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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 9 Recap – All For One

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 9 Recap - All For One

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Eraser Head gets interrogated by the media as to why he allowed his students to fight. He replies that it was his best call in order to avoid the worst possible scenario. The gas attack could have proven fatal if not for the heroic deeds of Kendo and Tetsutetsu in defeating Mustard.

The reporter comments on Bakugo’s fate as a hotheaded student despite having great marks in school. What if the villains manage to lure him to their side? How would they respond? Aizawa stands up and takes responsibility for Bakugo’s behavior. He explains that his violent outbursts stem from his desire to be the best. If the villains think they can get him due to those qualities, then they are sorely mistaken. The principal adds that they are not sitting idly around and are working with the police to rescue him.

After hearing those statements, Bakugo smiles and lets the villains know what’s up. Now that he realizes they won’t try to kill him, he wants to make an escape while taking a few of them down.

Shigaraki gets annoyed and pulls his men back. He expresses regret at them not having an understanding with Bakugo and calls his master for help.

Hideout Attack

At Kamino ward, Yaoyorozu and the others arrive at the Nomu’s location. She warns them that Bakugo might not be there. Midoriya starts muttering to himself about what to do as Iida swears to protect everyone if things go south.

The pro hero group splits up into two, with Best Jeanist heading towards the Nomu factory while All Might and the others go for the hideout. All Might warns Gran Torino that All For One might plan to make a move soon.

Tsukauchi then initiates the attack on the villains right after the press conference, knowing that they won’t expect an attack this soon.

Midoriya and his group sneak into the warehouse from the back and manage to peek into the windows. There, they find a laboratory that houses the Nomu.

Compress is about to restrain Bakugo, but All Might arrives and smashes through the walls. Kamui woods then binds the villains while Gran Torino knocks Dabi out. Riot police follow inside while others serve as lookouts at the perimeter with Endeavor. All Might apologizes to Bakugo for arriving late and praises him for holding up this long.

Shigaraki calls for Kurogiri to bring the Nomu to him. But then Mt. Lady comes and raids the Nomu facility with Jeanist and the others.

Nomu Factory

All Might tells the villains to stop underestimating their capabilities. Best Jeanist and his hero crew manage to capture everyone in the Nomu facility and recover Ragdoll.

Shigaraki says this is only the beginning as he swears to remove All Might and gather more people to his cause.

The heroes manage to subdue Kurogiri once and for all and the villains are stuck. Gran Torino asks Shigaraki where his boss is.

Shigaraki remembers the time when he was young and his master came to him. This is too unsatisfying of an end. Every single one of his enemies must go away.

Suddenly, portals arrive around the hideout to let the Nomu in while they take Bakugo. Endeavor and the rest of the police are attacked as well. Jeanist and his crew are not responding to calls.

Two minutes earlier, Jeanist was already in control of the Nomu facility. The students get a sigh of relief as their help is apparently not needed. But then a villain steps in and apologizes to Tiger for Ragdoll’s fate.

Jeanist wraps All For One with his quirk but the villain manages to break free and an explosion follows.

Our Thoughts

All For One looks terrifying, and the parallels between hero and villain groups are well fleshed-out. 4.5/5

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