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Discussion of the Netflix Original Dark

BY Shannon Entin

Published 5 years ago

Discussion of the Netflix Original Dark

We’ve heard all kinds of feedback on the Netflix Original Series Dark:

“I lost my mind watching that show!”
“I didn’t like watching it dubbed.”
“If you like cerebral puzzle shows that don’t spoon-feed you the answers, Dark is for you.” 

Well, we DO happen to like cerebral puzzle shows and this week we are joined by Melanie Nelson, who also loved Dark. In fact, she admits to doing “thesis-level research” on the show, so we have a LOT to talk about!

1:10 What are we watching? American’s Funniest Home Videos, The Good Place, Marvel’s Runaways, SAG Awards.

8:04 Last movie seen? The Open House (Netflix), Westworld.

12:46 What’s coming up? Everything Sucks! (Netflix, 2/16), Altered Carbon (Netflix, 2/2).

Stinger Topic of the Week: Netflix’s Dark Season 1

Dark, the Netflix Original Series

15:23 Discussion of the Netflix Original Series Dark! We dive deep into this series, discussing the theme of predetermination vs. free will, time being cyclical, who’s related to who, and how the heck can Michael and Mikkel exist at the same time?

Shannon and Fadra are joined today by Melanie Nelson, a writer and editor who used to blog full-time until she sold her website in 2014. Melanie has been an avid movie and TV fan since she was a child. She struggled with insomnia and would stay up late watching classic movies from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. These days she spends her time watching a ridiculous number of series on Netflix and Amazon Prime while trying to convince her husband that binge watching is, indeed, a real job. She listed her evolving talent on her LinkedIn profile, but he’s still skeptical.

For more info, check out Fadra’s post on Sorting Out the Timeline in Dark.

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