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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 17 Recap – Relief for License Trainees

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 17 Recap - Relief for License Trainees

Huge Changes

The quirk showdown starts with the kids landing their quirks on all four trainees. Present Mic expresses amazement at how the younger generation is already better at handling quirks than they were back then. The teacher’s worry skyrockets, but the heroes tell her to leave it to the trainees.

But as expected, Bakugo, Inasa, and Todoroki easily block their quirks. The kids continue on with a second wave of attacks, which Camie distracts using elaborate illusions. The student’s ringleader starts to panic. He’s eager to show the heroes what they’re capable of after the continued display of incompetence from the authorities lately.

This whole mood shifts as the four trainees combine their quirks. Inasa blows away the enemy projectiles, which Todoroki freezes to create a network of slides. Camie follows up by changing the ceiling into an aurora-filled night sky. The whole environment changes into a theme park with ice slides and pretty lights. The children start crowding Todoroki for how cool he is.     

Earlier during their discussion, the trainees realize that the kids exhibit the same arrogance as they did with their quirks. They’re now eager to change their perception and widen their horizons. Present Mic and the examiners applaud this new approach.

Bakugo approaches the students’ ringleader and urges him to join along with the slides. Inasa takes him high above to join in with the others. Now, Inasa has a group of children alongside him willing to cooperate in creating new projects.

Step Forward

All Might asks Endeavor why he wants his son to grow strong. The answer should be simple.

Gang Orca congratulates his trainees for passing their test and encourages them to continue working hard. The Shiketsu and UA students start to get along as they head home. On top of that, teachers also start their own discussions on helping each other against villain attacks.

Endeavor praises his son’s hard work, but Todoroki dismisses him. Still, he doesn’t back down and instead promises to be the No. 1 Hero that he can be proud of. Todoroki shakes it off nonchalantly.

Inasa finally overcomes his nerves and expresses support for Endeavor, who thanks him in return.

October comes and the temperature starts dropping. Everyone present at the internship visits Nighteye’s funeral alongside All Might. The heroes and interns mutually decide to pause the internship program after a discussion. Centipeder decides to take on Nighteye’s agency.

As for Eri, her condition is now stable, but her mental state is still shaky. Her horn has since shrunk after the incident.

Kindred Souls

One night, after a particularly hard math lesson, Midoriya suddenly sees Aoyama slipping into his balcony to spy on him. What could he possibly be up to? Later, he finds a message from him, saying “I know everything”, written with blocks of cheese.

The next day, he comes to class a minute late to find Aoyama’s creepy gaze. He starts thinking about what the message could possibly mean.

Kaminari shows Mineta news of the recent team-up between Mt. Lady, Kamui Woods, and Edgeshot. The students start speculating on which team-ups they could do after graduating. They move on to work on their special moves in the afternoon session. Cementoss requires at least two from each student.

Bakugo asks Midoriya if he has a new improvement, to which he admits there’s none. Aoyama finds him pondering and shows him his new navel laser beam attack.

Midoriya takes Aoyama to the infirmary after the resulting stomach ache. He finally asks Aoyama about last night, who now admits that his quirk isn’t compatible with his body as well. Without his belt, his quirk is unusable. The two forge a new friendship over their similar struggles.

Our Thoughts

The first half was fun but not paced so well, the second half was creepy but paid off nicely. Rating: 3.8/5.

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