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Never Have I Ever Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – …pissed off everyone I know

BY Angela

Published 2 months ago

Never Have I Ever Season 1 Episode 8 Recap - ...pissed off everyone I know

Devi decides she will help both Paxton and Eleanor. She tells Fabiola she needs to do one thing first, and then she will be in the drama room.

Devi goes to Paxton’s house and sees him calmly sitting by their porch. Paxton says it‘s Rebecca who needs her, not him. He says Becca is applying for fashion school. She‘s about to shoot her portfolio, but none of her coworkers showed up, so there‘s no one to model her designs. He says the photographer is already there, paid for the day. Before Devi can back out, Becca comes out of the house and tells Devi she‘s a lifesaver. Devi wears Becca’s creations and pulls off the modeling stunt, impressing Paxton.

Eleanor has a full-on breakdown in the drama room, so Fabiola panics and texts Devi. To locate Devi, she traces her using her phone and finds out that Devi is in Paxton’s house.

After the shoot, Devi and Paxton sit by the porch. Paxton thanks Devi for doing the shoot, and Devi thanks him for not telling people she lied. Paxton tells her he doesn’t fake kiss and tell. They are friends again.

It‘s Ben’s 16th birthday, so his parents give him a cake. They tell him they have a business to take care of, but they will stay if he wants them to. Ben tells them they can go. His father tells him to throw a party and gives him a thousand dollars.

At school, Devi asks Ben if he has seen Devi or Fabiola. He says he didn‘t see them because his eyes can‘t pick up anything below six. Devi ignores his joke and tells him she doesn‘t have time to listen while he pretends to have standards. She walks straight to her seat, so Ben asks her if she‘s okay.

Mr. Shapiro acknowledges Ben’s birthday. He says he didn‘t say happy birthday because he doesn‘t want to assume it‘s happy. Devi fake punches Ben and tells him he should have said it‘s his birthday so she wouldn‘t be mean to him. Devi says his birthday is when she has to be nice to him. Devi asks if he‘s having a party, but he says he doesn‘t make a big deal out of birthdays because he would like to be a man of mystery. Paxton comes and interrupts their conversation. He tells Devi that Becca has uploaded her photos on her site, and she looks great. Upon hearing it, Ben tells Devi that he‘s actually having a party, so she should come. She asks if she can bring Paxton; Paxton asks if he can bring Trent. Ben tells the whole room there‘s a party at his house that night.

After class, Devi tries to explain to Fabiola and Eleanor what happened. She says Paxton also had an emergency, and she will make it up to them by inviting them to Ben’s party. They tell them they are going, but not with her. They say she has been a terrible friend, so they are taking a friend break from her, hoping she will appreciate them more in their absence.

Devi goes to Dr. Ryan and rants about how unfair her friends are to stop talking to her. Dr. Ryan asks if she wants to talk about how to make it better with them, but Devi says she doesn‘t care about them anymore because she can just hang out with her more fabulous friends. Dr. Ryan says it‘s hard to believe that Devi is unbothered when she has lost her best friends. She says that if she were Devi, she’d be scared of losing two more people. She says Devi‘s too desperate not to feel sad that she made her whole world about Paxton. She suggests Devi should acknowledge the pain she feels so she can get over it. Devi sarcastically says she thinks she needs a new therapist. To her surprise, Dr. Ryan agrees and says she wants the best for her, so she might benefit from a different approach. Devi gets upset that Dr. Ryan is also breaking up with her, so she tells Dr. Ryan that she has always hated coming to her.

Devi arrives home and sees that Nalini and Kamala are busy setting up a grandfather clock in their living room. Nalini explains Prashant is visiting, and their house will look more elegant if they have the clock. She tells Devi not to touch it because she‘s returning it to the store as soon as Prashant leaves. Devi asks permission to stay at Eleanor’s place that night, saying they have a million French verbs to conjugate over the weekend. Nalini tells her she knows Ben is throwing a party, so she‘s not allowing Devi to come. She says Devi should stay at home and study with Kamala because she will take her nurses to a bonding exercise. She says she will be home by 11 PM and expects Devi to be in bed by then.

Devi tries to study while the rest of the kids party at Ben’s. Her calculator dies, so she asks Kamala for batteries. She goes to her room and walks in on her and Steve making out. She blackmails Kamala and tells her she won’t tell her mom that she brings Steve to the house only if she allows her to go to the party. Kamala brings her to the party and strictly orders her to be home before her mom.

Devi walks in and sees Eleanor and Fabiola right away. They avoid her, so she steers clear of them. Ben, who‘s a bit drunk from drinking Trent’s punch, sees her and gives her a tour of the house. They go to the movie room and sit on the cinema chairs. He tells Devi his parents ditched him on his birthday. Devi feels sorry for him and tries to cheer him up by giving him the good ol’ California brittle. Ben says it‘s the only present he got except for a postcard from his dentist. He suddenly leans in and tries to kiss Devi, but Devi leans back and avoids his kiss. Ben says sorry and tells her to forget he ever did it. Devi says it’s cool. Ben thought Devi liked to be kissed upon hearing it, so he tries again. Devi avoids his kiss again and reminds him he has a girlfriend. She tells him he has made it weird, so she says she will get a drink.

Ben follows her out and apologizes again, saying he‘s kind of drunk. He says he had way too much of Trent’s punch and warns Devi not to drink it because Trent put his balls in it. Devi sees Fabiola about to drink some. She rushes toward her so she won’t drink it, but Devi knocks over the whole bowl of the red punch and splashes everything into Fabiola’s white suit. Fabiola gets pissed off because she has spent all her science fair winnings on her branded suit. Devi explains that Trent put his balls on the punch, but Fabiola says she doesn‘t care and doesn‘t want to hear any excuse from Devi anymore. Eleanor tells Fabiola they should just go, but Fabiola says she’s popping off.

Fabiola tells Devi she just wanted one night away from her drama because not everything is about her and her problems. Devi says she‘s sorry if her dad’s death inconveniences her, so Fabiola says what happened with her dad doesn‘t give her a free pass to treat them like crap. Fabiola says that all Devi cared about was popularity and Paxton, even when Eleanor’s mom abandoned her and when she said she’s gay. Fabiola just came out in front of everyone. Eleanor tells Devi they miss their old friend because Devi seems lost.

Devi scoffs and tells Eleanor she‘s not because she knows exactly where she is. While saying it, she steps backward and falls into the pool. Paxton rescues her from the pool while Eleanor and Fabiola go inside.

Eleanor tries to remove some of the punch from Fabiola’s suit. Eve approaches them and tells them that baking soda will help. Eleanor leaves them alone. Eve tells Fabiola that coming out in front of everyone took guts. Fabiola asks Eve out, and she agrees.

Devi changes into Paxton’s sweats and thanks Paxton for always rescuing her. She then realizes she only has 15 minutes until it turns 11:00 PM. She panics, so Paxton volunteers to take her home. When they get to Devi’s house, Paxton asks her if she‘s okay after what happened with her friends. Devi says she feels like everyone in her life is done with her. Paxton suddenly kisses her on the lips.

Devi gets in and sees her dad by the refrigerator, commenting that she‘s home late.

Our Thoughts

Wow! So first, Ben tries to kiss Devi twice, and then Paxton actually kisses her? Is it just me, or has Devi become a hot girl overnight? I’m very happy for her because we finally know that Ben has feelings for her, just like I suspected before. Second, Paxton is also into her. She might have a new problem, but I guess it‘s good. Anyway, it‘s sad that Devi is trying to get away from her best friends and that she is, again, absent in one of Fabiola’s greatest moments — asking Eve out. I hope they get back together, so Devi will be at her happiest.

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