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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 5 Recap - Let's Go, Gutsy Red Riot

Brave Interns

The police encounter two giant-sized villains fighting in an urban district and call for hero support. Nejire arrives to put a stop to both of them using her wave beam attack. Uravity and Froppy follow up with a combined move with both of their quirks. The three are working as interns for the No.9 hero in the billboard chart named Dragon Hero, Ryukyu.

Ryuku praises them for their performance despite being students and tells them there’s an upcoming teamwork collaboration with Sir Nighteye’s agency soon. They’ll be joining an investigation effort to round up the Shie Hassaikai villain group.

Shigaraki meets with Overhaul at the Shie Hassaikai hideout encased within an elaborate underground chamber. He’s here to discuss the terms of merging with the Yakuza gang. Shigaraki makes it clear that they’ll be operating independently, but they can still work together in a cooperative manner. In addition, he wants to learn about Overhaul’s plans. 

Overhaul’s underlings threaten Shigaraki for being too cocky, but the boss holds them back. Shigaraki reveals he knows a little about their plan and shows him a bullet casing with a needlepoint.

Fat Gum, Amajiki, and Kirishima patrol the streets of a night district. Kirishima practically forced his upperclassman to introduce him to Fat Gum’s agency, and now here they are. The pro hero agreed since Red Riot is a good fit with his combat-oriented style.

Gangster Brawl

Suddenly they encounter a fight between rival gangs. Fat Gum intervenes by absorbing the gangsters into his body. One of them escapes by contorting himself, but Amajiki manages to catch the man via tentacles from his arms. Tamaki Amajiki’s quirk enables him to manifest characteristics of any food he eats.

The crowd celebrates their victory, but another hidden gangster shoots at them, firing a needle-pointed bullet. It hits Amajiki.

Shigaraki holds the bullet up, recognizing it as the one that caused Mr. Compress to lose his quirk. He asks them what they’re planning with it. Overhaul explains that he’s emulating All For One’s quirk-stealing ability and reforming it. He has men stationed all over the country to test it out.

Kirishima hardens his body to defend against the second shot and it bounces off. Amajiki notes that it doesn’t hurt, but his quirk is now gone, leaving Kirishima alone to chase the shooter.

He chases the gangster into a dead end, who falls and cries because his quirk is inadequate. Kirishima helps him up, but the desperate criminal injects his body with a serum, causing his quirk to strengthen. Now he can create long blades out of his body.

Red Gauntlet

The villain manages to punch through Kirishima’s defenses and becomes more desperate with his new power. The next attack comes, but Kirishima pushes his hardening quirk to its limits, causing the enemy’s blades to break. This activation is limited, so he goes in for Red Gauntlet attack and beats the villain.

The villain cries and begs for forgiveness again, but he launches his blades from behind for an escape. Incidentally, Fat Gum arrives and absorbs the enemy into his body. The hero and civilians nearby thank Kirishima for saving the day. It was an impressive debut.

Later, Fat Gum discusses the boosting drug and recognizes it as an Asian knockoff. The police arrive to show them the fragments of the gun used to disable Amajiki’s quirk. Amajiki thanks Kirishima for stepping up to save the day. Fat Gum tells them to head back to the agency and then to the hospital. He as a bad feeling about this new quirk-deactivating weapon.

Our Thoughts

An awesome feature for a side character, and we get to see the other Big Three members in action as well. Rating: 4/5

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