All Might came and saved them, his improvement has skyrocketed, but this time, Bakugo failed where he passed.

He realized back at Kamino that All Might gave his quirk to him. The hero won‘t admit it, so he asks his friend for the truth. When asked what he plans to do with Midoriya‘s answer, Bakugo invites him to fight.

Our Thoughts

Bakugo‘s traits and actions are rash, but there‘s a delicate subtlety to him that adds more depth. I like this rivalry better than most. 4/5.

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