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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 25 Recap – Unrivaled

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 25 Recap - Unrivaled

Big Three First Impressions

The Big Three students of UA enter their classroom to everyone‘s awe. Midoriya remembers the blonde-haired guy as the one who approached him earlier. He remembers the three from a couple of sports festivals ago and notes that they were not the top performers. Yet now, they are UA‘s big three.

The first boy known as Tamaki Amajiki fails to say anything due to nervousness, so his classmate Nejire Hado introduces them both. She‘s about to discuss the hero internships when she gets distracted and asks Shoji and Todoroki how they gained their facial features. She follows by asking every other student as her curiosity grows. Aizawa gets impatient, so the last boy comes in.

He starts with a joke that fizzles, which makes Class A think that they are all weirdos. Failing to get them a good opening, he invites them all to an all-out fight instead. Eraser Head allows it. The students wear their PE uniforms and head to the training area.

The third-year named Mirio Togata warms up while Amajiki is at the wall. He mumbles about how it‘s all unnecessary and that the students may not recover from it. Hado then tells the story of a student who failed again and again and decided to stop becoming a hero, adding to the ominous vibe.

Tokoyami and Kirishima respond by saying they‘ve had experience fighting villains before. Mirio invites them to come and try. Midoriya volunteers to go first to see what it takes to go against the top. The others from Class A follow, but all of their attacks pass through Mirio. He then picks them apart from behind one by one. Amakiji notes that his quirk isn‘t enviable, but his skill is top-notch after joining a certain internship.

Mirio‘s Strength

Aizawa mentions that Mirio is the closest to the number one hero, including the pros. Mirio knocks down the long-ranged fighters first and moves on to the rest. Class A gets flustered as they try to figure out his quirk, but Midoriya thinks there must be an opportunity they can look out for.

Mirio invites them to find him as he sinks into the ground and appears behind them. Midoriya sees it but gets hit by a counter. He follows up by hitting everyone and knocking them to the ground.

Mirio apologizes to the class for showing up nude from his quirk as the Class A students all suffer from punches to the stomach. They all think his quirk is unfair due to his warp-speed capability, but Mirio denies that.

His quirk enables him to go through walls and objects, but the warp capability is a side effect of undoing his power underground. This repelling effect is what he trained to control, enabling him to go so fast. He claims that his quirk has a lot of downsides, which he had to train. He used to be behind because of it, but he pushed to the top with ingenuity and experience.

Path to Pro

The hero internships will treat them as sidekicks this time, so they must prepare to face scenarios that the school cannot provide. The students finally see the pro-quality in him and feel inspired to get better.

Midoriya asks Gran Torino for an internship, but the old man is currently working with the police. Torino tells him to go to All Might instead since he‘s the one devoted to teaching him. He suggests going to All Might’s sidekick.

Elsewhere, a hero agency catches wind of a villain group they‘re investigating. Overhaul‘s group is on the move.

Twice takes Overhaul into a League of Villains‘ den to meet with Shigaraki. Dark forces are starting to move.

Our Thoughts

There‘s not a lot I can say about the quality of the show except that everything‘s great and consistent, not like the other shounen jump fare. MHA should be on top of everyone‘s list to watch and look out for. Rating: 4.2/5.

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