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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 8 Recap – From Iida to Midoriya

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 8 Recap - From Iida to Midoriya

Conflicts and Decisions

The students of class A go around their plans to take another tracking device from Yaoyorozu to save Bakugo. Todoroki and Kirishima are at the head of this plan. Iida tells them to stop messing around, but Shoji intervenes as he sympathizes with the other’s frustrations. Still, they shouldn’t act on emotions alone.

Aoyama reminds them that their permission to fight is now revoked. They should just leave this to All Might. Tsuyu says that if they break the rules again, they’ll be just like the villains. Everyone falls into silence until the doctor sends the visitors away. Kirishima tells Midoriya that if he wants to go, they must decide by tonight.

The doctor tells Midoriya that his injuries are different now due to how much he sustained in a short time. His body is now suffering from always trying to surpass his limits. His bones and muscles are in bad shape, but the ligaments have worsened. Two or three more injuries like this will lead him to lose control of his arms.

Midoriya apologizes to the doctor, who responds by handing him a note from Kota to lighten his mood. Kota apologizes for punching him in the balls and thanks him for what he’s done. Midoriya calls his mother to tell her he’s been discharged, but there’s something he has to do before he goes home. His mother asks if he needs to return to UA.

Endeavor gets the call from Tsukauchi to join in the fight, along with Best Jeanist, Tiger, Gran Torino, and several others.

Covert Squad

Outside the hospital, Todoroki and Kirishima wait for Midoriya and Yaoyorozu’s final decision. She meets them both with Midoriya behind her. But before she could speak, Iida arrives to remind them how he failed last time after being too reckless and emotional. He punches Midoriya in frustration as his worries extend to all his classmates. He doesn’t want them to end up like his brother.

Todoroki and Kirishima assure him they’ll aim for a covert operation that won’t involve fighting. In that way, they won’t be breaking any rules. Yaoyorozu wants to join in too. Midoriya admits he’s still conflicted, but all he can think about right now is saving Bakugo. Now outnumbered, Iida volunteers to join them as well.

Detective Tsukauchi and his hero team start planning on the upcoming raid.

At the villain headquarters, Shigaraki invites Bakugo to join them, but the boy tells them to die instead.

Iida apologizes to Midoriya for punching him. Yaoyorozu still not convinced by his decision to join, but he explains that he’ll make them retreat if things go south. She admits she’s there for the same reason as well.


They ride the train toward the Nomu’s location, remembering how their classmates urged them to hold back. Still, Kirishima and Todoroki remain determined to save Bakugo, even if doing so might embarrass him.

Yaoyorozu suggests everyone wear disguises for their recon operation. The nearby TV shows UA’s public apology for what happened at summer camp. They notice the crowd’s perception as they start going against the school.

Shigaraki also uses hit footage to sway Bakugo to defect to their group. He orders Bakugo to be released and be treated as a new recruit. But as soon as his binds get loose, he attacks Shigaraki with a blast, saying all they do is talk. “Please join us so we can harass people” doesn’t sound too good to Bakugo.

He remembers seeing All Might when he was a kid and how he fought even when the odds were against him. He intends to win in the same manner.

Our Thoughts

Looks like we’ll be following two separate rescue squads in the next encounter! 4.2/5

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