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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 24 Recap – A Season for Encounters

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 24 Recap - A Season for Encounters


A man looks out his window to watch the people walking by. It has been a month since All Might’s retirement and the incident at Kamino Ward. The TV is abuzz with debates and speculation as to what might happen next. He realizes that much of the unease the people feel is not only because of the hole that All Might left but also because Endeavor is taking number one. Comparisons between them are unavoidable, but Endeavor has shortcomings that make him unsuited for the role.

The man turns off his TV and prepares to leave as the voices in his head start arguing. He goes for a walk to continue pondering and finds a villain stealing from a convenience store nearby. A hero comes in to catch the thief, but he is bashed in the head by another accomplice. It turns out that the criminals are working in a group with a getaway vehicle. They call themselves Team Reservoir Dogs as they speed away with their loot.

The man gets a call from Giran, the villain broker, who reports that the black market is experiencing a huge surge in business. Giran tells him that Shigaraki wants to meet soon.

The voices in his head start intensifying, so he wears his mask to quell them. The man is revealed to be Twice. His ability to duplicate himself has caused him to argue with copies of himself before, which escalated into a bloody murder of duplicates. Only one of them survived, and he isn‘t even sure if he‘s the real one. His crazy nature would not be accepted in hero circles, so he tries his best to help the League of Villains. There, he can find other crazies like him.

He walks past a burning vehicle and sees that the thieves from earlier were intercepted by another gang, led by a villain named Overhaul.

House Arrest

Back at the dorms and under house arrest, Midoriya checks the damage done to his arms from the previous fight.

Back in class, Monoma teases Class A for having two of their students fail the provisional license exam. Unlike them, all Class B pass.

The principal welcomes them for the start of the new semester and encourages everyone to work hard on their hero course. Now that a pillar is gone, they should all strive to become successors of society.

Vlad shares that there were two students caught fighting last night and warns them to behave now that they’re sharing dorms. Rumors of the fight reach the other classes.

Aizawa welcomes them to a harsh new semester. Tsuyu asks what the hero internship mentioned earlier is all about. He explains that those internships are outside school activities and will be more serious. Now that they have provisional licenses, they can assist heroes in real scenarios.

Big Three

The students return to the dorms after-school to tease Bakugo and Midoriya about their cleaning work. The others complain about how difficult the first day of lessons was. Midoriya worries about how much he missed in just one day.

Outside, while taking out the trash, he finds a student coming out of the wall to tell him where to dispose of it. The boy then appears from below the ground to express amusement at Midoriya for his misdemeanor. He doesn‘t introduce himself just yet but tells him they‘ll meet again soon.

Three days pass and Midoriya‘s punishment is over. He apologizes to his class for what he has done and promises to catch up.

Aizawa invites three upperclassmen to explain the hero internships. They are at the top of all UA students, known as The Big Three. The boy from earlier is among them.

Our Thoughts

It looks like we‘re setting up the next arc with new and interesting characters introduced. Rating: 3.5/5.

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