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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 7 Recap – GO!!

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 7 Recap - GO!!


A few days have passed since the day of the meeting. Midoriya and the other interns are on standby, waiting for Sir Nighteye and his team to trace the location of the Haissaikai. Their classmates notice how determined the intern group has been since, but they‘re not allowed to say the reason.

Eraser Head tested the interns on their willingness to join the operation back then. Uraraka, Kirishima, and Tsuyu are all in after hearing about Eri. Eraser agrees but says that he‘ll halt the operation once the League of Villains gets involved.

Everyone came forward to help Eri, but Midoriya is left with his own worries. Sadly, he can‘t discuss the situation with Eri to All Might, and he can‘t talk to someone about All Might‘s dying prediction as well. Both issues troubled him greatly, so much so that his classmates were worried about him.

Iida asks him to open up, but it only results in tears for Midoriya. He has no choice but to keep quiet and just tough it out as a hero. Todoroki tells him heroes also cry when needed and offers him food.

On the same day, the pro heroes working with Sir Nighteye scout the locations of the suspected hideouts. Rock Lock, Fat Gum, Ryukyu, and the others look out for areas that could be production facilities, areas with large foot traffic, and places with illegal drugs.

Operation Day

Two days later, after a sleepless night, Midoriya and the other interns finally receive a message signaling the day of the operation. Midoriya and Mirio promise to help Eri with their best.

The other students of Class A discuss the change in demeanor between their friends and see how worried they‘ve been acting. Hopefully, they’re all safe with the pro heroes involved.

Fat Gum and the others are surprised to learn that Eri is hiding at the Shie Haissaikai mansion. Sir Nighteye stalked one of the gang’s underlings while he was purchasing a girls‘ doll. Nighteye used his quirk on him to confirm that it‘ll be sent to Eri. As promised, he used his quirk as a trump card to confirm her location.

Now they have enough evidence and a search warrant from the police. The only thing they have to do is get in. Midoriya and Mirio get excited to go into action. It must have been hard for Mirio to restrain himself from saving Eri back then, but there‘s hope to come. Sir Nighteye likens his experience to the prediction of All Might’s death and wonders if he can also change the future. He hopes for Mirio to bring him to the light.

Going In

Meanwhile, at the Haissaikai headquarters, Overhaul gets a tip that the pros are coming. Their hideout must have been found. He calls his men to prepare themselves.

The police brief the pro heroes about the underground facility. They‘ll be using the route obtained by Nighteye’s quirk to rescue the girl. They give them a list of the gang member‘s quirks and remind them to act quickly. The interns get nervous and excited as this is their first exposure to detective and fieldwork. Nighteye tells Midoriya that Gran Torino isn‘t coming with them; he has other plans with Tsukauchi.

Eraser Head then reminds Midoriya that he‘ll be keeping an eye on him.

Overhaul goes to his sick dad‘s room and apologizes for the incoming noise that day.

As the police are about to storm the Yakuza base, a brutish gang member bursts out of the gates to fight them. Ryukyu and her agents fight the man while the others rush inside.

Our Thoughts

A little surprised at the speedy development of this raid, but I‘m not complaining! Rating: 3.8/5.

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