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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 2 Recap – Overhaul

BY Harris

Published 2 weeks ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 2 Recap - Overhaul


Gran Torino suggests that Midoriya joins Sir Nighteye’s agency since he was All Might’s partner before.

Overhaul follows Twice to meet with the Shigaraki and the League of Villains. The man gained infamy from being the underboss of the Shie Hassaikai Yakuza gang. Himiko questions how different gangs are from their organization. Mr. Compress explains that they are remnants of a time when heroes didn’t exist.

Overhaul explains that it isn’t All Might that affects him the most, but All For One’s disappearance. After his defeat, there’s a power vacuum in the underworld. Who could be the one to replace him?

Shigaraki takes this as an affront. Knowing that All For One is their mastermind, it’s obvious that he is his successor. They are keen on gathering more personnel to expand their operations and destroy the hero society.

Overhaul asks for their plan, which provokes Shigaraki even more. The gangster adds that a goal without a plan is merely a delusion. He questions them further about their structural and organizational plans. Stain, Muscular, and Moonfish were defeated very quickly. He doubts that Shigaraki has the capability to control this member while dreaming of expansion. Overhaul lets them know that unlike them, he has a plan, and does not wish to join them today.

Overhaul offers for them to join him instead, as he has the funding from an organization.


Magne goes in for an attack but gets obliterated by Overhaul’s quirk. The League looks in shock at their fallen comrade. Compress follows and gets wounded after his quirk gets nullified. Shigaraki moves to Overhaul but an underling comes in to shield the mob boss.

The rest of Overhaul’s gang come in to reinforce. Overhaul decides to back down since both parties are down a member. Twice and Himiko want to fight back but Shigaraki forbids them. Overhaul leaves his calling card. Shigaraki swears to remember this incident.

Back in UA, the teacher’s board thinks its too dangerous for first years to have their internship, but with limited options of raising new heroes, they decide to allow it only to the best agencies instead.

Midoriya asks All Might about joining Sir Nighteye. He was one of the teachers who objected to freshmen internships. On top of that, they have a shaky relationship with Sir Nighteye. Still, Midoriya thinks he’s the best option to coach him on All Might’s quirk. All Might comes around but suggests another avenue to get to Nighteye.

They call in Mirio Togata to meet at the teacher’s office, as he’s working as intern for Sir Nighteye. All Might asks him if Midoriya is suited to join them. In response, Mirio asks Midoriya what kind of hero he wants to be. Midoriya says he wants to be the best so as not to worry others. Hearing this, Mirio agrees to help them.


All Might remembers the principal recommending Mirio to be his successor earlier because of his strong presence and charisma.

While others are relaxing during their weekend, Todoroki and Bakugo take special classes for the provisional license. Meanwhile, Midoriya follows Mirio to Sir Nighteye’s office. Midoriya stiffens up as Nighteye has a reputation of being strict and intense. Mirio advises him that the hero has another side, and that he should try making him laugh even once.

All Mirio can do is introduce him. It’s still up to Nighteye whether or not he gets accepted.

Midoriya opens the door to find Nighteye tickling his sidekick Bubble Girl, as he thinks a sense of humor is important in hero work. Sir Nighteye gives Midoriya an intense look, to which he responds by making an All Might impression. Nighteye takes it as a mockery.

Our Thoughts

All Might and Nighteye look like polar opposites. It’s interesting to see where this goes. Rating: 3.8/5.

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