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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 18 Recap – School Festival

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 18 Recap - School Festival

School Festival Decisions

Ashido starts dancing after class, which gets the attention of Midoriya. Perhaps learning this technique can improve his own skills, so she invites him to join in and learn her routine. Kaminari also notes the importance of learning new hobbies for their hero work. Sato’s baking skills support his own quirk, and come to think of it, Jiro’s music hobby probably helps her too. But Jiro gets embarrassed and snaps at Kaminari to shut up.

The time has come for the class to prepare for the school festival. Kirishima worries that this event may distract them from the rising villain attacks, but Aizawa explains that this festival is held for the other classes too. The support, regular, and management courses also need to do their activities. Aizawa leaves them to decide on what type of booth they’d want to implement this year.

Iida takes over the meeting and is barraged by a sea of suggestions from his classmates. Ideas include having a maid cafe, mochi store, haunted house, and hero quiz booth among others. They list down all of the suggestions on the board and eliminate the ones that prove unfeasible. The class slowly devolves into chaos after waves of arguments on what and what not to do.     

Suddenly, the bell rings, signaling the end of the period. Aizawa criticizes their ineffective meeting and gives them a deadline of until tomorrow morning to decide. If they can’t, they’ll be holding an open lesson instead.

Final Decision

They continue the discussion back at the dorms. Iida gets another idea after hearing that many of the students at school have been feeling stressed lately. This could be an opportunity for them to improve everyone’s morale. Jiro suggests that they could do a play, and Ashido adds that they can do a dance on top of that. Todoroki seconds the idea and shows everyone a video of a live concert. Perhaps they could entertain everyone in this way instead.

A song and dance number could be possible, but Sero thinks they’re way too amateur for that. Ashido steps in and volunteers to teach them after successfully teaching Aoyama earlier. When it comes to music, everyone’s eye latches on to Jiro, which catches her off-guard.

Jiro hesitates, as she doesn’t feel that her hobby is relevant to hero work or is even performance worthy. Kaminari steps in and tells her she’s quite good. Koda adds that this could be a way of making people smile too, putting it in line with hero work. After some convincing, she agrees to do it.

Hopeful Visit

Midoriya and Mirio finally manage to visit Eri, which was her first request after regaining consciousness. She asks for Midoriya’s name since she never got it back then. She also remembers Nighteye, whose death has since been kept from her to avoid any more guilt. Mirio tells her to take it easy, and assures that they rescued her to protect her smile.

Eri admits she doesn’t know how to do it. Midoriya realizes she hasn’t been completely saved yet. Perhaps they can take her to the school festival to brighten up her mood. Mirio tells her that she’ll have so much fun during the festival, and she can have as many sweet apple as she likes. Eri adds that she wants to know her rescuers as much as possible, which seals the deal.

Elsewhere, the police are alarmed of a villain robbing a convenience store, defeating the responding heroes and uploading the whole footage online. His name is Gentle Criminal, and with his sidekick La Brava, he intends to send a message to everyone.

Our Thoughts

The school festival arc seems to be a light one, with a cartoony villain subplot and Eri at it’s heart. Decent stuff. Rating: 4/5.

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