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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 8 Recap – Suneater of the Big Three

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 8 Recap - Suneater of the Big Three

Raid Start

Amajiki remembers his first day of third grade when he couldn‘t even make a proper self-introduction to his new class. Everyone had already formed their own friend groups, but he was left alone. But Mirio Togata introduced himself to him to talk about his love of a hero. He was the first one to reach out, and his presence felt like the sun.

Back to the present, he wonders if he can be as bright and shining as Mirio.

The police and pro heroes search the Shie Haissaikai Yakuza group. Everything falls into chaos, but the heroes push through inside the mansion. It becomes apparent that the enemy wasn‘t caught off guard, so they have to be careful.

Sir Nighteye activates the secret room from his intel, but a group of gangsters comes out of it. Centipede and Bubble Girl are left to take care of them. The heroes pass through the underground tunnels to find Nighteye‘s known path already blocked. Mirio uses his quirk to scout ahead and realizes that the pathway is still correct and only recently sealed by the enemy.

Midoriya and Kaminari use a combination of their quirks to punch through.

Inside The Maze

Somewhere nearby, one of Overhaul‘s underlings takes a dose of the quirk-enhancing drug and slips into the walls causing the whole structure to undulate like waves and mess up everyone‘s footing. His quirk was once restricted to objects the size of a fridge, but with the drug, he transforms the structure to his liking.

Mirio sees it all as a stalling tactic and decides to bravely run through to catch up to Eri. A hole manifests from under the heroes and throws them into a wide room with three villains. Amajiki volunteers to fight all of them alone.

He uses the powers he got from eating Takoyaki to wrap the villains along with their weapons. Eraser Head neutralizes their quirks as Amajiki tells the others to move on. Fat Gum allows it, as Suneater‘s power is sufficient to suppress the three enemies. His only weakness is his mentality, and the situation could be an opportunity for him to grow strong.

Amajiki has to knock them out in one go, but one of them fights back with a knife in his mouth. The enemies activate their quirks as Eraser‘s power wears off. The gangsters fight back led by the one who can crystallize.

Three Against One

Amajiki remembers when he didn‘t know how to use his quirk properly. Mirio was even worse, as he always knocked himself into objects. Despite their classmate‘s teasing, Mirio still smiles and tries again. Amajiki admires his optimism, something that he can‘t seem to do. But Mirio tells him it isn‘t like such, he tries his best so he can keep up with him. He believes Amajiki‘s quirk is actually very powerful, and he‘s such an easygoing guy. He may call Mirio the sun, but Amajiki is the Suneater.

Amajiki breaks the enemy‘s crystallization by creating stronger crustacean muscles. He protects his head with a carapace and transforms into a great chimera, but the villain named Tabe wakes up and eats away his tentacles. The man can chomp through anything with his jaws. He‘s the perfect counter to his quirk. Suneater doesn‘t fall back as he knows his movement can save him. The three enemies push him to a wall as they work in tandem, willingly offering their strength to Overhaul.

Amajiki counters the enemy‘s quirks and creates his own crystals after devouring the enemy‘s power. He pushes them all into a clump with his chicken claw and knocks them down.

Our Thoughts

Suneater’s quirk design is too weird for me to call it cool, but his personality and growth are top-notch. Rating: 3.5/5.

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