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Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – …been a playa

BY Angela

Published 2 months ago

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 1 Recap - ...been a playa

Nalini sees Devi and Ben kissing in his car, so she knocks on the window. She gets Devi out of the car while Ben apologizes to her.

On their way home, Nalini angrily tells Devi that what she has done is disgraceful, but she says she will let it slide because she also has done some crazy things when she is emotional. Devi’s phone beeps, and she sees a notification from Paxton. She listens to the voicemail and gets curious, but she doesn’t respond.

Upon arriving home, Devi gets out of their car and sees Paxton. She goes to talk to him. She discovers Paxton has been waiting for her since he sent the voicemail. Paxton tells her he wants to apologize for being rude to her. Devi tells him he really was and explains that she doesn‘t kiss a lot of guys, so she thinks she has done something wrong. Paxton says the kiss was good, and he was just being dumb. He asks Devi to have dinner at his house the next day.

While in bed, Devi smiles because she can‘t believe she received two romantic gestures that day. She looks at her phone and marvels at the thought that Paxton actually sent her a voicemail. She then checks other voicemails and plays one from her dad. She sleeps smiling.

Nalini stuffs her suitcase with things from Trader Joe’s. She’s going to India to settle things there before she moves back with Devi by the end of the month. Devi tells her she still can’t believe they’re returning to India, but Nalini tells her to give it a chance because she wants more family around them. Devi tells her it doesn’t matter because she will return to the US, go to Princeton, and date a guy in a band in two years.

Nalini announces she‘s about to have an exciting day because she’s selling her patient roster to another dermatologist for an inflated price. Kamala says she also has an exciting day ahead because she will start her new Ph.D. rotation at Dr. Elgin Peter’s lab. Dr. Peter is the LeBron of stem cell research and why Kamala went to CalTech.

At school, Devi gets attention from both Ben and Paxton. Mr. Shapiro tells them that they will have their annual community service the next day, where they will remove trash from a park in Pacoima.

Nalini goes to see Dr. Jackson to sell her client roster. She offers it to him for $100,000, but he just laughs at Nalini and doesn’t take it. He says he doesn’t need her patients because he’s very successful. Nalini says she will feel better leaving knowing that her patients are in capable hands. Dr. Jackson offers her $10,000. She hesitatingly accepts it.

Devi, Fabiola, and Eleanor meet at Devi’s house to talk about Paxton and Ben. They come up with a pros and cons list for both of the guys, but then Fabiola and Eleanor tell Devi that she will meet lots of Bens in Princeton, but she only has a once-in-a-lifetime chance of hooking up with a Paxton. She decides to let Ben down and choose Paxton.

In CalTech, Kamala tries to talk to Dr. Peters after he gives a short speech in front of their class, but she fails to get near him. Instead, she deals with Dr. Peter’s right-hand man, Evan. He introduces her to the team and asks her to clean the beakers.

Devi comes to Ben’s house to tell him she chooses Paxton. Ben welcomes her and tells her they should talk about what happened to them. He says it wasn’t right because he has Shira, so she shouldn’t be unfaithful to her. He says Shira deserves more, so he has broken up with her. He says what’s between him and Shira is not real. He tells Devi that he stood up to his parents for the first time and demanded that they have dinner together at least once a week because of Devi. He tells Devi he wants her to be his girlfriend. “Devi, I’m all in,” he says, kissing Devi.

Devi still goes on her date with Paxton that night. To her dismay, she discovers that the date isn’t what she expects because Trent and Marcus are there. What’s worse: the date is a Call of Duty game night, but she doesn’t even get to be on the same team as Paxton. She goes home disappointed.

Upon arriving home, Devi sees Prashant calling Kamala via Skype. She answers it and asks Prashant if he will bring other guys to his first date. He tells her he won’t bring anyone. Kamala comes and talks to Prashant. Prashant says he’s thinking of seeing Jimmy Kimmel with Kamala when he visits, but Kamala doesn’t sound too enthusiastic about his visit. When Prashant notices, he tells Kamala he feels like she detests him. Kamala says she’s excited; it might not seem so because she just had her first rotation, but she couldn’t even talk to Dr. Peters. Prashant says the first days are always weird, so she will surely warm up to the other scientist because no one can dislike her.

During their community service day, Devi rants to Eleanor and Fabiola that her date with Paxton is actually a non-date. They conclude that maybe Paxton just wants to be friends with Devi, which is not bad because they think Paxton’s penis is too big for Devi. Devi says it’s great because Ben is into her, and she’s into him.

Eve asks Fabiola if she wants to come to an L Word trivia night with her and her friends. Fabiola agrees to come even when she‘s struggling to cope with Eve and her friends because she knows nothing about pop culture.

Mr. Shapiro asks the class to split into teams of two. Paxton is about to approach Devi, but Devi suddenly approaches Ben. Paxton stands back. While picking up trash together, Devi tells Ben she can be his girlfriend. After a while, Paxton catches Devi alone, so he takes the opportunity to ask her why she didn’t pick him to be her partner when he thought they had something going on. Devi tells him she thought he didn’t like her, but Paxton says he wouldn’t have asked her on a date if he didn’t like her. Devi tells him it wasn’t a date because his friends were there, but Paxton says his friends are always on his dates. They just take off when it’s time to hook up. He says he didn’t realize Devi wanted a one-on-one thing, so he offers to take her on a real date. She says it’s already too late; she’s moving back to India in a month. Paxton says it’s best to make the time they have left count, so he kisses Devi on the lips.

At dinner, Nalini boasts to Kamala and Devi that she sold her client roster for a king’s ransom. She also reminds Devi not to kiss any more boys because they are off-limits. Eleanor and Fabiola come over. Fabiola watches the L Word in preparation for her trivia night with Eve. Devi tells them Paxton kissed him in the park, so she doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to break up with Ben because he pushes her, but she also doesn’t want to break up with Paxton because she’s been in love with him since they were kids. Fabiola and Eleanor tell her she should choose between the two because she can’t date two guys at the same time. They’ll be so pissed when they find out, but they tell her that she will be in India before they find out, so she’ll be off the hook.

Devi decides she’ll have two boyfriends.

Our Thoughts

Oh no, Devi. She just went from super hot to super not. Having more than one boyfriend is definitely not a great idea. It would definitely backfire, sooner or later. I’m feeling scared for her, and honestly, I think she has started to bite more than she can chew. Her friends are not good friends if they will tolerate her behavior, so I hope they don‘t let her engage in such a scandalous and immoral deed. It looks like Kamala and Prashant get along, which is very, very nice — falling in love with the guy your parents have arranged your marriage to is perfect.

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